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Transforming Your Unused Living Room: Practical Ideas

Unused Living Room, The front living room is typically meant to entertain guests and to spice up special holidays.

Unfortunately, the space can go for years without anybody going into it for something meaningful.

If you’re always keen on making everything count, you’ll note that the unused front living room is only collecting clouds of dust and going to waste. Since the front living room mostly leans towards the formal and contemporary styling, it’s often used to showcase the fine furniture and the gracious arts you have fitted to adorn your home.

However, with the ever-soaring costs of real estate, the unused room can be converted to any usable space of your preference. The front living room of your house is a precious commodity that can be easily converted into a productive space enjoyed by the visitors, you and the family members.

Below are the practical alternatives that you can consider if you’ve got the unused front living room. Stick to the tactful methods discussed in this article and hope to transform the living room into a space that you will enjoy the day today.

What to Do With Unused Front Living Room: You can convert it to the following;

Unused Living Room

  • Kid’s Playroom
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Exercise Room
  • Kid’s Playroom

Converting the unused front living space to the kid’s playroom is the most popular alternative. If you’ve two or more children, they might be tempted to toss your patience.

It’s quite heartwarming to see your child playing and running around your home happily. Sometimes, the noise is too much, and you need to have a quiet environment to catch up with your breath.

If you can offer your children their designated playroom, that will go a long way to make your home stay smooth, quiet and peaceful. The kid’s playroom from the unused front living room is also essential to keep the young ones occupied while under the same roof as you.

In some cases, when kids are playing outside, you might feel uncomfortable indoors since, by nature, anything can happen to bring up unprecedented problems. You can equip kid’s playroom with the favorite toys to make kids feel special.

Some parents have gone a step higher to give the children’s room exciting themes that rhyme with age.  You can convert the unused living room into a jungle area or a park with the medieval castle feeling.

Whatever the design you can adopt in creating the play area for your kids, ensure that you have the best spot for making great memories. Don’t let the old living room stay awkward; instead, use it to ignite a smile on the children’s faces.


  • A fun place for children to enjoy playtime
  • The lovely room where kids can exercise
  • It can mean everything for your children


Some parents want to supervise their children throughout

The children should be mature enough to play alone

  • Library

Do you love reading books? If yes, the idea of turning the unused front living room into a library is for you.

Even though the current technology advancement is turning people to e-books, there is a lot to enjoy by feeling and reading the reel book.

The day you’ve an e-book, you can read in a quiet environment as you enjoy beverages and unwinding.

To create the best library from an unused living room, you can fix the shelves and fit in the extensive collection of books for display and easy picking when you are in a hurry.

Buy nice bookshelves with appropriate and appealing decoration.

You can’t finish installing the library in the unused front living room without the addition of comfortable furniture; desk, chair and lamp that will make the reading process more fun.

The idea of turning the unused living room into a library works best if you’re in college or on other types of academic or intellectual pursuits.


  • A convenient reading room within your home is a real luxury
  • Suitable for people who love reading or those still in school
  • Plenty of bookshelves can fit to display an extensive books collection
  • It’s a quiet place where you can spend some time to relax


To turn an unused front living room into a library needs commitment

  • Music Room

Music is the voice that speaks out what is in the heart of every person around the world. There is a 99.9% probability that music has once in a while touched your life, or you’re even a musician.

If you love playing music and you’re finding it hard to find a place where you can practice, please convert the unused front living space to a music room.

When playing music, a lot of noise is produced, which winds up disturbing people around you.

The best site where you can practice amicably without being a nuisance to others, is at the front living room that has gone unused for a long time.

With little effort, you can equip the room with your favorite instruments.

In addition, you can buy soundproofing materials that shield noise from getting inside the room where other people do different things.

It’s not difficult for you to turn the unused living room into a music room. It is worth the expense since it will prepare you to be the world-class celebrity that you’ve always dreamt about.


  • You should love and have a passion for music or the act of playing musical instruments
  • Music promotes psychological and physical wellbeing


You should be ready to spend extra cash on soundproofing equipment

  • Exercise Room

Unused Living Room

Finally, the other more practical and healthy way of utilizing the unused front living room is converting it to an exercise room.

Every person wants to be healthy and have the best shape. That is relatively easy if you spend significant time doing the proper workouts as recommended.

You might feel motivated to go to the gym, but the reality is you tend to save a lot of time and resources by having your own gym inside the house.

To build an exercise room, you only need some equipment to start you off. You can start by purchasing weights and the cheaper machines for strength training. Cardio tools are useful as well.


  • It saves you time since you exercise from your home
  • You can make a lot out of your free time health-wise
  • The exercise room improves the quality of life


The budget for creating a gym is a bit high, depending on the equipment