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Vector Windows vs Andersen: Making Informed Window Choices

Vector windows vs Andersen is a decision most homeowners have to face when purchasing replacement windows or installing windows for the first time.  These two brands are well-known in the industry, but which one offers the best windows.

According to their website, Vector and Andersen are premier window companies. They produce high-quality windows that are great in both performance and craftsmanship.

However, there are a few factors that you need to consider when determining the right choice for your requirements. So let’s compare Vector Windows vs Andersen to find out which is better:

Vector Windows Vs Andersen Overview

Windows vs Andersen

Vector is all about hard work and getting it done. The company boasts a wide range of lasting products, borrowing inspiration from professional builders. One good thing about Vector windows is that they are developed with an uncompromised commitment that integrates great services and exceptional craftsmanship.

The brand offers quality windows and doors that give the builders the much-needed confidence to achieve great results. Plus, they have a quick delivery system, and personalized services with minimal callbacks.

When the company started back in 1995, it set out to create the most advanced, cost-effective line of windows, in light of the fact that vinyl makes a great material for quality, efficiency, and beauty standards.

Customer Focused Services

It is not enough to produce great doors and windows. In absence of reliable, on-time delivery services and support, even the best products aren’t worth a lot. Fortunately, vector prioritizes helping customers get the job done right without the hassle.

Vector eServices system allows homeowners and builders to make a service request or check the status of an existing request online, taking out the hassle of receiving services. Plus, they follow every service request with a personal phone call, working to reverse your request.

Money-Saving Efficiency

Energy efficiency is hardly a premium luxury for professional builders. Vector’s standard double-pane, LoE coated, double-strength glass can dramatically reduce window heat loss, as the interior glass remains warmer in cold temperatures, protecting homes from the chilly winter months.

When summer kicks in, the windows transfers less heat because the sun is filtered and reflected back outdoors, this brings about lower energy cost. The LoE coating on every pane of glass in Vector windows and doors helps to protect interiors from sun damage by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, without noticeably reducing visible light.

Vector windows and doors also provide more comfort and create less condensation compared to the conventional alternatives.

Andersen Windows

Andersen is another top market and manufacturer of windows. They sell new construction lines as well as replacement windows in casement and double-hung styles. Andersen windows are available in wood, vinyl, clad, composite construction argon, and gas-filled glass for high efficiency and low emissivity (low-E).

Andersen windows are recognized for being made out of high-quality materials while still being affordable. The company offers tiers starting at 100 series and going up to 400 series for their elegant Architectural series.

They also make custom windows with advanced features for security. Andersen replacement windows tend to be cheaper than other brands, making it possible to provide a more comprehensive warranty.

Variety and Range

The variety of models that a manufacturer produces is an important factor to consider. Andersen produces a great range of windows that meet the needs of customers. Another important aspect is product design.

While Andersen emphasizes quality rather than innovation, their windows are functional stylish, and high-quality. Their range of windows has very standard product designs, not much innovation but excellent quality. Moreover, Andersen’s product design is solid and timeless, so if you’re looking for a classic window design, Andersen is the brand to go with.

Material and Construction

Andersen produces their windows mostly from wood, but they also have a proprietary material known as Fibrex, which is a composite window material made of recycled pine and PVC.

The brand has a much wider selection of wood for window materials, but the range of other materials is not as broad. Some modern Andersen models can be made from vinyl, while some feature aluminum outer panels, but most Andersen windows are made from various woods. Andersen windows are also praised for construction quality and this company has secured a name for itself.

Reliability and Durability

Windows vs Andersen

Andersen windows are considered more expensive than most brands out there, although the materials that the windows are made from make them less durable. While the windows are very much worth the cost, wood is not the most durable for window construction.

The more affordable Andersen windows are made from Fibrex, which is the company’s proprietary material. Fibrex is made from a blend of wood fibers, majorly pine wood and PVC plastic.

The material is weatherproof and fairly inexpensive, but on the flip side, it is susceptible to damage from impact. That means that a miss-hit with a hammer during installation can leave the whole damaged beyond repair.


The availability of Andersen vs Vector windows is an important consideration. You might want to use a company that operates in your area for convenience purposes in case of any issue with orders or if any replacements are required.

Andersen is more accessible than Vector mainly because it is a larger company with a more widespread field of operation. Also, Andersen is a multinational company. Vector, on the other hand, is a large company but not as widespread as Andersen.

That means you may not have all the access to Vector windows in your town. So even if they produce the windows that you want to use, it may be better to use Andersen simply because the process will be easier due to proximity.