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Optimal Kitchen Paper Towel Holder Placement Guide

Placement of Paper Towel Holder, Paper towel holders range from simple standing holders with a weighted bottom to those that hang on cabinet doors without affecting cabinet function. With this kitchen addition, you can quickly grab a paper towel without taking up much counter space.

A good paper towel holder should make organizing paper towels easier. You should consider where to mount the Holder and its aesthetics when choosing a product for your kitchen.

Join us as we discuss how to install the paper towel holder on the wall, additional options, what to consider while buying, and types.

How To Hang Paper Towel Holder On Wall: Steps

Paper Towel Holder Placement

Unused wall space in the kitchen may have attractive decorations, or knick-knacks can also be a suitable place to install a paper towel holder. The process may sound simple, but most clients find it difficult to install a new paper towel holder, especially the wall-mounted one. Follow the steps below:

First, locate the appropriate placement of your paper towel holder, bearing in mind where you want to mount it.

Second, place the included template on the wall making sure the Holder is straight once mounted. 

Third, draw a level line on the wall and mark the hole screw points using a pencil, for it is the place to install screws.

Fourth, Drill the wall at the screw points and insert your anchors.

Fifth, use a hammer to tap the anchors into place but ensure your screws are up to the task, for they vary.

Finally, hang the paper towel holder on the hook at the top of the anchors.

Enjoy the easy access to fresh, clean towels anytime you need them.

Where else do you place a paper towel holder in the kitchen?

  • The most common and practical place to mount your Holder is on the counter.
  • Under the cabinet, thus, no space is wasted.
  • Mount the Holder inside the pantry for quick and easy access to your towels
  • The paper towel holders can be attached to the fridge using magnets. The Holder should have magnets on the back, or they are separate. Ensure they are strong enough to keep the Holder in situ.
  • For small kitchens, you can put it on your window sill if it is deep enough by screwing the Holder into the sill with long screws or setting the paper towel holder on top of it.
  • Is there an empty cabinet in your kitchen? Well, it is ideal for mounting the paper towel holder at the bottom of the sides of the cabinet to ensure it is accessible and many more.

 3 Considerations When Purchasing a Paper Towel Holder

Before making any purchase of the paper towel for your kitchen, look out for these factors:


The first thing to consider when outsourcing for a holder is its materials, for instance:

Plastic paper towel holders: are cheap, water-resistant, and other liquids in the kitchen but with the least lifespan and thus need frequent replacement.

Wooden paper towel holders: They have a classic appearance and a durable design with some coating to guard them against moisture damage though it may wear off over time. It would be best if you considered its location for the possibility of molds, rotting, and ruins.

Stainless Steel paper towel holders are the most popular because they are liquid resistant and highly durable among the three types. They are common in busy kitchens.


Paper towel holders contain a rod and a base. However, some have extra features making it easier to store, organize, and dispense the paper towels, including:

Hanging hooks: Are built –Inbuilt features of some cabinet-mounted or wall-mounted paper towel holders. They hold dish towels, kitchen utensils, and other accessories.

Tension arms: These are straight bars serving as a friction source on standing holders, enabling to grab a single piece of paper towel with a single hand instead of using both hands

Extra storage shelves: Can be built into the mounting frame of the paper towel holder hence, providing extra space to hold soap, spices, and other several kitchen items. Paper Towel Holder Placement is ideal for small kitchens offering additional organizational space.


Paper Towel Holder Placement

The kitchen size, cabinets, wall and counter space, and layout will determine whether you choose a standing, hanging, in-cabinet, or wall-mounted paper towel holder.

Commonly used standing paper towel holders require no installation. Be sure the counter area is high enough for the Holder to sit properly before choosing a product.

Hanging paper towel holders are identical to wall-mounted holders, but mounted differently. They are positioned under kitchen cabinets for convenient roll access without taking up counter space or protruding from walls.

Small counter kitchens benefit from wall-mounted paper towels. Even with a greater space, they keep the kitchen orderly instead of shifting and cleaning under a standing holder.

In-cabinet paper towel holders have a small, flat hook on top that loops over the cabinet door. You may keep paper towels easily yet out of guests’ view.

Can a Paper Towel Holder Be Used for Toilet Paper?

Yes, a paper towel holder for toilet paper is allowed. Still, you need to determine that it has to be big enough to fit the toilet paper, then ensure it is tightened to the walls to avoid falling during use; lastly, consider the kids if present.

Paper towels are essential in the kitchen. From drying your hands to cleaning up spills on the counter, they are still continuously used in any kitchen. For convenience, put a paper towel in an area that is easily accessible, and the article has summed up the various options for you.

Because you now know different ways to place your paper towel holder in the kitchen and more so on the wall, it is time to pick the one that works for you. Just be sure to estimate the available space before making your final judgment.

With the information, you’re to find an area that meets your needs and looks incredible too!