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Elevate Your Home with Custom Closet Systems

Custom Closet Systems, Do you seek closet systems for storage solutions? Well, keep intact as we got custom closets to help you design your storage space. Closet systems are stylish structures that give your indoor spaces an organized feel.

Incorporating a new closet system such as a stylish wood closet kit or practical wire closet kit makes your closet feel like another room in your home.

Transform and organize your storage easily as you amalgamate a closet solution that matches your style. Available closet systems are available with varying designs and customization that fit individual needs.

Integrate modern, modular closet collections within your home to enhance configuration and perfect organization. Customize kids’ closets, home offices, and individual closets to fit your style. Common closet styles include;

Walk-in Closets

Custom Closet Systems

This closet is a vast wardrobe for clothes, shoes, and other items. They are large enough to go into and browse the clothes. Walking closets can also be used as changing rooms.

Spacious walk-in closets allow you to dress and undress in style. More so, it provides a soothing space where you prepare for the day. A standard walk-in closet measures a minimum of 7 by 10 feet with an area of 100 square feet.

Reach-in Closets

They are long rectangles, also referred to as wall closets. This type of storage area is mainly included in kid bedrooms and secondary rooms. They offer a standard storage solution for most homes, especially for a single occupant.

Reach-in closets basically measure 6-feet long, 8-feet high, and 24-inches deep. The closet allows easy viewing and access to personal items. Ideally, the cabinet optimizes the room for maximum and organized storage.

A reach-in closet is a stylish option for smaller size rooms as the storage space can be filled with poles, drawers, compartments, and open racks. You can store many things without looking overloaded.

Built-in Wardrobe

Wardrobes are closets. Built-in closets fit your bedroom well. The plan fits a full-height corner closet. The cabinet contains hooks, shelves, drawers, and small storage.

Custom Closet Systems need extra storage, and built-in wardrobes may fit anywhere. A built-in closet can’t be moved because it’s built into your wall.

Closets by Design vs. Closet Factory: Closets by design

Closets by design aim at revolutionizing the closet style into a unique collection. Having your clothes and footwear well-kept in an organized closet is imperative in easing reach and selection. Closets by Design allow you to display your accessories and stow your suits neatly.

Closets by Design are crafted to meet individual needs concerning aesthetics and flexibility. You can easily find closets with features that blend with your existing décor. Closets by Design come in four distinct closet systems to ensure an organized wardrobe. They include;

Everyday collection

This is a budget-friendly design. It is an essential collection that gives your closet a fresh look. The design entails shelves, ¾ straight edge panels, and half overlay flat face doors and drawers.

In addition, the Everyday collection can be modified and customized to integrate deco doors and base molding features using other material options.

Classic collection

The collection is quintessential as it combines simplicity and style. The stylish design creates a practical closet for a classical organization. This type of closet by Design features half overlay doors and drawers. More so, you can get customized features to fit your concerns.

Regency collection

The collection entails a sophisticated look as it incorporates 1 1/8 thick panels with ¾ shelving. Custom Closet Systems consists of tilt-out hampers, islands, and countertops for a convenient, stylish interior space. The Regency collection can be built and designed using optional materials.

Brio collection

This is a bold and modern closet collection that integrates sleek corners and clean edges surrounding the flat-front doors and drawers system. The carefully curated wardrobe offers a timeless look.

Closets by Design vs. Closet Factory: Closet Factory

Closet factory’s main goal is to make a closet that fits your needs, and it will offer a variety of styles to match your room’s style. The closet factory gives free advice on how to build your closet. They work with you to make a closet that fits the space you have. To meet storage needs, designers take the clothes and shoes from the store.

Reach-in, walk-in, and spare room closets are changed by Closet Factory. Their specialty is closet organization. Closet factories perfect every aspect of a closet’s design while adding distinctive finishes, accents, and decorations.

Melamine is the most popular laminate used to construct custom closets. You may construct shelves and panels with veneer on board. Solid, eco-friendly wood makes closet front sides.

Custom closet

Custom closets are tailored to your tastes, organized for convenience, made for your clothes, and equipped with drawers and shelves for additional hanging. Personalize designs for the best closet system and home makeover.

The custom closet system combines rods, shelving, cabinets, and built-in drawers. The approach to transforming closets harmonizes an oasis of art. Custom closets are built to help with the resale value of your home. Some of the benefits associated with custom closets include;

  • Styled to your unique taste
  • Laid out to look and feel like a boutique
  • Increases the storage capacity of the space
  • Organized to be easily accessible

How to design custom closets

Custom Closet Systems

Measure the wall area and design your closet using customizable closet sections

Use design software to sketch custom made closets

Order a simple pre-designed closet system that fits perfectly in the intended space

Use the design form to give out your measurement for a stunning closet

That’s a wrap on today’s topic. We hope the article was helpful in aiding you in transforming your storage space.


Get your home organized with beautiful storage spaces as you integrate sophisticated closet systems and shelving solutions. It is imperative to professionally install the closet system for overall belonging protection and care.