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Sengled vs Philips Hue: Smart Bulb Showdown

Sengled Vs Philips Hue….This is a question majority of us find asking whenever we talk to make an investment in a smart bulb.

Sengled and Philips Hue are two of the leading smart light bulb makers in the market today. Smart lighting solutions are an integral part of the ambiance in our homes and even businesses. 

The convenience of being able to connect the entire lighting system of the home to your phone and controlling your lighting using your phone via Wi-Fi is a convenient experience.

There are a number of smart bulbs available for you, all of them offering a multitude of options and features for your enjoyment. 

Philips Hue smart bulbs were the first bulbs of their kind on the market debuting their first-generation bulbs in 2012. Since then, their innovations in smart lighting and progress in technology have only improved.

Sengled smart lighting solutions have been around for over fifteen years and their bulbs are a consumer favorite. Innovative, simple, and easy-connect options are characteristic aspects of the Sengled brand. 

In deciding between Sengled and Philips Hue Smart bulbs you need to consider the features of both. Below is a comparison of the two brands.

Sengled Vs Philips Hue: Similarities 

Sengled vs Philips Hue

Remote Control

Both these brands allow you to connect your bulbs directly to your wifi. Unlike other models that function via Bluetooth connection, with these, you do not need to be home to control them. 

Switch them on or off from anywhere, switch them on your way home or off once you have left, this option is the definition of convenience.

Colors and Brightness 

Sengled and Philips Hue offer a wide assortment of colors numbering up to 16 million different shades for your selection depending on what mood or ambiance you want to create.

You will be able to adjust the brightness up or down along their expansive color temperature range of 800 lumens. They both have a wide brightness range of between 2000K-6500K. 

Life Span

Without any damage or external interference, the average life span of these bulbs is 22 years.

Geofencing and Scheduling

Geofencing is a feature that allows your lighting system to access your location via your smartphone GPS.

Your lights could turn on once you drive into your parking and off once you drive off. The lights could blink or change color to notifying you to answer the door or check your phone.

Both Sengled and Hue have this feature enabled via IFTTT but Hue has geofencing fully integrated into their Philips Hue app.

Sengled Vs Philips Hue: Differences

Technology and Accessories

Sengled and Hue rely on separate technologies. Philips Hue bulbs require a Philips Hue Bridge to connect to your router via Ethernet.

This Bridge also allows Hue to connect to the Apple Homekit as well as Microsoft Cortana, both of which are not supported by Sengled.

Both brands, however, work well with Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistant. They are also compatible with both android and Apple phones.

Philips Hue also connects to your home entertainment system allowing you to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience.

Hue smart bulbs connect to your player and adjust room lighting depending on your music, movie, or game of your choice. 

If you are hosting an event, Hue bulbs are the ideal bulbs for enhancing the mood and ambiance of the party.

Sengled bulbs cannot be connected or synced to your home entertainment system.

Sengled functions over Wi-Fi and only requires a simple connection directly to your router and it is ready for use. 

Beam Angle

Philips Hue has a beam angle of 160 degrees while Sengled has a beam angle of 240 degrees. 

A Sengled bulb is suitable for a wider area or larger rooms but the brightness may be reduced.

Hue bulbs are more suited to smaller rooms since the beam is narrower and more focused. The brightness may however be greater with a Hue bulb.

Bulb Base Options

The bulb base is an important consideration in selecting which bulb to buy. Philips Hue bulbs offer a number of bases to go with different socket models such as E26, E12, BR30, GU10, and PAR16.

Sengled bulbs only come with one base, the E26 model. This means that if you have the E26 fitting, you can buy either Sengled or Hue bulbs. If you have any other type of fitting you have to go with Philips Hue.

Energy Stats

Sengled vs Philips Hue

Interestingly, this is a feature that’s only available with Sengled and not Hue. Sengled Wi-Fi allows you to keep track of your energy consumption by recording your usage.

Your energy bill is available to you at any time which is an important piece of information if, for instance, you intend to add to your lighting system or integrate it further to include more accessories.


Sengled lighting is considerably cheaper than Philips Hue. Sengled does not boast the many features that the Hue brand does which makes it pocket-friendly. The cost consideration is among the most significant factors for its popularity.

Despite this, Sengled offers great value especially if you do not feel the need for the numerous functions and features that the Hue brand offers and simply need a lighting system or bulbs that are synced to your home and phone for the convenience of easy, comfortable automated lighting.

Verdict: Sengled Vs Hue

It is not a stretch to say that the future of lighting is smart and for all intents and purposes we are at that point already.

That said, in this sector, innovation moves at an incredibly high pace, and in no time at all smart lighting will look very different with even more features being accommodated within these brands.

Between these two, however, the decision boils down to function and cost. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option that will give you decent smart lighting for your needs, Sengled is the brand for you. 

If you are on the market for greater functionality and more sophisticated integration, Philips Hue is the better choice. The choice of accessories and tech that Philips Hue offers is wide and continues to grow.

Regardless of which of these you go for, you will be making a worthwhile purchase that will provide exquisite smart lighting for your space.