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Protecting Your Cabinets from Toaster Oven Heat

Most modern kitchens are equipped with the latest technology. However, it is good to remember that no appliance is 100% efficient—the heat generated by the toaster oven when in use can cause damage to your cabinets.

The temperature in a toaster oven can range between 150°F (65°C) and 500°F (260°C). It is difficult to imagine how heat emissions affect kitchen cabinets in the long run.

If you have a toaster oven and a wooden cabinet, you might be concerned about how long the cabinet lasts before it deteriorates from the heat. Luckily, there are a few things to protect your cabinets from this type of damage.

What you need to know about toaster ovens

Toaster Oven Heat

Toaster ovens are also referred to as convection ovens. A toaster oven is an appliance that resembles a regular oven but is much smaller. It can be used to toast bread, bake, broil and grill, roast, deforest and cook conventionally.

However, because of the heat generated while cooking, cabinets can be seriously damaged. There is also the possibility of surfaces melting because of the heat.

How to Protect Cabinets from Toaster Oven Heat

Toaster ovens are convenient appliances for many people, but they can often pose a problem for kitchens with finished wood cabinets. This exposure can cause cabinet warping and distortion. You can fix that problem by:

  • Creating space

It is important that you keep space between the oven and cabinets. In most cases, the manufacturer recommends you leave four inches between the top of the oven and the cabinet. Also, when using a toaster oven inside a cabinet, it is essential to leave enough room for the cabinet door to be open to give room for air circulation. This will help prevent heat from damaging the cabinets.

  • Using heat guard

An appliance heat guard reflects, absorbs, and drags excess heat, and prevents unattractive stains from splattered grease and vent steam. It keeps the structure of your cabinets safe from damage.

 Most heat guards are made from top-quality poly-vinyl chloride. You can also use contact paper or tile guard. Their dense construction absorbs a considerable amount of heat and eventually releases it. 

Apart from these heat guards protecting the cabinetry from heat, they also prevent kitchen fire caused by other kitchen appliances. Also, it is very easy to cut the guards to fit under cabinetry lighting when installing. Besides providing protection and security, these heat guards are also available in various designs and colors, so you can also decorate with them.

  • Cautious use of the oven toaster.

During use, the outside surfaces of toaster ovens become pretty hot because of their poor insulation. To find out how to fix and use your toaster oven, refer to its manual. Therefore, we must be cautious when heating food, as the straight effect may occur on the nearby cabinets.

  • Ventilation

Because the toaster ovens outside get very hot when used, ventilating is the best option for protecting your cabinets from heat. This prevents the heat from the oven from damaging the cabinet’s surface.

Also, when cooking becomes messy, and the burnt food particles produce smoke, they can cause the cabinet’s surface to change color because of the smoke and destroy the texture of the cabinet. That way, there is no better substitute for a hood when directing heat and smoke away from the cabinet.

  • Change the posting of the oven.

This means you can use your toaster oven in places other than under a cabinet. Find a place where the heat will rise without causing damage to fixtures.

You can opt for a shelving system. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing. The shelves offer an alternative place for your toaster without causing harm to the cabinets.

  • Using a cool touch oven

This type of oven has a cool exterior that doesn’t heat up ‌as soon as you start cooking. It prevents the excess heat from rising to cause damages to your cabinet. It is a good option too for homeowners with smaller kitchens since you can place it anywhere you deem fit.

Rising heat can do a lot of damage to your cabinet, but with a good heat shield, it’ll be no sweat. However, ensuring adequate ventilation is one of the simplest ways to protect your cabinet from heat. For a more efficient solution, you can opt for a cool touch toaster oven.

 Benefits of a toaster oven

Toaster Oven Heat

It is a small electric oven that provides users with various cooking benefits not available from a traditional oven. In addition to preserving space on the countertop and looking stylish, toaster ovens also provide several other benefits, such as:

  • Energy efficient

You do not have to cook a small meal in a big oven and end up wasting a lot of energy. The kitchen does not overheat with a toaster oven, and it stays cool since it releases only a minimum heat. Also, a toaster oven pre-heats quickly.

  • Save time and money

You can save money with a toaster oven since it only uses half the energy that a conventional oven uses. Apart from saving your electricity costs, it is significantly cheaper than the traditional oven.

  • Convenient size

Space is a critical factor when buying a new appliance especially if your kitchen is already crowded. A toaster oven is light, small and fits nicely on your countertop. Also, a large toaster oven can be an excellent substitute for your conventional oven without using a lot of space.

  • Convectional cooking and baking

A modern toaster with convectional cooking features can cook evenly cooked food. Since the fun circulates hot air inside the toaster, they cook food faster and thoroughly while using less energy than a full-sized conventional oven.

  • It is versatile

Since it has a wide range of temperatures, you can use it for different purposes. Others can cook a variety of dishes because of their robust cooking abilities. Some come with a touch screen and rotisserie. In addition, some ovens have an additional heating element that allows you to warm and cook your food simultaneously.