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How to Remove Bathtub Jet Covers

The home spas often need some maintenance from time to time, and removing/replacing bathtub jet covers is one of them. There’s no denying how much we love jetted tubs; they are a great luxury to any bathroom and are fun for kids and are a great way for adults to unwind.

However, far from a relaxing experience, it’s important to keep in mind that jets are also a great habitat for soap scum and bacteria. So you might want to give your jetted tub a tune-up with this quick guide and enjoy a long satisfying soak as your reward.

Depending on the type of jet cover you’re using, resolving this issue can be a quick and easy procedure. Check out the easy steps discussed below and learn how to remove bathtub jet covers like a pro.

Drain Water From the Bathtub

The first thing is to remove water from the bathtub. Note that it’s not safe to remove the jet covers while the water is still in the bathtub.

This could cause electrocution, especially when the spa’s circuit breaker is still running. So be sure to drain out water from the tub before jumping into removing the jets.

To drain the bathtub, you just need to turn off the spa’s circuit breaker. Once you’ve done that, remove the front panel of the tub and look out for the hose spigot. Then attach a garden hose right to the spigot to drain the water out of the tub.

You can easily remove any of the remaining water with a mop or wet/dry vac. That being said, draining may not be necessary if the jets are in a bathtub, given that bathtubs are drained out of the water after every use.

Read the User’s Manual

The fact that there are different home spas means that there are also different types of brands. So, read the manufacturer’s manual for the exact instructions on how to remove and replace jets.

Remove the Existing Jet Covers     

In this step, you might just need to rotate the jet in the counterclockwise direction until it pops out of the jet well. In case you are unable to remove it by hand, then you might want to use a wrench.

Tighten the wrench on the jet for a good grip, then rotate it in the counterclockwise direction to loosen the jet. Keep rotating the wrench until the jet becomes loose enough to be pulled out.

It’s good to state that the user manual may have some specific instructions on how to remove the jets. So, again, it’s recommended to read out the manual before commencing the removal.

Measure the Jets                                             

In case you don’t have the replacement of a jet cover yet, you can always get an idea of what kind of jet you need to buy simply by measuring the used jet covers.

First, remove all the jet covers and place them on a flat surface. Then use a tape or a ruler to measure both the length and diameter of the jet.

Lastly, you will need to purchase new jets based on the determined measurements. Consider the brand, color, and preferred style when buying the replacement jets.

You can get the new jets from the company where the tub was purchased, or else, simply go to the local home improvement store. Or you can also order the jets online.

Cleaning Your Jetted Tub?

Keep in mind that bathtubs can accumulate a lot of germs, mildew, mold, and gunk. The buildup usually occurs due to all the body oils, bath bubbles, and soaps that it’s exposed to on a regular basis.

Apart from grubbing up your bath water, those germs can get inside your body fluid, which could prove harmful to your health. There are no ways to reap the therapeutic benefits of a jetted bathtub when it’s not sanitary. So the last thing you want is to lounge in a dirty bathtub that is not regularly cleaned.

The question of how often you should clean your bathtub depends on how you use it. If you only use it occasionally, then you can clean it just five or so times a year. However, if you use your jetted tub regularly, in that case, you will need to deep clean it at least once per month.

One of the easy ways to keep your jetted tub clean is to fill it with hot water after you are done soaking, preferably after each use. Leave the hot water to sit for around 25-20 minutes so that it softens up any left behind soap residue or grease. Then drain the tub.

Meanwhile, to maintain the freshness of your jetted tub, pay attention to the product you use. Though tempting, don’t use bath oils or products that are likely to cause a build-up or leave behind a greasy residue once the tub is drained.

Also, avoid products that are oily or contain lanolin as they can leave a film inside the pipes and allow dirt and grime to stick to them.

Replacing a Jetted Tub with a Regular Tub

The good news is that whirlpools are available that fit into a standard tub space and install almost as easily as a regular tub. You might want to learn how to tear out the old tub, tub walls, and faucet in new plumbing and set the new whirlpool in place.

To clean bathtub jets that don’t work, start by filling the tub with enough water to cover the jets adequately. This will help to make sure water won’t splash everywhere when you turn it out. Then, add ½ gallon of bleach into the water, turn it on, and let it run for 20 minutes.