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Effective Ways to Remove Hair from Laundry

Remove Hair from Laundry, Laundry is one of the most mundane redundant house chores and over time it simply grows to be a duty you perform while putting minimum thought into it.

The satisfying part is the end when what you are left with is freshly conditioned, sweet-smelling, dry, and soft clothes that only need folding and storing neatly, awaiting their use. It is therefore quite frustrating to get to this point only to find that after going through the entire cleaning process, you now have to concern yourself with hair stuck to your clothes.

The sight of hair all over your freshly cleaned laundry is annoying and unpleasant. During the wash and rinse cycles, human hair on your clothes should easily get trapped in the lint trap and get eliminated from your clothes before you even put them in the dryer. The dryer also has a lint and hair trap that should trap any remaining hair so if there is any human hair left on your clothes after a drying cycle, then the traps should be the first place to look.

Remove hair from clothes in the dryer

Remove Hair from Laundry

Clean the Lint Trap

If the lint trap is not eliminating human hair from your clothes, this issue will only get worse as the mesh clogs up with lint and hair.

With time no fibers, lint, or hairs will get trapped in the lint trap and this will mean your dry clothes will become an added chore since you must find other ways to rid dry clothes of hair.

  • Manually remove the lint trap and get rid of the mass of lint and hairs already trapped then soak the lint trap in warm water containing vinegar to get rid of residue. 
  • Unplug your dryer and using a soft cloth dipped in warm water and vinegar, wipe the entire surface of the dryer.
  • Run your vacuum cleaner over the entire surface of your dryer which should suck out any hair that may be stuck on the walls of your dryer.
  • If the problem persists, there are professional cleaners who can fix the problem.
  • The dryer may need to be taken apart which means this is a job for a professional.

Use Dryer Sheets

Hair sticks to clothes easily but it can get even more stubborn to remove since clothes slowly accumulate static.

Remove Hair from Laundry clothes have static they will hold the hairs tighter and the drying cycle will run leaving the hair firmly on the fabric.

Dryer sheets can resolve this. Simply put a dryer sheet or two together with your clothes into the dryer and run the cycle.

Dryer sheets release specially formulated chemicals such as stearic acid onto clothes neutralizing static and allowing the fibers to release the hairs trapped on them.

With the hairs unattached, they will easily get trapped by the lint trap as the clothes tumble.

Use Dryer Balls 

Dryer balls are plastic or rubber balls that you can throw in the dryer together with your laundry. They work by preventing clothes from clumping together allowing air to circulate freely thus preventing hair from collecting or sticking tightly to your clothes.

This allows hair to get trapped in the lint trap. The number of dryer balls you need depends on the size of the load you have. 

Dryer balls also release the same chemical output that dryer sheets do and cause a dampening effect on the static produced by clothes. This again prevents hair from adhering to clothes tightly allowing the floating hair to get caught in the lint trap.

Dryer balls, however,have less of these chemicals compared to dryer sheets so if you have a particularly stubborn bunch of clothes, use the dryer sheets instead.

Dry Heat

Remove Hair from Laundry clothes can withstand heat, simply applying some heat can release the hair from them. Load your dryer and turn the heat to low for an average of ten minutes. This will loosen your fabric and decrease the static on them. Loosening the fabric also dislodges hair.

After ten minutes, set your dryer to tumble dry your clothes the normal way. The loose hairs will get trapped in the lint trap eliminating them from your clothes altogether.

Fabric Softener

Remove Hair from Laundry retrieve your clothes from the drier only to find them riddled with human hair, it would be advisable to return your clothes into the washer to repeat the rinse cycle at least once but with a large amount of fabric softener.

The fabric softener should penetrate the fabric loosening it and getting rid of static which is the main factor in keeping hair stuck tightly to your clothes. Put the freshly conditioned clothes back into your dryer and tumble dry them normally.

The freshly conditioned clothes should release the human hair stuck on it much more easily allowing the hair to get sucked into the lint trap. This will have the added benefit of leaving your clothes smelling especially decadent and lovely.

Rinse with Vinegar

Remove Hair from Laundry

A vinegar bath or a short soak in water containing vinegar will loosen hair, again allowing the lint trap to do its job.

In a 40 liter wash, simply add one or two cups of vinegar and allow the clothes to run a cycle. Vinegar will not harm your fabric and once you put your clothes in the dryer, you should see a marked improvement with most if not all of the previously attached hair gone.

Use Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre is a soft synthetic material used mostly to make towels and small cloths. Microfibre is a fabric that is highly susceptible to static.

Human hair, therefore, adheres easily to the microfibre and this provides an easy solution for getting rid of human hair from your clothes.

Once you have loaded your dryer, simply add a microfibre cloth or towels in with your clothes. Tumble dry as usual.The microfibre cloths will draw all the hair from the rest of your clothes and all the hair from that cycle will stick to the microfibre towel only. Contained in one article, you can get rid of the hair from the towel using a lint remover and reuse the microfiber towel for the next load.