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Eco-Friendly Flea Control: Dawn Soap Yard Solution

Making green and eco-friendly choices in modern days is not an easy task. Some people are, however, trying to limit their exposure to chemicals and toxins by opting for greener ways to maintain their yards and gardens against pets.

Fleas, like other pets, can multiply quickly and become a big source of irritation for homeowners if they’re not treated properly. They can jump from the lawn to the pet and can even end up infesting the home.

Since the price of store-bought treatment is often high, all that most homeowners need to save their yard and pet from troublesome fleas is a simple spray made with Dawn dish soap. It’s one of the effective natural ways to control fleas in yards.

The best way to do this is to fill a garden sprayer with water and 1 oz of dish soap. Then spray all over the yard in the evening.

Repeat the process every 10-12 to eliminate flea eggs that may have survived but not hatched yet. The soap coats the pests and kills them. The method is easy to apply, effective and cheap, too.

How To Spray Yard With Dawn Dish Soap?

Dawn Soap Yard Solution

Well, if you have a lawn or yard that’s well-manicured, then you would try almost everything to keep it in the best condition possible.

That includes spraying the yard with dawn for fleas to keep it in pristine condition. A little of dawn soap liquid in good proportions can help eliminate fleas in your yard.

Mix Water and Dawn Soap in a Spray

Grab a sprayer and mix water in about 1 oz of the dawn soap. Shape properly to ensure the water mixes with the soap well.

Spray the Yard

Apply the mixture all over the whole garden paying special attention to places you suspect have lots of fleas.

You can repeat the processes until you’re satisfied that every inch of your yard is covered. For the best results, do this in the evening to increase the chances of getting most of the fleas.

Inspect and Confirm That There’re No Fleas

After spraying, check for fleas the following days. In case of any more fleas, then it means the eggs that were left behind hatched. Spray again in the evening to get rid of them. You might want to do this for as long as possible.

It’s the only way to avoid leaving any fleas behind. Note that you will have to apply the dawn soap continually to kill the eggs of the fleas. After confirming that there aren’t any fleas left in your yard, you may then be spraying monthly to keep them at bay.

The Effect of Dish Soap On Lawns

As we’ve mentioned earlier, dawn soap is an effective, easy way to get rid of fleas in your yard. However, you may be wondering about the effect it could have on your yard. Most soaps contain chemicals and toxins that wouldn’t bode so well for grass on a yard or lawn.

Is Dawn Soap Safe for Use in Yard With Grass?

Well, it depends on the amount of dish soap you use. Note that we mentioned using only 1 oz of the soap with water in a spray bottle. That’s simply because too much of it could have adverse effects on your yard.

Although dawn soap is often considered toxic, it’s made with chemicals that would dry and kill most grasses and weeds on immediate contact. Use too much of it and you’ll end with a charred yard that won’t be as beautiful as you’d want.

The idea is to only use it in small proportions as soon as you notice any signs of fleas. In fact, it would be best if you utilized your garden hose reel to clean the dawn soap after spraying.

Another method to keep the dawn soap kind on the yard is to spray only the affected parts. You may be tempted to spray everywhere, considering that you don’t know where precisely the fleas are hiding.

Meanwhile, with a little look, you could find the most affected area and pay close attention to them. There’s no need to spray the whole yard if you don’t have to.

That said, the 24-hour residential effect should enable most other grasses to survive the dawn detergent. The point here is to use it in as little amount as possible.

Best Alternative for Dish Soap

Dawn Soap Yard Solution

Although cheap, easy, and effective against fleas, dish soap can have adverse effects on the grass. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to all that. Insecticidal soap is a great replacement if you’re concerned about the condition of the grass on your lawn.

It is a less toxic option and is especially if you’re looking for a long-term solution for fleas in your lawn. Insecticidal soap has fewer harmful chemicals that kill fleas without affecting the grass.

One impressive thing about this pesticide soap is that it’s pretty specific in its action. That means it won’t indiscriminately eliminate all the insects, which is an important aspect of any soap that you’re planning to use quite often.

Keep in mind that not all insects are harmful. For instance, bugs and bees are beneficial to your grass and help it to grow healthier. The insecticidal soap meanwhile does an excellent job of avoiding killing all the insects.

It’s made to only act on fleas- unfortunately, we can’t say the same about dawn soap. In other words, if you’re looking for a long-term solution for troublesome fleas in your yard, it would be a great idea to consider insecticidal soap instead.

 The Bottom Line

Spraying the yard with dawn for troublesome fleas is an easy, effective way to keep your yard in pristine condition. However, you need to go about it with care as too much of it could dry your grass. For those who can’t get dawn dishwasher soap, insecticide soap can be a perfect alternative. It would work better and still be safe for the yard.