Why are Under Counter can Openers so Expensive?

Why are Under Counter can Openers so Expensive?

In the modern kitchen, everything moves at breath-taking speed to produce the final product in a matter of minutes if you can help it. This would be a mere wish without the many kitchen gadgets and appliances available on the market today.

Most activities that would take time and effort to execute in the kitchen, are simple tasks today with the help of technology and excellent engineering.

Every now and then we run into a task we wish could be done in a much easier and faster way, and it is always a welcome indulgence to find that a solution does in fact exist.

The under-counter opener is such a solution and while you may feel that they are too expensive, there is good reason for the cost. With so many perks to these gadgets, it is no wonder they come at a higher mark-up. 

What makes Under counter can openers so Expensive?

Smart Operation

Once you have installed your under-counter opener, all you ever have to do is lift the lid and place the can against the blade. The opener does the rest and you can retrieve your canned goods without fuss. 

Most if not all electric openers also switch off automatically when they are not in use which means you don’t waste energy or suffer unnecessary injury.


Under counter can openers also come designed to accommodate more tools you use in the kitchen making it a convenient addition to your kitchen. Apart from the can opener, some models have a built-knife sharpener, a bottle opener, and a power-piece cutter. Under counter can openers also open cans of different types and sizes. 

Space-saving Design

Most modern under counter can openers are small and sleeker in design and occupy minimal space. In the current atmosphere where space is at a premium more than ever, designers must constantly take into consideration the need to conserve space and therefore make gadgetry that does not take up too much room. 

Most kitchen space designs today also lean towards a no-clutter appeal which makes the small space-saving designs of modern under-counter can openers all the more welcome. Big bulky appliances are no longer fashionable.

The under-counter installation is also a welcome aspect since the under counter can opener is one of the kitchen appliances that do not need to be stored in cabinets or placed on the kitchen counters. Once it has been installed, you will not need to uninstall or dismantle it every now and then.


Under counter can openers last many years in great shape. Like many appliances today, they are built to last which is another reason for the high price. They more than make up for the extra coin by outlasting most items in your kitchen. 

The fact that they almost never come into contact with water, food, and other household substances that could cause damage, means they will likely last many years without needing replacement.

Install your under counter can opener in such a manner that you will not bump into it as you move along the counter. Make sure you can reach it easily without having to bend too far but if it is installed such that it is too close to the edge, frequently bumping into it will eventually dislodge it or break it.

Quality Materials

The blades on under counter can openers are often made of stainless steel which is a hard durable material. Carbon is also used for parts of the can opener as well as polymer plastic which is both hard and light. 

These materials coupled with the workmanship and ornate designs of under-counter can openers make them rather pricey.

Convenient and Easy to Use 

In many homes, the sheer number of cans and bottles opened within a day can be quite high. Large families undoubtedly run through a higher number of cans and without the convenience of an under-counter can opener, manual can openers simply multiply the chore. 

A single under counter can opener will be a practical solution for all the needs in such a household. The fact that it is located in one place means the fuss of looking for manual openers in drawers and cabinets, or the inconvenience caused by misplaced manual can openers is eliminated.

Under counter can openers are also easy to use for those with limitations. Children often find it difficult to use manual can openers and the attempt may also lead to injury. Many of the elderly lack the strength needed to open cans and jars. They need under counter can openers.

Convalescence, limited mobility, arthritis, hand injuries, and conditions that affect the wrist and joints such as carpal tunnel syndrome can make the simple task of opening a can or a bottle or using a manual can opener very difficult. In such instances, an under-counter can opener could bring untold relief to people living with such conditions and the price would be worth it.

Easy to Clean 

Under counter can openers barely need any cleaning save for some infrequent wiping down of the exterior surface. The openers never come into contact with the contents of the cans or bottles they are supposed to open keeping them clean and hygienic. 

Your food and drinks also remain safe since they will not be contaminated when dirty blades come into contact with your food.

On occasion, you can disassemble the blades for cleaning and reassemble them once they are dry. Most of the blades should also be dishwasher safe but make sure you check first before putting the blades in the dishwasher.

Under counter can openers are one of the simple pleasures that deliver more value than you may deem possible from a single appliance. Though some models or brands may be too expensive to justify, the price of under counter can openers is worth it and should you decide to buy one, you will experience a huge difference in the way you operate in your kitchen, restaurant, or bar.

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