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Anlin vs. Milgard: Choosing the Best Windows

Anlin vs. Milgard windows, One of the most important things people look for when purchasing new windows is a firm that can provide them with the material and type of window styles they desire. The cost and quality of the windows are also crucial factors to consider.

Anlin Window System and Milgard Window & Doors are two popular window companies in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and South California. Both have a solid reputation and offer high-quality products. In this article, we’ll evaluate the key characteristics of Anlin versus Milgard to help you discover which manufacturer is better for your home window replacement needs.

Anlin windows vs Milgard: Availability

Anlin vs. Milgard windows

They are both primarily focused on serving the western United States.

Anlin dealers are found in California, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Utah.

On the other hand, Milgard dealers can be found in California, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Also, Milgard, unlike Anlin, sells windows in Canada, with showrooms in Calgary and Vancouver.

As noted above, Anlin is more extensively distributed, with outlets in 12 states, whereas Milgard is available in seven states and two cities in Canada.

Anlin windows vs Milgard: Inventory

Anlin manufactures replacement windows and doors that are made from vinyl. The company has six separate window product lines for its windows, each with its own set of functionality, aesthetics, and quality:

Catalina. This product is designed for long-term use, with high energy efficiency and ease of use. The styles available for this product line include picture, geometric, single-hung, and single slider.

Panoramic. This product is created for style, with a slim-profile framing that offers maximum viewing area while allowing more natural light into your house. The available styles are picture, geometric, single-hung, and single slider.

Del Mar. This is the Anlin luxury window line. The available styles are geometric, single-hung, picture, and single slider.

Coronado. This line is designed to be used in conjunction with any collections mentioned above to create depth in the windows. The available styles include awning, casement,  bay and bow, double-hung, garden, and double slider.

Monte Verde. This line is engineered for multi-family, condominiums,  apartments, new construction, and refurbishment projects that require high performance and energy efficiency. The available styles include casement awning, double active, picture, geometric, single-hung, and single-slider.

Bay View. This line is designed with a low-profile frame that maximizes the viewing area while maintaining a sleek contemporary design. The available styles include awning, double active, picture, casement, geometric, single-hung, and single-slider.

Milgard has a larger selection of materials than Anlin. You can choose from fiberglass or aluminum windows in addition to vinyl. Milgard offers six distinct product lines:

Tuscany. This line features premium vinyl frames with conventional style and premium functionality. The available styles are awning, casement, picture, bay and bow, double-hung, double horizontal slider, horizontal slider, radius, and single-hung.

Trinsic. This line offers vinyl windows with slim frames and a large viewable glass surface. Here, the available styles are awning, double horizontal slider, casement, horizontal slider, radius, picture, and single hung.

Style Line.  This line offers vinyl frames designed with slender style and clean lines. The available styles include casement, awning, picture, horizontal slider, radius, and single-hung.

Ultra. This line offers durable fiberglass frames with a modern appearance. The available styles include awning, casement, bay and bow, picture, horizontal slider, radius, and single-hung.

Aluminum. A line designed for new construction and replacement window projects that require strength and longevity. The available styles include bay, awning, casement, picture, horizontal slider, radius, and single-hung.

Quiet line. Noise-reducing vinyl windows that are ideal for busy areas. The available styles include casement awning, double-hung, horizontal slider, and picture.

Comfort, energy efficiency, and smooth operation are all features of the Anlin Malibu Series Sliding Patio Doors.

Milgard and Anlin both have a similar selection of window styles. If you want vinyl windows, Anlin has a significantly larger assortment and is widely regarded as the market leader in this category. Milgard has the upper hand when it comes to alternate materials, with Aluminum and Fiberglass options.

Anlin windows vs Milgard: Quality

Milgard and Anlin both make outstanding items. However, Anlin’s materials and production method are superior to Milgard’s, resulting in greater longevity, durability, and positive feedback from homeowners and contractors who have used both products.

Anlin windows vs Milgard: Energy Conservation

Anlin vs. Milgard windows

Anlin is a market leader in energy-efficient window manufacturing, with outstanding U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings. The Next Generation Glazing System provides unrivaled energy efficiency with high-performance glass and a spacer between the glass panes. Inner chambers of thick, resilient-vinyl window frames serve to limit the movement of heat and cold through the frame. A triple-fin weatherstrip provides a weather-tight seal and exceptional air infiltration ratings with four sections of plush filler.

Milgard windows fulfill local building standards and energy efficiency standards for green buildings. They conduct thermal simulations to increase energy efficiency and performance in their windows, and they meet or surpass Energy Star requirements for U-Factor and SHGC. EdgeGard window spacers help to decrease condensation and provide great insulation.

Dual pane, argon-filled, Low-E3 glass is standard on both Anlin and Milgard windows. Additional improvements are available from each manufacturer to improve the energy efficiency of their windows.

Anlin windows vs Milgard: Warranty

Anlin provides a True Double Lifetime Warranty covering parts, labor, shipping, and accidental glass breakage. The warranty lasts the window’s lifetime and is fully transferable to the next owner if you sell your house.

Milgard also provides a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that any defect in your windows caused by material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced. It will also cover part and labor costs. The warranty covers the original purchaser for the window’s life and a subsequent owner for ten years from the warranty’s start date.

Final Take

Anlin and Milgard are both renowned window manufacturers with strong market reputations and high-quality products. Milgard is a well-known brand in the United States, while Anlin has led the window replacement industry in Southern California for years.

Milgard is the only option if you want fiberglass or aluminum windows, and they have various high-quality options. Anlin provides a superior selection, better customer reviews, comparable price, and an industry-leading warranty if you desire vinyl windows.