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What Happens When You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor?

Call Animal Control on a Neighbor, Animal cruelty does not have to be physical; abandoning a pet is deemed maltreatment and may attract the authorities’ interest.

You may feel compelled to contact animal control if you notice a neighbor’s pet being neglected. However, just like many people, you might wonder what happens if you contact animal control on a neighbor?

What Happens When You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor? An Explanation

Call Animal Control on a Neighbor

When you report a neighbor to animal control, agency officials will contact them. At first, they may get away with a warning. The issue continues, the agency might visit your neighbor and issue a citation.

If you see animal mistreatment, contacting animal control could be the best option. If you need help, this article will offer you useful information should you need to contact animal control for any reason.

When Do You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor?

If you have a problem with your neighbor’s pets, it’s crucial to know when to call animal control. But, of course, you can’t call animal control on your next-door neighbor straight away, especially if an investigation is required.

Ensure you have enough evidence of the issue you’re calling about if you have to make the call. Talks and discussions with your neighbor should usually be enough to settle the matter. If not, this is when you should contact animal control.

There are various reasons to contact animal control, and cruelty or neglect of animals are not the only ones. The reasons include:

A wandering neighbor’s pet.

Check to see if this is a one-time occurrence before calling animal control. Pets, particularly dogs, can occasionally become untethered without their owner’s knowledge. However, if the pet continues to visit your home, damages your yard, or exhibits aggressive behavior, you should report it. Similarly, if you believe your neighbor intentionally let their pet run loose, you can make the call.

Aggressive neighbors’ pets.

One option to cope with a neighbor’s aggressive pets, such as dogs, is to call animal control. If you spot an aggressive dog roaming around your neighborhood without a leash, or if you witness an actual dog attack, then you should contact animal control right away.

Neglect and abuse.

If you observe your neighbor’s pet chained or tied up for several hours a day or notice it has become noticeably thinner, it may indicate that the animal is not adequately cared for. You might also be a witness to animal mistreatment in progress. In such circumstances, contact your local animal control to inquire about the situation.

A dog that hunts down your livestock.

If you have farm animals in your backyard, your neighbor’s dog may chase them away or, worse, attack and kill them. If this is the case, you can report your neighbor to animal control if you’ve complained to them multiple times and nothing has been done.

Animals that have been injured.

Call animal control if you find an injured animal on your property or elsewhere. This is the most acceptable option, especially if you notice that the owner is not there.

Animals that have died and ended up on your property.

Let animal control assist with removing the neighbor’s animal, whether it died on your property or without its owner’s insight.

What is Animal Neglect?

Animal neglect is a form of animal abuse. However, not all incidents of neglect are deliberate, and some are simply a result of a lack of knowledge about good pet keeping. In that situation, the owners may be issued a warning and instructions on caring for a pet properly.

If you’re concerned about a neighbor’s pet being neglected, keep the following in mind before filing a complaint:

  • The animal carer does not provide shelter, food, and water to the animal.
  •  The owner does not offer veterinary care, even if the animal appears to be in poor health.

Animal neglect or abuse should be reported to the authorities, mainly if done on purpose and causes the unfortunate creature pain.

How Can You Report Animal Neglect

You should contact your local animal control department if you see an animal that has been neglected and want to report it. If you’re concerned that your neighbor may come after you for contacting the animal control, file an anonymous complaint.

Since witnesses are reluctant to speak up, many incidences of animal neglect go undetected. You may aid in some manner by reporting the unfortunate animals and assisting them in getting out of their situation. However, you must first gather sufficient evidence that the creature is being neglected.

A series of videos demonstrating an animal’s poor living conditions can be used as proof. These should make it easier for officers to take prompt action.

How can one contact Animal Control Anonymously?

Anonymous reporting is a frequent practice and a simple alternative for people who wish to help but don’t want their identities revealed.

The Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are two animal rescue organizations dedicated to saving lives and preventing animal cruelty.

Both groups have representatives in several states so that you can contact them with your concern. The good news is that these groups also have 24-hour hotlines for receiving witness reports. If you file a report, you are not required to provide any personal information.

Although anonymous reporting can help catch the attention of the organizations, making oneself known as a witness can help track down an animal abuser more effectively.

What Happens When You Call Animal Control for a Dog Bite?

Call Animal Control on a Neighbor

Dog bites are also a significant cause of calls to animal control. Many of these complaints originate from individuals who are bothered by their neighbor’s aggressive pets. It’s critical to report a dog attack to animal control as soon as possible.

The officers will treat this as an emergency and will give the owners a visit. This is to ensure that the dog has received all of its rabies vaccinations. For quarantine purposes, the officer may separate the dog from its owner. This is particularly true if the dog is unlicensed or lacks a tag.


If you’re considering reporting animal abuse, you might be curious about what happens if you contact animal control on a neighbor. This is also true if you’re thinking about reporting a neighbor’s animal that’s always roaming around free in your neighborhood.

When you call animal control to report a situation like this, they will first visit the animal owner. Unless it’s urgent and the animal is in grave danger, the owner usually only receives a warning.

If the owner is repeatedly reported, they could be issued a ticket, and the animal may be taken. Animal control also has the authority to capture or detain animals that have bitten someone.

It’s always essential to ensure that you have adequate proof of animal neglect before reporting someone to animal control. More importantly, if it’s your manner of bothering your neighbor, don’t report it to animal control.