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Eliminating Cannabis Odor: Tips for a Fresh Closet

Fresh Closet, So you just had your session and now everything smells like weed? Don’t panic.

This article carries a variety of tried-and-true methods that you can use and get rid of weed in your closet.

Fresh Closet included several tips on how to combat weed smell in the first place so next time you smoke or store your herb; it won’t stink up the closet. Finally, you can smoke in peace.

When your room smells like weed, it can make the cleanup process much more overwhelming, especially if it’s a shared space that’s often used in the daytime for lounging or working from home.

Letting the odor go untreated for too long can even cause the entire closet- from bags and purses to sheets and jackets- to take on the undeniable scent of cannabis, fuelling the issue.

How To Kill Weed Smell In A Room After Smoking

Fresh Closet

Using Air Fresheners

For quick and efficient odor removal, consider investing in air fresheners. Air Fresheners are mostly used to combat many troublesome odors, including that of marijuana.

Plug in an air freshener or set a new one in your closet, shortly after smoking. For those who don’t smoke, consider using air fresheners when you notice an eccentric smell in the air.

You can purchase gel-based air fresheners that usually come packed in a plastic case.

To apply, you’d simply open the case to let the smell take on the room. Note that gel-based air deodorizers may not provide maximum odor cover-up.

You might want to plug the air freshener into a wall and leave them pumping out fresh scent all day. Should the smell be strong, consider investing in plug-in air fresheners for greater effect.

Using Scented Candles

Another effective way to get rid of the unwanted smell of marijuana is to use scented candles.

Fresh Closet can find a variety of scented candles at most supermarkets as many malls have stores dedicated to selling such products.

Air fresheners brands often sell spate candles purposely designed to neutralize and remove odor.

Try out a variety of scented candles until you find what works best for you. Remember to choose something natural like pine as using a strongly scented candle would seem suspicious as if you’re trying to cover something.

Using Spray Odor Removals

Spray odor removals are yet another effective way of getting rid of the cannabis smell.

You simply need to spray on clothing furniture and even in the air. Apply the spray throughout the room to subside the smell of weed while the smoke is dissipating.

With a fast-acting formula, the difference should be noticeable in a moment. Meanwhile, remember to wash the blankets, pillow shams, and couch covers when the room smells like weed.

In addition to spraying the air with odor removals, you can as well spray the formula over your carpeting to remove set-in smells.

When shopping, check for something advertised as “odor removers” or “odor neutralizers.” These products are designed to neutralize troublesome smells rather than just masking them.

That said, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using these products.

Some of them are associated with warnings or should not be applied to certain types of fabric or carpeting. You might want to spray a small corner of the fabric first to test out the product.

Removing the Smell from Breath

After the session, you may still have a faint scent of weed on your breath. One way to get rid of this smell is by chewing mint-flavored gum.

Also, you can try brushing your teeth and then rinsing with mouthwash. This is especially practical if you have any breath strips.

Using Body Spray or Perfume

Perfumes or scented body spray can help mask the cannabis smell on your clothes. Sprits a small amount of perfume or body spray over your clothing shortly after smoking to try to cover the smell.

However, similar to odor removals, remember to test the product first before spraying down the entire outfit.

Spray a small amount on a tiny portion of the outfit and let it dry to check that the perfume or body spray doesn’t cause any damage to your clothing.

Avoid using too much spray or perfume. A little bit goes a long way, so if you smell strong, it could irritate others and look suspicious. Mild, natural scents like sandalwood would be a great option if possible.

Open the Window or Turn On the Fan

Fresh Closet

Ventilation is also an effective way to kill the marijuana smell in the closet. If the weather permits, keep the windows open and smoke nearby so that fresh air flows the entire time while on the session.

Where the wind is blowing the smoke back in, try placing a fan towards the window and then turn it on. This will help blow the smoke outdoors.

Carbon Filter

For those growing marijuana inside their homes, the scent can become quite strong. You order a device known as a carbon filter to help eradicate the odor from your home.

Fresh Closet device is available online as well as in local greenhouses. In most cases, you’ll need a filter with a 6-inch exhaust filter. You can buy the carbon filter and install it in your closet or room where you’re growing the plants.

How To Prepare The Room

Before you break up your joint, check out how you can prepare your room so the odor doesn’t hang around too long.

The first thing is to keep your stash in selected containers. This way, you’ll be able to control when and how the odors are released.

Aside from removing the smell, the best containers will also help keep your supply fresh for longer.

Also, certain products like Cannabolish are known to be effective in removing weed smell because they use plant-based oils to naturally break down the odor rather than just masking it up with toxic chemicals.