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Pergo Lowes vs Home Depot

Pergo Lowes and Home Depot are some of the largest home improvement retailers around. They both offer a wide variety of flooring products including vinyl, laminate, hardwood, waterproof, and wood-look flooring.

Pergo Lowes sells a line called American Cottage, while the Home Depot sells a line called Prestige. A carton of either brand normally contains 7 planks covering 17.59 sq ft.

While each plank is identical in all three dimensions, and the planks interlock each other, various visible differences do exist between Pergo Lowes and Home Depot.

If you’re purchasing flooring from Home Depot or Pergo Lowes, you may want to know how both brands compare against each other in light of the project you have at hand. So read on to learn what we’ve found out.

Pergo Lowes vs Home Depot: About Home Depot

When Home Depot was first established in 1978, the founders- Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank had no idea how revolutionary the new “hardware store” would turn for home improvement and the retail industry alike.

Today, they’re among the world’s largest home improvement retailers with more than one million products for DIY customers and professional contractors.

Home Depot, as mentioned above provides flooring installation services for laminate, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, and tile flooring. The cost of installation tends to vary subject to the size of the space, which is usually quoted by a Home Depot authorized contractor.

Flooring Installation at Home Depot

Home Depot boasts numerous positive feedbacks from customers for installation services and has been awarded 4.3 stars out of 5. Moreover, reading on the company’s website, 80% of customers would recommend the flooring installation to their friends.

In terms of variety, Home Depot is well-known for its range of home improvement products, given that this is the area in which they specialize. Usual products that customers see on the shelves are tools, equipment, and suppliers, typically for decorating, small building projects, plumbing, and gardening.

Still, these aren’t the only products offered by Home Depot. They often have short-term ranges of items for sale in their stores and have sold some rather unusual products.

For instance, they have a jerky gun for turning dried meat into sticks of jerky, a potty training kit, a brownie making machine, a $600 Viking corded phone, a pinkie flamingo statue, and a heat clip set for hair extension manufactured by Remington

Overall customer feedback expresses satisfaction in the services they provide. In fact, some describe the carpet layers as professional, polite, and efficient.

The majority of buyers have posted how comfortable they felt throughout the installation and how the carpenter guaranteed everything was clean and tidy at the end of the task. But, what about Pergo Lowes?

Pergo Lowes vs Home Depot: About Pergo Flooring

Similar to Home Depot, Pergo is a well-known brand based in the US, which is often considered as a byword for laminates.

The company delivers various flooring options but is largely recognized for its laminates, which -based on reviews- are a top-notch choice if that’s your style.

Another reason why Pergo laminates are an easy recommendation is that they’re easy to install, generally easier to maintain, incredibly durable, and can meet both commercial and residential needs.

When the manufacturer first came up with the concept of laminates, the main goal was to deliver a user-friendly plank-style that matches the aesthetic of hardwood- not really the expense.

After years of constant trials and errors, the Pergo line was debuted as a staple in the US. Later on, competitors began picking it up and made similar and compelling styles. Nonetheless, even years later, Pergo remains to be a one-stop choice for many.

Benefits of Having Pergo Laminate Flooring

In the event that you’re considering laminate flooring, then Pergo is an excellent option. It is fairly affordable and offers a comprehensive range of styles. Their specific color is dubbed Riverbend Oak, but it has been discontinued.

Other similar color options are Natural Cascade Oak, Vienna Oak, and Esperanza oak. The results are beautiful, making the brand certainly a value for money option.

Starting with brand recognition Pergo is among the most reputed and prominent names in the flooring industry. They’re known for producing diverse and high-quality flooring options that meet most users’ requirements.

Easy installation is yet another aspect where Pergo excels. The pieces are snapped together to create a firm surface, which is mostly promoted as a DIY product.

Only a few tools and supplies are required- even though you might want to call a professional probably to save you from warranty voids.

Coming down to variety, Pergo is the granddad of laminate floorings. It provides an extensive range of selection that appears absolutely realistic.  Their products are also long-lasting and may last around 25 years with adequate care.

With a limited commercial and residential warranty of ten years or so, Pergo laminates guarantee that no wear through, fading, staining, or even water damage may affect the floor under regular use.

The Bottom Line

Based on reviews, we can say that both Pergo Lowes and Home Depot are excellent options for those looking for laminate, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, and tile flooring alongside great warranties.

Pergo Lowe has a long-known history of producing the best-in-class laminates which give it an edge over others in the market.

Home Depot on the other hand is ranked as the largest home improvement retailer with approximately 500,000 associates and 3,300 stores in the US.

While Pergo Lowes may seem like a more affordable option- with their products remaining affordable and mid-range to suit most flooring budgets- Home Depot, likewise, offers a wide range of improved products at a very much comparable price.