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How to Hide Your Adjustable Bed Frame

The adjustable bed frame can be a great addition to any bedroom. They provide a sleek- easy-going arrangement that helps you achieve the “perfect spot” for your resting position. 

Although the benefits are there, bed frames tend to stick out in contrast to everything else. This brings about the need to know how to hide an adjustable bed frame properly.

How To Hide Adjustable Bed Frame: The Best Ways

Hide Your Adjustable Bed Frame

A large bed skirt can disguise an adjustable bed frame easily. Complete covers will ensure the bed frame is never exposed. This is crucial whether the bed is modified or not. Coverage, setup, and adjustable bed frame size are important factors.

Correctly hiding adjustable bed frames requires key elements. Find a simple solution that doesn’t compromise the bed frame’s adjustability. If it hinders frame adjustment, it may not be a long-term solution and may need to be moved sometimes.

To keep things simple, opt for a solution that hides the adjustable bed frame appropriately. Below we’ve discussed more on how to adjust bed frames and what to consider when deciding what solution to get along with.

Use a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are some of the most common investments when it comes to figuring out how to hide adjustable bed frames. Of course, there are numerous other options out there, but bed skirts are usually the most affordable option.

They provide complete coverage, remain easy to set up and don’t get dirty quickly. In fact, it’s the best approach for those looking to hide an adjustable bed frame without spending a lot of money.

You can find specialized bed skirts, purposely designed for adjustable beds and others that you can easily use in your bedroom. An ideal bed skirt setup should provide great results in terms of overall coverage.

Think About The Bench

Apart from using bed skirts, there are other more unique options to hide adjustable bed frames such as a bench. You might want to set up the bench right in front of the bed frame. This will help put a major part of the bed out of sight such that people don’t promptly see it as soon as they enter the room.

While these benches are available in various shapes and sizes, the best bench can offer both natural and visual covering for the bed frame with proper setup. They may not give you maximum coverage from all sides, but they do get the job done from the front.

If you’re more concerned about the front of the bed frame, then you might be impressed by counting on benches. Simply get an ideal bench for your adjustable bed frame. Perhaps the best part about this is how straightforward the solution is.

Consider the Placement of the Bed

The location of your adjustable bed frame is yet another factor to consider when it comes to figuring out how to hide an adjustable bed frame.

The best way to set up an adjustable bed is to make sure it is off the side. It is a great option especially when you want to do this without making the room look odd. Note that a bed that’s off the side will be less exposed than one in the middle of a bedroom.

Keeping the adjustable bed to the side will help to ensure it’s not overly exposed as soon as a person enters the room. Plus, it goes a long way in beautifying the bedroom and making the adjustable bed frame welcoming to the eyes.

Types of Bed Skirts For an Adjustable Bed Frame

Unlike conventional bed frames, adjustable beds can be customized to help achieve some more comfortable night sleep.

While these beds can have a medical/hospital feel to them, we recommend decorating with bed skirts so they work seamlessly without your bedroom without disrupting your taste. Bed skirts not only add an embellishment, but they also conceal the bed frame as well as the storage space under the bed.

Commercial Wrap-Around Bed Skirts

Hide Your Adjustable Bed Frame

This is probably the easiest solution to finding a bed skirt for an adjustable bed. This kind of bed skirt often involves minimal effort to install and can be found at most beddings stores.

Wrap-around bed skirts usually come with elasticated sides that make them easy to pull onto the bed without having to lift the mattress. You may want to check out this 16-inch drop bed skirt from Amazon. It comes in a variety of colors and is machine washable too.

Velcro Strips Bed Skirts

Sometimes when you have a bed that has sides moving independently, bed skirts with Velcro strips can be the best approach to hide the frame.

The strips are usually attached directly and easily around the bed frame. Be sure to pay attention when installing Velcro bed skirt strips because they require a lot of precision. Otherwise, you might end up making the Velcro strips crooked.

Three-Piece Adjustable Bed Skirts

As the name implies, this bed skirt has three sections that are sewn/glued into the bed foundation to cover the foot and sides. These dimensions can be adjusted to meet the bed.

Measure the bed skirt drop before connecting it to the bed to ensure even hanging sides. This Amazon 3-piece bed skirt may interest you. Split corners make it easier to position with overlap. They hide the bed frame and fit the adjustable frame.