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Top Storage Bags for Clothes: Space-Saving Solutions

 Storage Bags for Clothes, Staying organized is a major undertaking that can be tricky to keep up with, especially when it comes to the closet. It’s a continuous process that requires creativity, focus, and a defined plan.

Nonetheless, instead of throwing away clothes you might want to wear again, you can save them by simply storing them or separating them by season. Having a few useful clothing storage bags can make this process easier.

After detailed research and reading through numerous reviews, we found some of the best-selling choices that you might want to check out. From vacuum-seal bags to storage boxes you can slide under your bed, these are the best storage bags for clothes.

Here are the Best Storage Bags For Clothes

 Storage Bags for Clothes

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

The Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags are one of the best options that boast awesome quality. Size is perfect for storing out old season clothes and still has some extra room in the bag. Yet, you won’t have to worry about the air leaking out.

So long as you don’t put anything above the line on the bag, you’ll have a great seal. Using the included pump or the vacuum is a breeze as the tool on the bag makes it easy to know when you have a perfect seal.

These awesome quality bags can be compressed under the bed for many months and still look exactly the same as when you put them there. For those who have huge king duvets, with covers that take up a lot of space, this thing works great!

You can fit all that in one SpaceSaver bag, which is quickly and easy to use even with a vacuum. Your duvet will turn out small as this tiny package fits neatly on a shelf. Also, you can fill the bag with a down comforter without having to worry about leaking issues as other such bags have.

You’ll be impressed by how these bags hold even in a fluctuating temperature environment. Get these bags. They work great and the price is reasonable too. Plus, the replacement guarantee if something goes wrong is really nice.


  •         Size 2pack
  •         Closure type: zipper
  •         Number of sets: 20
  •         Product Dimension: (LxWxH): 10.31 x 8.9 x 2.4 inches

GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags

GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags are an excellent choice for maximizing space savers. You can use them for a variety of sizes items such as bedding clothes, pillows, plush toys, blankets, and more. The pack comes with 12 bags of four different sizes designed to fit your everyday need.

These bags feel about the same quality as other top recommendations featured here. We like that the cap screws on as if it’s designed to hold better than a snap top. In fact, we compared various brands before choosing and we picked these because of the price and the fact that they come with a pump.

The small size is nice if you want to put it back into a drawer, or even one of those large plastic containers. The product is easy to use and super effective, and you won’t have issues with sizes.

The pump works great. Of course, a vacuum could have been quicker, but you’ll have no issues with the pump. Out of the sated 12 bags, you’re likely to be left with a couple extra because the size is just perfect. You can easily fill the bag with stuff and still create room for the matching sheet as these bags can be deflated and re-inflated with no problems.

Overall, you’ll be very happy with this purchase. In case you’re wondering if they’re a waste of money, rest assured they’re definitely worth every penny. The plastic seems durable and the bags look well made.

We recommend getting these whether you want something for household use or traveling. And considering all the charges for suitcases, you can now put so much more in your carry-on. Thanks to these vacuumed bags and the pump; it takes a lot less space than the clothes would have.


  •         Size: 3 x Small, 3 x Medium, 3 x Large, 3 x Jumbo
  •         Closure type: zipper
  •         Material: Plastic
  •         Number of sets: 12

HIBAG Space Saver Bags

 Storage Bags for Clothes looking for the best vacuum bags to store seasonal clothing and bedding, the HIBAG Space Saver Bags are an easy recommendation. Organizing and putting away seasonal beddings that will remain stored for a couple of months can be a task. Fortunately, the space saver bags vacuum storage bags could be the ultimate solution.

Available in various sizes to choose from, HIBAG vacuum suction storage bags suffice your unique storage needs, whether you’re swapping out a large quantity of seasonal clothing in your closet, or trying to keep as much clothing as possible in your carry-on luggage during trips.

These bags are designed to help provide more space for clothing and linens-blankets, pillows, comforters, duvets, and towels, which mostly are compressible. In fact, some referred to these things as lifesavers. They allow you to pack all that stuff in such a small amount of space.

The airtight sealing featured by these vacuum sealer storage bags allows the air inside to be sucked out so that the size is reduced to nearly a fraction of the initially bulky volume. Moreover, these space bags prevent items from moisture and dust, making long-term storage possible.

You’ll get a ton of size options with the 20-pack, and a good number of these bags in this pack are “large” and up. That means instead of cramming 18 small bags with shirts, you can simply fit your entire closet into a “jumbo” and “medium”.

Coming down to quality, these are probably the best types of bags around. They even come with a pump that makes the whole process hassle-free. In addition, they come with two travel-sized bags that you roll for compression and a manual hand pump.

All things considered, these bags work great; exactly what they’re supposed to do in comparison to other top-rated options on our list. There’s almost no difference.


  •         Size: 20 combo
  •         Closure type: zipper
  •         Number of sets: 20
  •         Color: Clear
  •         Material: Polypropylene

BoxLegend Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

 Storage Bags for Clothes

It’s hard to believe how easy these are to use and how much they compress. In fact, you can have 2 pillows, 2 fleece throws, and a down comforter, and probably a fleece blanket reduced to 1/3 of the initial storage space. Plus, you can fit these under your bed and have freed up closet space.

We love how tightly the zippers hold, the sturdy plastic, and the size. It’s easy to have medium-low expectations when buying these due to the price. But if you’re looking for the best storage bags to help put away winter and guestroom linens, these bags are what you need.

They are easy to use and come with a very handy adapter for the vacuum. The kit features the hose adapter and plastic clips that make closing the bag easier before you vacuum seal. In fact, it looks like a regular Ziploc bag seal until you try to close it with your hands.

The instructions can be helpful if you haven’t used these before, but reading on the previous buyers’ feedback, we think the bags are user-friendly and you can save a ton of space in storage with them.


  •         Size: Small, Medium, Large
  •         Color: 8pack
  •         Material: Polypropylene
  •         Number of sets: 8 sets