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Comparing Hyla and Rainbow Vacuums: Performance and Suction

Hyla and Rainbow Vacuum, There are lots of vacuum cleaners on the market at the moment and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In fact, you might be surprised that the best vacuum for you depends on the type of floors you have and the size of your house.

For over 100 years, Rainbow has been selling vacuums. However, in just the past 5 years, Hyla has entered the picture, like a thief in the night, to take a significant portion of the Rainbow vacuum, market. So which is better? Read on to find out!

Rainbow: Which is Better?

Hyla and Rainbow Vacuum

Well, these two options are designed with just about the same features and functions, but there are a few things that set them apart. Picking the one that is best for your needs largely depends on what you’re looking for in a vacuum. So, let’s get closer to the key features, specifications, and functions to see what stands out in both models.

Hyla Vacuum Vs Rainbow: Performance

Starting with Hyla, there are a few tools designed to o along with this vacuum; the wet/dry hose and the bare floor. These tools are designed to pick up any mess from any surface efficiently, and it uses a water filtration system. That means dirt and debris that penetrate through the vacuum will be filtered out into the water.

The vacuum also features a motor unit with a GST separator, a trolley assembly, and a water pan. And the whole thing is very easy to assemble. The water pan is designed to fit in the trolley assembly whereas the motor unit is designed to stay on top.

You will also find an electro unit that can be assembled with the motor unit. All you need to do is connect the telescopic tube to the electro nozzle, and then connect the motor unit through a flexible hose.

In terms of components and features, the Hyla GST vacuum comes with the following:

  •         Hard floor nozzle
  •         Carpet Nozzle
  •         Upholstery nozzle
  •         Freshwater tube
  •         Telescopic tube
  •         Flexible suction hose with a valve
  •         Nimbus fresh water tank
  •         Hyla cleanser for hand floor (0.5 liters)
  •         Hyla cleanser for carpet/upholstery (0.5 liters)

To clean hardwood floors, you just need to connect the hard floor nozzle to the fresh water and then turn on the main switch to pull the valve trigger for water to flow. When cleaning, move the nozzle back and forth. Then let go of the valve trigger to dry the floor. Then tilt backward for the suction to come in direct contact with the floor.

Likewise, you will need to connect the upholstery nozzle to freshwater to clean the upholstery. Connect the nozzle to the flexible suction hose, then insert the NIMBUS spray nozzle into the valve. Switch on the main switch and then pull the valve trigger. To wet, move the nozzle back and forth and then release the trigger and tilt the nozzle backward to dry.

Rainbow E2 Black

To use the Rainbow E2 Black vacuum, you’ll need to start by filling the water basin with water from a tap. Make sure the water does not go past the water level dome, which is usually found at the bottom of the basin. Also, remember to change the water before it gets too full of dirt and debris.

Attach the basin to the power unit and replace it over the basin until the air intake opening of the basin rests in line with the air inlet opening in the power unit. Note that the basin must be in line with the power unit for the vacuum to operate as expected.

Go ahead and insert the hose into the air intake until you hear a click. To remove it, simply press both latches and pull the hose from the machine. Plug the electrical cord into a wall circuit, then press the ‘T’ button to turn the unit on. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating a curved wand.

Black vacuum

If you want to connect the tube to either a floor or wall brush, all you need to do is simply put it at the end of the tube to head off the brush. Use the crevice tool to reach tight corners and spaces such as underneath the furniture.

Keep in mind that Rainbow vacuum models are designed to be cleaned after every use to enhance their longevity. So to wash the water basin, release the two latches at the side and detach the power unit. Take out the content of the basin through the air intake opening.

Heavier articles will easily settle at the bottom of the basin, therefore you may want to pour them into a bag for disposal. After cleaning the basin, try not to reattach it as long as you are not ready to use it.

Rainbow: Suction Power

Hyla and Rainbow Vacuum

Comparing the suction power between these two vacuum cleaners can be a bit difficult, considering that both manufacturers don’t offer clear values. However, for starters, it’s safe to say that vacuum cleaners with water filtration typically feature a high suction power.

E2 Black models

We discovered from user evaluations that the current Rainbow E2 Black models use the company’s Hurricane brushless motor, which delivers 70 CFM. The E2 Black and Hyla models’ suction power is 300 AW, not 1200 AW, which would be huge.

Bottom Line

Overall, these two vacuums are quite similar, but in case you are asthmatic or you have allergies, the Rainbow E2 might be a better option. Both options are great for people with pets, although the Hyla GST is said to have a stronger suction. The Hyla will work great for those who have carpeted floors. On the other hand, the Rainbow E2 Black features more accessories which make it even more versatile. Other than that, both vacuums are great and they come with cords to enhance usability.