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Unlocking the Versatility: Can Sectional Sofas Separate?

Yes. Sectional sofas are convenient for turning into separate couch pieces or sections and offering more seating arrangements. The connected pieces or sectionals come in different designs and sizes to look differently when you separate your sectional sofas.

However, the ability of sectional sofas to separate is a significant feature that separates these sofas from other models. But there is more to this than it meets the eye about sectional sofas? Do secctionals come apart? What types of sectional couches come apart? Does mine come apart? Let’s find out the answers.

Do All Sectionals Come Apart?

Sectional Sofas

If you are considering a sectional sofa and not sure if the space constraints would agree, you could be asking, “Do all sectionals come apart?”

Unfortunately, while some sectionals can slide apart or detach into pieces, some selections don’t allow rearrangement. Often, manufacturers are looking to protect the integrity of the couch structure, which often gets damaged during rearranging. Investing in them means not adjusting your sofa to fit new spaces. 

Still, modern sectionals allow you to separate, rearrange, or even reverse your sofa design with all kinds of modifications. However, most sectionals will have the standard three-piece design with a corner and two separate attachments for each side.

Another detachment arrangement will vary and allow the sitting sections to separate into multiple pieces. If you plan to work with sectionals that come apart or detach, here are your options.

Modular sectionals

Modular sectionals are among the most common and popular sectional seats due to their ability to separate individually to offer different arrangements. The sectionals come as individual pieces which can combine with other furniture pieces for that versatile design.

In short, modular sectionals are excellent sectional sofas that can separate to create extra chairs or loveseats. All it takes is to slide or unscrew them apart, and you get your furniture pieces.

Reversible sectionals

As the name implies, reversible sectional sofas can reverse the direction. This means the reversible sofas can easily switch from left to right facing. Such a design allows for easy change to different room spaces and sizes. Each reversible sectional comes with a detachable chaise which is how these sofas can change their direction. 

How Does My Sectional Come Apart?

So it happens you could be having a sectional sofa, old or new, and are wondering whether it comes apart. And if it comes apart, what is the design to detach your sofa?

As it stands, the most common way a sectional sofa comes apart is by splitting it into two separate pieces of furniture. This standard sectional design consists of a central section plus a corner section(chaise) that disassembles into different sectional couches.

Of course, the central section is the most prominent piece. It is the central part that accommodates the other sectionals. Meanwhile, the chaise or corner section appears as an attachment to complete the sectional’s L-shaped arrangement. However, the corner section in most sectionals can be used as a separate stand-alone piece.

Once you determine your sectional does come apart, the daunting task remains to detach them into different furniture pieces. This is not always the case, as some sectionals are not outright connected and only need to get pushed together.

However, it is wise to check with the seat’s manual to get the furniture to separate for the connected sectionals.

In any case, sectionals are connected in different ways to link up the sofa pieces. The most common of these connecting hardware you may find include.

Sectionals with connectors

With connectors, you could be working with a sectional that links pieces through either sliding or snap connections. For the sliding component, sliding pins will be present on the sides of the main section and are open once the compartments detach. Each end comes with a hook on one side, while the other features a socket to slide into and lock.

The same case goes for snap connectors that poke out the primary and chaise sections underneath the interlock. The snap structure has a fork on one end and a lock pin. The fork snaps around the lock pin, allowing one sectional to attach to the other.

Sectionals with bolts and screws

Bolts and screws are also a common way to connect sectionals that you can buy. While you can drill to connect or disconnect the pieces, the bolt and screw components can prove a daunting task.

In particular, manufacturers can have your sectional seat bolted to maintain its original structure and preserve the integrity of the design. In addition, you can have your sectional with bolts and screws as a way to connect the pieces and maintain the one-off design you have chosen.

How To Take Apart Your Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofas

Step 1

Check whether the cushions are removable and put them aside to get out of your working area. Keep track of what pillows belong since some sectionals have specific cushions for each section. If the cushions are not removable, proceed to disconnect the sections.

Step 2

Once the sofa is bare, find the corner sectional connected to the frame. This corner sectional is the focal point where both sofa sections combine to link up and form the whole seat.

Step 3

When you identify the corner sectional plus the connectors, you can detach. Most sectionals can detach through lifting the corner section to separate it from the rest of the couch pieces. However, since different sectionals have varying connections, you can be sure to meet sofas with either hook to unclip or slides for disconnecting. Other designs are held together through bolts and screws, so be ready with a screwdriver or hex drive to take apart such sectional sofas.

Step 4 

Check the other sections for possible detachments, especially in more oversized sofas. A gap between cushions in a large sectional indicates that these sections can detach. If they do, repeat the detachment process till all areas are separate. Just be sure to consult your manual whenever possible. 

Step 5

With the sofa separated, it is your turn to develop an arrangement that suits your personal preference and space.  You can choose to have the sectionals as separate couch pieces or one corner furniture with love seats. Whatever the case, the arrangement relies on what you desire, plus the space available.

Wrapping Up

Do sectionals come apart? Section couches are excellent for living room furniture due to splitting and providing extra seating. However, not all sectional sofas can detach to allow a mixed furniture arrangement. Still, sectionals that come apart have many advantages, so it only makes sense to shop around for one.