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Common Problems and Repairs for Pella Windows

You’ve invested in Pella windows, which means you expect a certain level of quality. After all, Pella promises that their products will last for a long time and offer an array of benefits over other windows.

After buying Pella windows, many homeowners eventually begin to notice problems with their investment. In some cases, the problems are minor and can be fixed with simple adjustments or repairs. If you are experiencing issues with your Pella windows, read on to know what to do next.

What are the Most Common Problems With Pella Windows?

Pella Windows

We love Pella windows, but the truth is that even the best windows can have problems from time to time. While some problems are simply due to poor installation or repairs done by unqualified handymen, others are more due to design flaws. The good news is that in most cases, these issues can be solved relatively easily and inexpensively. Here are some of the most common Pella window problems you may encounter:


One of the biggest complaints about Pella windows is that they tend to fog up or develop condensation between the panes of glass. This can happen with any brand, but it seems to be a recurring issue with Pella products.

Condensation happens when there is too much humidity in your home, and it can happen on any type of window regardless of its quality. To fix this problem, all you need to do is increase ventilation in your house so that the excess moisture has a place to go. You may want to buy a dehumidifier or check your insulation if you see condensation regularly.

Difficulty Opening Windows

Another problem some homeowners run into is difficulty opening their windows. Some people have found that their double-hung Pella windows won’t open or close smoothly. If you come across this problem, it’s best to contact a window repair company for help troubleshooting and fixing the issue, so it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem down the road.

Seal Failure

Vinyl windows are prone to seal failures due to age or exposure to extreme weather conditions like high heat or cold temperatures. A good way to check for this problem is by making sure that there’s a gap between your window frame and its casing when you close it completely – if there’s no gap, then your window is probably warped and needs replacement or repair right away before it begins leaking water inside your home!

You can replace the sashes and parts that have been damaged by the warping or seal failure with new pieces from a home improvement store. If you can’t find the right pieces, contact Pella directly for replacement parts.

Paint Peeling

Wooden frames and sashes are typical of Pella windows. As with other wood products, these sections are sometimes painted to protect them from harsh weather and make them seem better. When the paint starts peeling, it can be touched up or repainted, but moisture will keep rotting the wood. Repair flaking paint with a competent window contractor immediately.

Cracked Glass

Cracked windows may indicate faulty installation. Heat and cold expand and contract glass, which can crack if not correctly fitted.

Cracked or shattered window glass must be replaced immediately. This will weatherproof and insulate your window, and unprotected glass edges can be harmful if touched.

Sagging or Bowing Frames

The frame of a window is what holds it in place and prevents air from leaking in or out of your home through gaps between each panel. If this part becomes warped due to moisture, the window may start to sag or bow inward at its center point where there’s no support anymore (this would mean that one side would be higher than another).

Pella windows are an excellent choice for many homeowners, but like any other type of product, they can be subject to issues and defects. If you have a problem with one of these products, you can contact Pella to get it replaced.

Does Pella Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Pella does offer a Limited Warranty on its windows and doors that lasts for 20 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, as well as glass breakage during normal use. If you have any issue with your Pella product, contact their customer service department immediately to get help resolving it.

What are Your Options for Repairing Pella Windows?

Pella windows are among the best on the market, so you’re probably happy with their appearance and function. No product is perfect, including Pella windows. If your Pella window is damaged or malfunctioning, there are numerous ways to fix it.

If your window still has its original warranty, call or email Pella to have a service specialist inspect it.

They’ll assess if your scenario qualifies for free warranty repair. If it’s not covered by the warranty, you can still get a repair quote. This option is only accessible for windows under 10 years old.

Before calling Pella for repairs, check if your house insurance covers windows. Policies usually cover hail and windstorm damage but not accidents.

Pella Double-Hung Windows Problems

Rotting issues– a section of Pella users have raised concerns about the windows warping. Their waterproof seal that protects the walls and the frames from moisture and prevents air leaks has worn. As a result, water accumulates in and on wood frames, eventually leading to rot.

Leaking air- when the seal has failed, it allows air from outside to seep into the house as the window isn’t properly sealed.

 Problem sliding the sashes –you may experience hard to open and shut closing sliding windows. 

Cracks or breaks in the sealant – Water creeping behind the sash and the plastic gaskets which have either shrunk or were improperly installed

Cracked or chipped paint on your window is a clear sign of wear and tear

Annual cleaning and maintenance can help prevent such issues by providing clear views and versatile ventilation of double-hung windows in the future.

Pella Windows Complaints

Poor customer service – There are many complaints from the purchasers of how their pleas are not handled on time, with some waiting for their deliveries, installation, etc., months after the agreed time with no explanation from the company.

Manufacturing and shipping issues- Long waits between ordering and installation lead to customer frustration.

Windows fail to properly close or swell – There are negative reviews regarding windows installation problems. Pella doesn’t cater to product degradation and discoloration.

Pella Window Warranty Issues

Pella Windows

The strongest warranties have backed Pella products. The security comes along with your product when it is purchased. In case of any warranty issue, you only need a serial number on the product.

However, there are several things you need to adhere to prevent warranty issues with Pella. Ensure you go through their written instructions. Some of the warranty issues are:

If you modify the product and it causes a defect, the defect won’t be covered under the warranty.

Limited lifetime warranty coverage applies to the original buyer of the product in an owner-occupied single-family residency. 

Some of their warranties are not transferable, like the limited lifetime warranty on the nonglass components of the windows. 

Pella Window Seal Failure

For a window to function correctly, it should contain a seal. It should be open and closed quickly when completely shut; windows shouldn’t let air seep. Another way you can tell there is a problem with the sealant is to monitor how consistent the temperatures stay in your home.

If your Pella windows are foggy, draft around the windows, erratic temperatures, ruined frames, and windows become hard to open and shut, signs that your window seal has failed.