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Troubleshooting Kwikset SmartCode Locks: Unlocking Tips

Troubleshooting Kwikset SmartCode Locks If your Kwikset SmartCode lock is not working as it should be, there is certainly a problem. There are a couple of problems that might make your SmartCode not unlock and these problems can be as simple as using an invalid user code or low batteries. Whatever the case, the following pointers will help you out. So in case your Kwikset SmartCode lock won’t unlock, there are a few steps you can follow to solve this problem. 

Quick Steps to Unlock Your Kwikset SmartCode

Troubleshooting Kwikset SmartCode Locks

  • Double-check the code that you are using to make sure it is valid
  • If the code doesn’t work, use a physical key 
  • Contact Kwikset Technical support if the above steps do not work

In this article we will take a look at some of the causes that make your lock not unlock and how to solve such issues. 

Causes and Solutions

You can easily rectify some of the causes that lead to your lock not working. Just by following simple guides, you can unlock your door in no time. 

Incorrect or Low Batteries

The Kwikset SmartCode lock uses a specific type of battery. AA Alkaline batteries, usually four in number will do the trick. The batteries are non-rechargeable. Kwikset does not recommend the use of lithium or mixing up different types of batteries. Also do not mix new and old batteries because the old ones might lead to battery leakage causing damage to the battery case. Always use the batteries that Kwikset recommends to avoid problems down the road.

Wrong User Code

Using the wrong code to unlock your door might cause it not to unlock. Ensure you enter the correct code. The system is programmed to accept the code that was previously set. So, it will only accept unlocking with that particular code. Enter the valid user code at all times to open your lock.

A Malfunction

Sometimes you can try to reset your SmartCode lock but still, the lock does not budge. In such a case, you might need to restore the lock to factory settings. Remember if there might be a problem that is beyond your abilities. Contact Kwikset technical support for further assistance. 

Not Performing the Door Handing Process

The door handing procedure should be performed during the first installation or when you restore factory settings. The procedure allows your lock to function electronically and also determines whether the deadbolt is facing left or right. 

So How Do You Carry Out a Door Handing Process?

Remove the battery pack. Press and hold the program button. Put the battery pack back while still holding down the program button.

Once you successfully place the battery pack you can release the program button Press and hold the program button again. From there, the latch door will learn the orientation of the door. 

Troubleshooting Kwikset SmartCode Locks is important to note that the non-rechargeable batteries that Kwiskset recommends can last well over a year. That said, it is possible for you to forget to buy an extra set of batteries because you won’t be changing them frequently.

 So, make a point of buying extra batteries because when your lock starts to act up, it might be that your batteries are low. If you have batteries at hand, your frustrations will be out the window in record time. 

How to Restore a Kwikset SmartCode Lock to Factory Settings

If it comes down to you to do the factory resetting, there are a few simple steps that you can follow;

  • Remove the battery pack
  • Press and hold the program button. While holding the program button, replace the battery pack
  • Hold the program button until the lock flashes red and you hear a beep
  • To complete the process, press the program button. The lock will flash green and beep twice. 

Remember the end result of all the procedures regarding SmartCode locks usually have a green flash if the process is successful. If it is unsuccessful, there will be a red flash and you have to repeat the process until you get it right. 

Since the innovation and embrace of home automation systems, it is safe to say that homes are more secure. You can easily know when someone is messing outside your door. It also minimizes the effort of finding your keys by rummaging through your bag when you are in a hurry.

Benefits of Using Keyless Entry Locks

Troubleshooting Kwikset SmartCode Locks

Comparing the traditional door keys to the keyless system, you can easily see why people have taken a liking to the SmartCode locks.

Advanced Security

With the keyless system you can lock out someone who is attempting entry. You can also override user codes with a master code and in case of any security issue, you can choose the quick lockout option. All these are security features that are available for the keyless system.  


If you don’t want the hassle of looking for keys for a while, the keyless option will grant you that opportunity. Even the fitting of keyless systems does not cause any disruptions since it is easy and quick to install. You can easily upgrade from the traditional doors with keys to the keyless system with no much fuss. 

It Is Faster and affordable

If you are running late or lose your key, you either look for it or replace it. With time, you will spend money for replacement while also losing out on time when looking for keys or even waiting for a replacement. With a keyless system, all you have to do is keep your entry codes private from prying eyes and your home will be safe. 

Better Access Control

In the event that you lose your physical key, it means that you cannot get into your home or office but what if it’s a keyless entry? You don’t need a key for that. All you need to do is enter your code and sit comfortably in your office or home without looking for keys. 


SmartCode locksets are increasingly becoming popular among home and residential owners. So if yours is not working properly and you try to fix it using the above steps, maybe it is time you call Kwikset Technical Support for help.