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Troubleshooting Gourmia Air Fryer Issues: Quick Fixes

Gourmia Air Fryer Issues is a reliable kitchen appliance brand. Their air fryers are durable and easy-to-use cooking appliances. Many people love them since they help them prepare healthier alternatives to their favorite foods. 

It can be inconvenient if your Gourmia air fryer is not turning on. This article will walk you through some of the reasons why your Gourmia air fryer may not be turning on. Some are easy to fix on your own, while others might require you to seek professional help.

Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On: 6 Possible Reasons

Gourmia Air Fryer Issues

Air Fryer Not Plugged in the Socket

If your Gourmia air fryer won’t start, make sure it’s plugged in. Although stupid, the problem is usually the plug isn’t securely secured in the socket. Plug the plug back in and turn on the socket switch.The air fryer will indicate when it is powered on and ready to use. If the Air fryer still won’t turn on, try these causes.

The Socket is Not Functioning Due to a Malfunction

The outlet to which the air fryer is attached might be broken and unusable.

Check to see if the socket is malfunctioning before wasting time stressing about your Air fryer. You can check if it works by attaching it to another device and turning it on. 

You might also try moving your Gourmia air fryer to a different outlet and checking. If it turns on, you can be certain that the problem is with the socket.

If you don’t want to move your Air fryer, call an electrical expert and have your socket fixed.

The Air Fryer’s Cable is Damaged

The cable wire of the Gourmia air fryer experiences wears and tears over time. Due to constant mobility, they are susceptible to being bent, stretched, twisted, and squashed.

The cable’s ability to deliver power from the outlet to the Air fryer will be compromised if it is damaged.

Examine the power cord cable with great care. Keep an eye out for any indications of cuts or cracks close to the head and close to the location where it attaches to the air fryer body.

The power cable must be fixed or replaced if this is the situation. Get qualified assistance from an electrical technician.

The Cable’s Fuse Has Blown

It’s possible that the power cord’s fuse has blown if the cable is okay and doesn’t appear damaged.

You must open the plug to check if the fuse has blown. If you confirm it is blown, you should install a new one.

If you are not sure how to install a new fuse, seek some professional help.

The Basket is Not Properly Positioned

This operational issue may be one of the causes of your Gourmia air fryer not turning on.

A Gourmia air fryer won’t turn on if your basket isn’t set up correctly. 

A badly placed basket can prevent the door from closing. The Air Fryer won’t detect full parts and won’t turn on if the basket latch is not secured.

Remove the basket in this situation, then firmly and slowly reposition it. Next, ensure that you close the door before trying to turn on the air fryer.

Make careful to clean the air fryer regularly. Food particles may occasionally become lodged in the air fryer base, making it difficult for the basket to glide smoothly.

A Manufacturing or Technical Error

You need the manufacturer’s assistance if you have tried all the aforementioned causes and nothing has worked.

To speak with the manufacturer directly, get in touch with the shop or seller where you made the purchase or visit their website.

You shouldn’t open the air fryer to experiment in the hopes of identifying the problem and resolving it.

The company will not extend a warranty if you attempt to open and fix the appliance. Also, if you are not a skilled professional, you risk making the problem worse.

Other Common Problems With Gourmia Air Fryers

Gourmia Air Fryer Issues

Below are other problems you are likely to experience with a Gourmia air fryer:

Black Smoke Emerging From Air Fryer

Black smoke emerging from the air fryer is a common issue with Gourmia air fryers. 

The first thing you should do if you encounter this issue is to turn off your air fryer. Make sure the plug is also unplugged.

The smoke results mainly after the air fryer’s interior parts have been fried.  This is especially true if a burning smell comes from the air fryer itself. 

Let a technician examine the air fryer to determine the precise reason for this conduct.

Getting Burnt Food

After utilizing the air fryer, many people appear to experience the issue where the food is either burnt or overcooked. They cannot produce high-quality meals in the air fryer as a result.

The most likely cause of this problem is that you used an oven recipe in an air fryer. If you do this, the food will burn because the recipe isn’t prepared for an air fryer. 

Also, ensure the food hasn’t been in there for too long. 

Air Fryer or Food Smells

This is a widespread issue that affects many air fryers. After cooking your meal, you may notice that the food and the air fryer are smelly.  Food that cannot be consumed owing to odor is wasted.

Nearly every air fryer has a distinct cleaning guide that explains in detail how to clean it. 

Make careful to read the entire manual and follow the instructions. Each and every part of the air fryer needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Some components might even be dishwasher-safe.

Air Flow Making Food Fly

Some recipes may start flying around the air fryer. This is because air fryers utilize hot air for cooking food. Using an air fryer to cook a sandwich is a typical illustration of this. What will happen is that certain sandwich ingredients might start flying about inside.

Despite the fact that this isn’t particularly significant, many people appear to find it quite unpleasant. 

Fortunately, there is a very simple cure for this. You just need to use a toothpick, that’s all. It ought to guarantee that the components stay in place.