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Maximizing Space: Murphy Bed vs. Sleeper Sofa Solutions

Murphy Bed vs. Sleeper Sofa, You stay in a small apartment, your family is growing, and you are always stressed out because of the limited space. Looking at your financial statement, you wonder, what would be your fate with the bills soaring? Well, there is some promising news for you. This article will look at how you can create space for your daily operations yet use it for your night’s sleep. Stay with us to the end to learn more.

A murphy bed, also referred to as a pull/fall bed, is a multifunctional bed stored vertically when not in use or a closet/cabinet according to your preference.

A Sleeper sofa, on the hand, is a piece of furniture with an inside feature of a collapsible bed frame. When folded, it is an ordinary couch, yet it has a pull-out mattress to be used as a bed at night. It has an inbuilt innerspring that folds out when the bed is retracted.

Murphy Bed vs Sleeper Sofa: Overview

Murphy Bed vs. Sleeper Sofa

Advantages of a Sleeper Sofa 

It is more of a regular couch, but beneath its cushions lies a collapsible mattress. The sleeper sofa is wide enough to fit two people. It is a dual piece of furniture for it is used for seating, and when not in use, it serves as a bed.

A sleeper sofa has many benefits in both small and large apartments/large houses.

Space: In small bedrooms, or studio apartments, it is multifunctional furniture that frees up space.

Size: A two-cushion loveseat will form a full-size bed, while a three-cushion will pull out to create a queen-size sleeper.

Aesthetic: It is easy to blend the sleeper sofa with other furniture, for they come in many designs and styles. You can buy a sleeper sofa as furniture in your living. 

Cheap: It is less expensive than a Murphy bed.

Cons of a Sleeper sofa

  • A sleeper sofa is more uncomfortable than a common bed. Your guests are bound not to be super cozy, and the feeling of sleeping in bed is irreplaceable. The mattresses are not thick enough for easy folding. If you plan to use it for a long time, better get yourself another option.
  • They are heavier than the conventional couches due to the hidden mattress and the system of opening it out.
  • It is time-consuming because you need to remove the cushions before using them, leading to the room looking congested.  
  • It occupies a bigger space than the Murphy bed because it’s deep and wider due to the arms.


We are in an era where the cost of houses has shot to the rooftop, raising the need to utilize the space you have. It would be a home office, stay fit space, an art studio, etc. But with a crowded house already, where on earth will you get the room?

The ideal solution is to use the usable space for sleeping and combine it with another use like a home office, workout space, etc. The use of a Murphy bed and a sleeper sofa fits well, but the challenge you would be facing is which one you should buy? Stay on board as we unmask facts then you will make a choice.

Benefits of Murphy beds

Multifunctional space: Murphy beds easily fold into a framing system attached to the wall creating space for other activities such as home office, living room, workout space, etc., whenever the bed is not in use. 

Less Space: Murphy beds are tucked into a frame when not in use and connected to the wall occupying less space than a sleeper sofa that is 24″ deep and wider because of the armrest on its side.

Comfort: Has a 10″ or 11″ thick mattress, a spacious and comfortable bed perfect for everyday use. Getting efficiency at its best regardless of the space

Customizable: Are you in need of a bed equipped with shelves where you can store your books or act as a closet? Murphy beds come in various sizes and designs with complementary features that add impact and increase productivity and style to your apartment.

Cost-effective: People rent small rooms due to the high prices of houses and rent. The bed presents you with an opportunity to enjoy yourself during the day and easily fall down to sleep at night.

Easy to use:  Murphy beds, unlike sleeper sofas which can be complex to open; you bring it down by the handles, pull off the strap that holds the beddings, and use the bed. When folding it back, pillows can be kept in the back wooden area of the framed unit/ pillow box.

Extra storage: You can always get seamless cabinets and drawers attached to the bed. The cabinet will provide you with storage for your books or clothes based on your preference.

You can add lighting inside your Murphy bed for some extra light to enable you to read while relaxing in bed.

Cons of Murphy Beds

Murphy Bed vs. Sleeper Sofa

Although Murphy bed may have many advantages, it has its shortcomings.

  • It is challenging to fold and pull down the bed every other day, especially for the aged, children, and the elderly.
  • Murphy beds are not long-lasting because of the regular folding and pulling out of the beds compared to the conventional beds.
  • If not properly installed, Murphy beds pose a danger to their users.
  • The price of acquiring a Murphy bed is higher and maybe an extra fee for installation.

Sleeper Sofa vs. Murphy Bed are seeking for more room for your art studio, home office, etc. but need a place to sleep? Try a Murphy bed or Sleeper sofa. However, you should consider your needs, finances, sleeping comfort, etc. before choosing.

I am confident you are no longer torn between these two after discussing their pros and cons. For those who need that room for other purposes, both are excellent furniture pieces with amazing services. After informing you, I’m confident your choice will be best.