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Troubleshooting Common Flexsteel Recliner Issues and Care

Flexsteel Recliner Issues a joy to have high-quality furniture in your home. When it’s time to put your feet up, nothing beats having a better comfort level. A variety of companies provide a diverse range of possibilities. However, many appear and function similarly, making it even more difficult to decide which manufacturer to go with. 

Flexsteel is a company with a great history and reputation. They’ve been in business since 1893 and are widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers of power recliners. This is due to their high quality and the wide choice of products they offer, which means they have something for everyone.

However, just as with any other recliner, the Flexsteel recliner is sure to have some issues. This article will walk you through the most common Flexsteel recliner issues and how to fix them. It will also include tips on properly caring for your Flexsteel recliner to avoid future issues.

Comm0n Flexsteel Recliner Problems

Flexsteel Recliner Issues

Flexsteel Recliner Issues your Flexsteel power recliner isn’t working, the problem could be mechanical or electrical, and troubleshooting is the best way to go. This will allow you to pinpoint the source of the problem, making it much easier to resolve.

Check whether your electrical socket is causing any problems before blaming technical or mechanical concerns. This is because it’s one of the most common issues people encounter.

So, one way to know if the socket is the cause of the problem is to attach your lamp to the socket. This is the simplest approach to figure out why your Flexsteel power recliner is malfunctioning. If the lamp light turns on but your recliner does not, there is a good chance your recliner’s wiring is faulty. If the bulb does not light, the issue is most likely with the socket.

A voltmeter can also be used to detect the problem. Remove the recliner’s plug from the socket and use your voltmeter to check if the connection is functioning properly. The recliner has some problems if you can see the current flowing. If there is no sign of current, the socket could be the problem.

Power Problems

A power outage could also potentially be the cause. Electrical failure could have damaged the transformer or the mainboard if you didn’t utilize a surge protector when plugging in your recliner. The only alternative in this circumstance is to replace the mainboard or get it repaired by contacting your manufacturer. As a result, it’s preferable to plug your recliner into an extension cord to avoid burning the transformer in the event of an electrical outage.

If the previous options fail to solve your problem or are not the source of the problem, you might attempt troubleshooting.

But, before you start looking at the wires, make sure no objects are interfering with the connection. Turn your chair over gently to investigate the transformer or wiring below for the source of the problem. If there are any, you can take it out and plug in the recliner to test if it works. If it still doesn’t work, examine the wiring.

Examine each wire carefully with a flashlight to look for any loose wires. If there is, you can repair it and tape the wire to keep it from coming loose again. However, if you don’t locate any loose wires, look for any cuts in the wiring, as this could be the source of the problem. Twist the ends and reattach them after you’ve found them. Ensure that the wires are draped with tape to avoid future problems.

If the transformer has a green light, there are no electrical problems. However, if you detect red light, you should know that your recliner may have wiring issues.

Recliner Making Weird Noises

Recliners might start making strange noises over time, and this is a common problem. It could be due to unequal weight distribution or because it is old. Whatever the cause, lubricating the springs or joints of your recliner can help eliminate squeaky noises.

The Recliner is Stiff or Not Moving properly

When you sit in the recliner and push the control button, it should generally adjust to any position smoothly. However, some components can grow stiff because the chair is held together by many joints and springs. If you’re having trouble moving your recliner, it could be stuck, and you’ll need some strength to loosen it. In this circumstance, you can use force to move the recliner to alleviate its stiffness.

However, if this does not improve the condition, you will have to consider another option. And that is to lubricate the joints with grease. The recliner should move smoothly if you use this strategy.

Recliner Getting Stuck

This problem can also occur occasionally, with the chair refusing to move. It can be overpowering at times, as well as annoying. 

However, because it is an electrical piece of furniture, the best approach is to have an electrician or expert inspect it. And perhaps they can confront and resolve the problem.

But, you should also think about the cost of repairs as well. If your chair is a few years old, it might be more cost-effective to buy a new one. If your chair is still in good condition, you can contact the manufacturer to have the damaged pieces replaced.

Reset Your Recliner

Flexsteel Recliner Issues

If the above-mentioned recliner issues aren’t the main reason and you’re unsure what’s affecting the recliner, You can then attempt to reset your recliner. Program faults and misconfigurations are frequently the cause of the machine’s failure to perform normally. In this case, a reset can be beneficial. It will reset the machine to its default settings, which should address your issues.

A recliner may be quickly and easily reset. The reset button is located between the close and open buttons. Stick a paperclip into the pinhole to restart, and the recliner will restart.

If this step is not helpful, choose the hard reset option. To hard reset the chair, disconnect it from the switch, and wait two minutes before plugging it back in. The issue should be resolved as a result of this.

Finally, if none of these suggestions solves your problem and you still have troubles, contacting your manufacturer is the final option. It’s either because your transformer has fully failed or because of some wiring issues. Only technical assistance will be able to remedy your problem in this scenario. You must contact the Flexsteel manufacturer to resolve your issue. They will be able to provide you with a competent solution, and if your recliner is still under warranty, you will be able to get it repaired or replaced.

Taking care of the recliner is also necessary to extend its life. Because repairs are costly, maintaining the recliner and cleaning it might save you money by preventing unneeded repairs. Make sure you don’t leave anything on the recliner that could scratch it. Also, clean the chair right away to avoid further damage whenever there is a spill.

Finally, if you’re having trouble with your chair, the methods listed above are straightforward and should solve your problems quickly.