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Preventing Common Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems

Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems saw was recently brought into the market as an upgrade in response to some Stihl MS 271 problems. It comes with a more efficient engine with a runtime of 20% more than its previous version.

However, there have been many concerns regarding this machine, mostly on its chain and the engine. We will get closer in detail to those issues and of course, give solutions where possible.

Common Stihl Ms 271 Chainsaw Problems

Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems

Below is a list of its most frequent complaints:

  •         Chain fails to start
  •         Chainsaw tension failure
  •         Fast dulling chain
  •     The Chain saw is not cutting 
  •         Brake fails
  •         Chain runs rough

Stihl MS 271 Construction Design

The MS 271 replaces the great MS 270 with a saw that’s packed with features and technology. As mentioned, it starts with a highly efficient engine that delivers 20% longer run times between refueling.

It does all this while subsiding exhaust emissions in half compared to the MS 270. It also boasts a pre-separation air filtration system that’s so effective that your air filter can last up to five times longer- all schemed into one compact ergonomic design.

The Stihl’s MS 271 fuel tubes, spark plugs, bolts and screws are all made of high-strength materials. Simply put its construction does not compromise durability.

With an overview of the construction design of this saw, it becomes easier to understand its problems and perhaps resolve them:

The Chain Saw Won’t Start

If the chainsaw fails to start, the engine is not delivering any power. It means either the engine is faulty or the switch is in the wrong position. In addition to this, check the fuel and make sure it’s enough to power the machine. The next thing, while refueling, ensure that the engine contains oil and gas in the appropriate rations.

Also, your Stihl MS 271 won’t start if the plugs are damaged or otherwise coated with soot. Faulty plugs simply call for a replacement since they cannot be repaired.

Chain Tension Failure

Chains of a saw are developed with a specific tension to penetrate through the wood. On the flip side, chain saws tend to lose their tension with time. While this powerful saw features a self-chain tension mechanism, you’ll occasionally have to adjust the chain to correct the tensioning manually and get the chain direction of the chainsaw right. So, how do you do that?

Pull the chain carefully away from the bar until you’re satisfied that it’s tight enough. If you can’t achieve the right tensioning, your tension screws probably need a replacement.

The Chain Saw Is Not Cutting

Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems the engine is running perfectly, but your chainsaw is not cutting, then it means the problem is the chain. After all, chainsaw relies on the chain to penetrate the woods.

In case the chainsaw is producing powder rather than chips of the tree, then it means it’s too dull to penetrate the wood. It’s a common problem among models like the Husqvarna chainsaw. This can be fixed by sharpening the chain. Avoid hitting stones if you want the sharpness of the chain to last longer.

The Chain Dulling Fast

Generally, saw chains are expected to rust after several years of service. That said, the majority of the users have complained that the chains are dulling quite fast. The good news is that you can easily sharpen your Stihl saw chain all by yourself. You only need a depth gauge and avoid applying too much pressure while filing so that the edges don’t end up becoming too thin.

Chainsaw Running Roughly

Although chain saw are designed to run smoothly to maintain precision, a Stihl saw may run roughly if the fuel flow is not consistent probably due to air in the fuel tank.

Note that accuracy is crucial in Stihl saw, especially if you’ll be using it on woods with large diameters. It’s recommended to always drain out the fuel before storing the machine. If your saw cuts roughly, drain the fuel and add oil and gas mixture in the correct ratios.

Leaking Gas

Your Stihl saw will leak if the fuel lines or rather the carburetor is faulty. Faulty fuel lines can be replaced following the same order of configuration as the previous fuel lines. While you can repair or replace a faulty carburetor, you might require some expertise to replace it. If the gas is leaking from the fuel tank cap, check whether it is tightly placed or replace it if it’s damaged.

The Chain Does Not Oil

Note that the oil is supposed to move the guide bar and get around the chain to keep it greased. Any blockage on the passage tubes means that the oil will not flow to the chain. The problem is usually caused by wood shaving blocking the tubes.

This brings about the need to store your machine clean after use. Also, air in the saw system can affect the consistent flow of oil, which keeps the saw from oiling adequately.

The Brake Fail

The Stihl MS 271 comes with a brake system connected to the chain. It is important to check that this brake system is in good condition to enhance its integrity. If the spring holding the brake system is not functioning, then the brake will definitely fail to turn. You might need to hire an expert to help you fix that.

How to Prevent Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems

The best thing to do is to learn how to prevent some of the common problems in Stihl MS saw. This way, you’ll get to enjoy its outstanding cutting power for a longer time. The various things you can observe and keep these problems at bay include:

Store your chain saw clean. Make sure you remove any possible clogging on the fuel tubes before storing them.

Cleaning and replacing the spark plugs. There’s no point in waiting until the saw is not working. It would be best if you regularly check on the system and replace spark plugs if you notice any kind of inconsistent functioning.

Regularly draining out the fuel; Note that the fuel flow can be affected by the presence of air. Therefore, it’s important to periodically drain the fuel to eradicate the presence of air.

Filling the gas and oil mixtures in the appropriate ratios. This will help you achieve the much-needed density for a sustainable flow of fuel. While replacing the tank, the filter caps should be tight enough and should be replaced as soon as they are cracked.

Keep the air filter system free from dirt, dust, or debris, and make sure all the screws, bolts, and nuts are tight before using the chainsaw.

Stihl ms 400 Problems

The Stihl ms 400 only has one significant flaw. You can tell that the construction quality was subpar when you examine how the oil pump and hoses are put together. When the clutch cover is removed, the delivery hose is only secured to the pump port by a thin steel sheet secured by just one screw. This is dangerous.

Stihl Chainsaw Troubleshooting

Stihl MS 271 Chainsaw Problems

The steps below will help you troubleshoot your Stihl chainsaw:

Step 1

If the chain saw is difficult to start, the first step is to check the fuel level in the tank. Replace the gasoline with new if the chain saw hasn’t been used in a month or so. At the start of each season, you should start with fresh gas.

Step 2

If your chainsaw did not start after replacing the gasoline, the second step is to check the Stihl’s spark plug. If it’s unclean, remove it using a socket set and clean it. Check the electrode gap. On the Stihl 026, the electrode spacing should be 0.02 inches. Regardless, after 100 operational hours, replace the spark plug. Any spark plug that isn’t light tan in color must be checked for potential issues with the engine.

Step 3

The last step in troubleshooting your Stihl chainsaw is trying to start it correctly. If you are starting from cold, make sure the choke is engaged. As soon as the engine fires up, move the choke lever to the warm start position. Also, swiftly press the throttle trigger. If the engine is brand-new, prime the gasoline line by repeatedly pulling the starter grip.

Stihl Chainsaw Won’t Start

Below are some of the things that may cause your Stihl chainsaw not to start:

Spark Plug

There’s a chance the spark plug is broken. The spark plug should be taken out and examined to see whether it is faulty.


Perhaps the carburettor is clogged. Leaving fuel in the chainsaw for an extended period frequently results in a blocked carburettor. Try cleaning the carburettor using carburettor cleaner if it’s clogged. Replace or rebuild the carburettor entirely if cleaning it doesn’t work.

Ignition coil

While the engine is operating, the ignition coil sends voltage to the spark plug. The engine might not start if the ignition coil is broken. 

Recoil Starter

To start the engine, the recoil starting mechanism engages the crankshaft. The engine won’t start, and the chainsaw won’t turn over if there is a faulty recoil starter assembly. 

Recoil Starter Pulley

When not in use, the starter rope is retracted by the recoil starter pulley. The recoil pulley must be free of damage or obstruction to retract the starter rope; otherwise, the engine won’t start.