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Stonescapes Tropics Blue vs Midnight Blue Pool Finishes

Stonescapes pebble pool finishes can be a great addition to enhance the magnificence of your haven. Aside from being fairly durable, they also offer some of the smoothest surfaces achievable for in-ground pools custom-built.

With their great resilience, Stonescapes’ mini pebbles will definitely attract craving and popularity among property owners, which makes them an easy recommendation for people.

That said, though, selecting the desired finish isn’t the end of the story. You want to choose a specific pebble finish of a certain texture and color among the numerous options available out there.

Deciding on the right choice may become even more complex when options are as comparable as Stonescapes Tropics Blue vs Midnight Blue.

While these two shades are some of the most popular shads, they’re often the most confusing, with regard to their striking resemblance. Even so, there are several notable differences that may turn out to be your decision-maker.

Stonescapes Tropics Blue Vs Midnight Blue: Water Appearance

Tropics Blue vs Midnight Blue

Although Midnight Blue and Tropics Blue finishes both come off with a tint of dark blue, it can be challenging to contrast the water’s appearance. However, there’s one.

Midnight blue can easily stay away from a solid dark blue and falls towards a dark blue/green shade while providing a darker note. These shifts usually depend on the surrounding of the shade and the depth of the pool. Midnight blue may also be a great option if you’re looking for a richer, darker color.

On the other hand, Tropics blue is a bit fainter. Watercolor is oftentimes the deciding factor for the majority of people. The rich bluish tint of Midnight blue can be a bane and a boon for that.

It is rather harder to see through the depths of the pool with the above midnight blue finish compared to the tropics blue. Most people tend to prefer the tropics blue mainly because it allows for better vision than its counterpart deeper-toned buddy. Otherwise, both options are significantly darker shades.

Stonescapes Tropics Blue Vs Midnight Blue: Texture

Stonescapes mini pebbles are generally designed to have a smoother feel to them. With regards to the midnight blue and tropics blue, usually, the first one has a better hand at this aspect, even though this is a very subjective statement. All of its superiority stems from the crushed shells.

Although midnight blue also has the same features, the smoothness you get in the tropic blue isn’t the same. This is because of the higher quality of crushed shells used to achieve the lighter cool.

Stonescapes Tropics Blue Vs Midnight Blue: Aesthetics

Most people like midnight blue for pool aesthetics. However, tropical blue is a close rival. Both finishes are popular with few differences.

The magical tropics blue blends gold, white, and pure quart aggregates with dark blue pigment white Portland cement. A strange mix of abalone shells and colorful quartz accents is also stated.

Both tropic blue and midnight blue have colors and tints that reflect those of natural materials. You will have to decide what works best for you, even though most people prefer the deeper, punchier shade of midnight blue.

Stonescapes Tropics Blue Vs Midnight Blue: Durability

In addition to being one of the most popular finishes from Stonescapes, tropics blue and midnight blue are almost equally durable and highly resilient compared to the conventional pool surfaces.

They are both manufactured with premium quality materials, mostly obtained from nature. Unlike other finishes, pebble finishes have the ability to last long without falling short on magnificence.

They can last anywhere from 15-20 years while withstanding wear, staining, and etching subjected to the pool. As a bonus, tropics blue has crushed shells lining up inside.

These extras make the sparkle of the pebble finish even more highlighted. Both of these shades have been developed by a strong, durable, and aesthetic blend of materials.

Stonescapes Tropics Blue Vs Midnight Blue: Pricing

Tropics Blue vs Midnight Blue

Mini pebble finishes are generally associated with a slightly higher cost than other finishes. The price normally depends on the size of your pool and your location as well as the cost of labor in that specific area. You might have to spend between $3,0000-and $6,000. Note that this cost is entirely estimated and can also range up to $10,000.


Overall, midnight and tropics are two of the most common colors you’ll come across in the field of finishes offered by Stonescapes. They are all designed to deliver signature smoothness to your pool while ensuring that you don’t worry about your pool finishes.

Still, the showdown between these two finishes usually comes to aesthetics, temperature, and personal preferences. You might want to choose midnight blue finis if you’re looking for punchy shades of pretty much everything.

Other than what people have been told, tropics blue and midnight blue finishes have the same temperature. The midnight blue makes it tougher to discern the bottom as the tone darkens.

The same is not common with tropics blue as the foot of the pool will be mostly clear through the light water. Even so, we can’t possibly argue with the ethereal vibes that come with midnight blue. Many people tend to prefer midnight blue mainly because it has a rather delightful feel to it.

The best part is that any of these pool finishes would probably work great for most people. Various factors may make your pool color different like time of the day, shade vs sunlight, tile edge color, and landscaping.