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Toto Colonial White vs. Cotton White: Choosing the Right Toilet Color

Established in 1917, Toto has been among the leading manufacturers and developers of high-quality toilet technology for over 100 years. Due to the many toilets in the markets, it can be arduous.

However, Toto’s product line has the colonial and the white cotton toilet. What difference do these two have? The two shades of white are similar with a slight variance, with Toto cotton white being white-white (brighter) while the colonial white is a bit off-white.

To help you make a noble decision on the two shades of Toto toilet finishes, ensure you read this article to the end.

Toto Colonial White vs Cotton

When it comes to a toilet selection, it is essential to feature the other bathroom colors, especially the white color. Remember, your home should reflect your individual preference. So, putting into consideration tiny details is paramount. 

Toto’s colonial white and Cotton white are the brand’s most popular toilet color options. However, it is best to choose Toto’s white based on how it blends with the entire bathroom rather than your taste. 

A Snippet of the Differences between Colonial and Cotton White

Toto’s Colonial White Toto’s Cotton white
  • It is the primary/standard gloss white.
  • It is common in modern/commercial bathrooms.
  • It is antique white that is darker and softer, matching less with other brands’ white but looks excellent with non-white bathrooms.
  • It is plain/basic white.
  • It matches with other basic white toilet types available.


What Is Cotton White?

Toto’s Cotton white is pure white and the most basic or standard in the brand’s line of toilets. It blends with the most standard whites on the market, making it a suitable fit if your bathroom’s other ceramics, like the sink, are from another brand.

It is the whitest of Toto’s toilet colors and the cleanest, most fashionable, thus a perfect match for modern bathrooms. Cotton white is the ideal choice if your bathroom is painted basic white because it is bright enough to stand out in the entire room.

Toto’s Cotton White Matches

Toto’s cotton white is likened to American Standard White (pre-2000). In addition, it matches with other renowned brands such as: 

  • Kohler White
  • Briggs White
  • Bath Royale White
  • Eiger White
  • Gerber
  • Mansfield White        

From Toto’s sales guideline, just like any other #01 white, Toto’s cotton white is also sold as #01, meaning the paint doesn’t have any tint or color in it- pure white. Therefore, it is compatible with any other pure white from any brand.

What Is Colonial White?

Toto’s Colonial white is extra antique white or contains a little bit of beige in the white. It is less sharp, glossy, and suitable for softer bathrooms. For instance, if your bathroom’s walls are white, Colonial white will look ancient or yellow because it is slightly off-white, mainly if your tiling is white too.

On the other hand, the same antique and less glossy white characteristics make it the perfect choice for beige or colorful bathroom walls, giving you an elegant solid-white view against light color schemes.

As a result, you have many options to explore how various shades of white view with particular tiles or paint samples. You can carry the paint swatch or tile when shopping to be sure before purchasing your Toto toilet.

Toto’s Colonial White Matches

It matches with the American Standard White Post- 2000. Colonial White is sold as the #11 colors on the brand’s website. Despite reaching with a few other brands, buying your entire bathroom’s ceramics from Toto is better. 

Remember that when you pair Colonial white with any pure white ceramic or tile, the darker white might look yellow or dinghy. Therefore, when picking a toilet, it is vital to be concerned about the other colors in your room, more so white. 

Tip: If you’re matching Toto’s Colonial White with other colors, there is only one essential match.

What Are the Other Toto Toilet Colors?

Toto manufactures luxury toilets offering several color options for homeowners. It has multiple shades that are specifically neutral. Toto toilets are not intended to be of a specific match for a particular bathroom décor. Instead, one or more will differ from or complement all.

Apart from the other two already covered above, the different standard colors offered by Toto are:

Ebony- Contemporary Black

The glossy shade of black is less commonly sold as Ebony. However, it is not widely used as white. It has an iridescent luster and matches multiple lights and dark schemes like yellow, gray, black, green, and blue.

Bone- A Bit Off-White

The off-white shade is mainly preferred because it hides mild dust and dirt. It also needs less-frequent cleaning to keep it at its best. It matches well with light and dark color schemes, although it may appear dinghy in white bathrooms.

Sedona Beige- Slightly Yellow

Another off-white color is Sedona Beige. It is lighter than Bone, featuring a hint of yellow. It forms a warm and inviting tone amplified by same-color rooms. This specific off-White matches with light-colored bathroom tiles and walls though best when matched with other off-white colors and Biscuit.

Hacks to Select The Right Toilet?

Color/ finish is one element one looks at when picking a perfect toilet match. But is it the only factor to consider? No, other significant pointers are:

Shapes, height, and Width

The toilet’s shape and height determine the comfort you get when seated and the space it will occupy.

 Elongated seats are more comfortable but require more space, while the rounded ones are perfect for small bathrooms.

Flushing styles

Toilets come in different flushing systems, from the traditional single-flush and dual-flush toilets, pressure-assist to gravity flush, among other toilet technology available.


Many brands, models, and styles have different price tags. Thus, having a budget will help you narrow your choices and make efficient decisions.

To choose your bathroom’s ceramic color, check the ones you have. And if there is none, you can select depending on what matches your bathroom’s colors. For instance, if your bathroom comprises whiter or has white tiling, the better option would be Toto’s Cotton White, while an antique white look will go well with the Colonial White. And for other colors across other different brands, Cotton is a great choice.