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The kitchen Sink Is Still Clogged After Snaking

The kitchen Sink Is Still Clogged After Snaking

When clogged, a kitchen becomes impossible to use, causing you to look for various options, including a snake to unblock the clog. However, it may not work because the clog is deeper in the drain.

How then will you unclog the sink after snaking? If the kitchen remains blocked, that means the issue is deeper, probably extending to another part of the drain calling for a professional to take a look.

In this particular piece, we will look at ways you can fix the clogged sink after snaking. 

How to Fix a Kitchen Sink That is Still Clogged After Snaking

Inspect the Sink

The first option has not worked; it is a clear sign that something else is wrong. Therefore, it is best to approach the issue from another angle, although it depends on what is happening with the sink.

Take a keen look into the drain to check out any hardened debris along the sides, as it might be why the snake is not working.

If that is not the case, then it demands you to go under the kitchen sink to unclog it.

A clogged drain deep in the pipe is a common issue. Snaking a kitchen sink can sometimes become complicated.

Cut Off the Water Supply

Shut off the water supply to your sink to avoid water damage as the water gashes out.

If the kitchen sink is blocked past the trap, it is paramount to go deeper into the drain, which can happen if the tub is turned off to avoid splashing. Look at the drain part under the sink.

When snaking fails to work, you must look at the entire drain because the problem might not be on the surface or a foot into the drain but much deeper.

Go From Under the Sink

Unscrew the pipe that goes into the sink that is usually attached to the wall in the back. The core objective is to ensure you check deeper into the drain where the obstruction is set.

Begin by looking at what is in front of you, including potential debris trapped at the joint pipe and if it is clear, move on to the next step.

Using A Snake Drain Deeper Into The Drain

It is time again to take the snake and push it into the drain from this part to enable you to get deeper into the drain to check whether there is a clog.

Push the snake all the way to unclog anything that is the kitchen sink. Take your time while pushing the clogged area.

If it doesn’t work, the problem might likely be much deeper into the drain, demanding an expert plumber with the right gear and skills.

Can Snaking Make a Drain Worse?

Before you rush for a drain snake, understand they vary in type and how each is used. Thus, it is paramount to understand the potential of pipe damage if used incorrectly.

Although used as devices to be used by anyone and everyone, they can be hard to manage, and improper use can damage pipes by getting scratched by the snake end, posing possible cracks and rust, leading to major issues.

Even though drain snakes are highly effective in clearing certain clogs, they can exacerbate a problem.

For instance, if your pipe has aged and rusted, sticking a drain snake down the pipe can cause scraping off chunks of metals, worsening the clog and damaging your pipe.

A professional plumber knows how to diagnose a clog and has the tools and skills to apply the perfect fix to your problem.


5 Reasons Why The Drain Snake Is Ineffective

A drum auger is a perfect tool for clearing drain clogs in many situations. A simple tool operated by hand, inexpensive and saves money over the cost of a plumber visit, can be complex. It is necessary to have a drum auger within reach if you are a homeowner, just as it is important to have a toilet plunger near for emergencies.

However, sometimes your drain snake may not work as expected; it may not go down the pipe or fail to bring up any obstructing debris. Here are some reasons why your auger cable is not fixing your clogged pipes, along with fixes to get your pipes running efficiently.

It Won’t Reach Deeper Enough Or Go Around Bends.

You may be using the wrong type of drain snake, but many types are available, and it is of essence to use the right one for the work.

Drum style drill is perfect for most kitchen drain clogs in which the cable is contained inside a rotating canister. Extra-long Drain Auger is for clogs deeply stuck down the length of your drain.

Cable Not Turning

It may be due to a weak drain auger’s thumb screw meant to snag the clog leading to no results regardless of how many times you turn.

Lack of tightening the thumbscrew is an obvious reason behind the drain snake not working. Hence it is essential to ensure the thumbscrew is tightened to secure the cable inside the drum or handle.

Rotation causes the drain snake to pick up the debris; pushing into the obstruction will not clear it.

Fail to grab the debris

The reason is that the type of clog cannot be snagged and pulled up. The drain snake can easily snag clogs like hair clogs and does not cook fat and soft substances unless they contain some hair.

Call on a plumber in such a case though you can take time to figure it out.

The Drain Snake Won’t Go Down Sink.

The condition is familiar, even though you may think you are pushing the drain snake.

It is tricky to force a drain snake past the sharp bends of the p-trap underneath the sink, which is a great mistake made by many.

Instead, remove the drain trap beneath the sink, inserting the drain snake into the horizontal branch drain. An occasional clog won’t clear if you start with a clear horizontal path into the drain.

Unfurl the snake cable into the pipe a few inches at a time, then gradually push, and if you access the clog, go even slower because the rotation will loosen the clog.

The sink is still clogged after snaking because of the deeper issue in the drain. It is a common issue for clogs to be past the u-shaped trap under the sink. Use the detail shared herein to fix the problem, and the sink will run smoothly.