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Maximizing Savings on Furniture: Tips for Bargain Shoppers

Furniture Shoppers, Buying furniture can often be a strenuous and confusing task with many options and stores to choose from.

However, most people trust large chain stores to have everything they need, making Rooms to Go an easy choice when looking for furniture.

The only problem with such large stores is usually the fixed prices. So, is Rooms to Go any different?

Can you Negotiate at Rooms to Go?

Furniture Shoppers

Technically, the Rooms to go prices are not negotiable, and even in the store policy, the prices listed for the furniture are the lowest possible prices.

However, this does not mean that you cannot buy the furniture for a price lower than the listed amount. In fact, with the right steps, you can get up to a 25% discount on the furniture’s listed prices.

How to get a discount at Rooms to Go

The Rooms to Go coupon app is your gateway to massive discounts on furniture when you are shopping remotely.

By subscribing to the app with your email, you will receive some promotional emails from time to time but also get the chance to save big at Rooms to Go and Rooms to Go kids.

How to get a good deal when buying furniture

Furniture Shoppers is one of the costliest possessions an average person buys. As a result, it is important to find good deals when shopping for it to ensure that you don’t bury yourself in debt to make your house comfortable.

Here are some things you can do to save some money when you are buying furniture.

Look out for yard sales, estate sales, and moving sales

Good furniture is durable. Therefore, you don’t have to buy it new if you can find it used but in good condition.

Most of the things you will find in yard sales are in mint condition and sell at a fraction of the store price.

Moving sales are even better because the furniture on sale is usually in perfect condition, with the sellers only needing to get rid of it to reduce their load.

As a result, the prices are also mostly enticing because the owners are in a hurry to leave.

Hunt in thrift stores

Furniture Shoppers no one around your neighborhood is moving or holding a yard sale, you can go for the next best thing, thrift stores.

While the furniture in thrift stores is also used and sometimes in deplorable condition, you can still find some amazing pieces if you look in several stores.

The key here is to confirm the quality of anything you decide to buy. You can shop with a friend or someone else to get a second opinion.

Check consignment shops

These also have a wide variety of used furniture. You can shop more confidently here because they are reputed for good quality furniture, and you can even get lucky on some occasions and find some high-end designer brands.

Try reupholstering and refinishing

Are you in the market for new furniture to furnish a space, or are you replacing some aging furniture?

If the latter is true, you should consider the option of reupholstering and refinishing your old furniture.

It’s not for everyone, but sometimes it really works well. If you are only replacing the old furniture because it’s worn out but still in good condition, you can try this option before spending a fortune on new pieces.

You can even combine face-lifted furniture with contemporary decors like pillows and bears.

Hunt on Craigslist and Freecycle

Of course, most people might be skeptical about shopping for furniture on Craigslist, but it doesn’t have to be a bad experience.

The trick is to filter the search in high-end areas and focus on high-end furniture. You would not believe the deals you can get.

Caution is still required when shopping for anything on Craigslist, and you should only settle for something whose quality and genuineness you are convinced of.

Hunt for out of business sales

As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. You can find good furniture deals from businesses that are closing shop in your area.

The companies don’t even need to be closing; they could even be relocating or upgrading to a better location where they don’t need the old furniture.

Look for swapping opportunities.

If you really want to replace your furniture but don’t have the money for it, you can try trading with others (Freecycle is back).

What you might find uninteresting might be very appealing to other people. Similarly, you might find your dream furniture listed by someone who doesn’t value it as much.

Look out for promotions

Furniture Shoppers are not sold on buying used furniture, you can still walk into a store and purchase new pieces. However, you should still try to make some savings here.

In the current market, you should always avoid buying anything at its retail price, not just furniture. There are so many promotions, offers, and flash sales that buying anything at its original price is seen as wasteful spending.

The best time to shop is when the furniture stores are getting rid of the old inventory to bring in new ones.

Such times vary from one store to another, but the months of August and February usually cut across.

You can also check on holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Finally, track the prices of your desired furniture so that you can leap at the opportunity when an offer appears.

Shop in different stores

To get the best deal, don’t buy the furniture in the first store you walk into unless it’s a unique piece exclusive to the store.

Instead, check and match the prices in different stores. You should also consider other benefits you might get on top of the price, like free transportation or a long warranty.

Use coupons

Since most stores don’t allow you to negotiate furniture prices, try to get as many coupons as possible to discount your purchase.

Does Rooms To Go Price Match?

Furniture Shoppers

Some retailers guarantee to match or undercut a competitor’s pricing on a product you want. If you can show that another merchant sells an item for less, the retailer will lower the price.

Rooms To Go matches prices. It allows a 30-day price match guarantee. If the goods goes on sale before delivery, contact them to refund the price difference.

Otherwise, you may receive store credit for the price difference if the item is lowered after delivery. Store credit can be used for future purchases.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices?

Furniture Shoppers in the market for some new furniture, you already know that you’ll spend some time perusing the many alternatives in furniture stores. Perhaps you want to obtain the best deal possible on a dining room table, new couch, or armoire. You know that haggling is typical in settings like automobile sales, but can you do the same at furniture shops to get a better deal? 

You can and should bargain to get a better deal because most furniture stores are prepared to negotiate on price to some level (in some cases, up to 20–25% off). However, a number of things determine whether a furniture business will or will not negotiate (and how much). Some of these factors are listed below:

  • The type of store you visit. Some big stores like IKEA don’t allow customers to negotiate prices.
  • Whether or not the piece of furniture you want is on clearance. Pieces of furniture that are on clearance are easier to bargain compared to those that are not on clearance.
  • The time of the year. You are likely to get a good deal at a furniture store towards the end of winter and the end of summer, and you can also manage to walk the prices down even more during this time.

When Does Rooms To Go Have Sales?

You will likely get a sale at Rooms To Go during holidays such as labor day and presidents day, their anniversary, and the end of summer or winter.

Final thoughts

Furniture Shoppers adds life to an empty room. While shopping for furniture can be tiresome and costly, the guide above can make it a little easier and more pocket-friendly.