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Jeld wen vs Milgard

Structural projects are hardly cheap. Being a vast area of consideration, there are several factors that you definitely have to think through before deciding on the best windows for your home.

While window quality, durability, and energy efficiency are some of the most crucial aspects, Jeld wen and Milgard are two popular window manufacturers in the industry that you might want to know about.

These two companies offer a wide range of options and are well-known for providing great quality products and services and have been around for quite a long time.

Jeld wen vs Milgard: Overview

Generally, Jeld wen and Milgard produce some of the more popular window choices in the market and are often praised for their energy-efficient windows and environmental conservation.

In comparison though, the main difference stems from the Milgard fiberglass and Jeld wen aluminum wood. Knowing which material is better depends on your requirements and personal preferences.

While fiberglass is associated with superior efficiency (up to 15% more energy efficient than other options), aluminum-clad on the other hand is one of the most high-quality, low-maintenance window materials on the market. 

Jeld Wen Overview

Being a privately-owned manufacturing company headquartered in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Jeld Wen Inc. was founded by Richard “Dick” Wendt and four partners in 1960 with only 15 employees.

The core business of the company was mill-working but the founders later opted to venture into other processes, including the introduction of various materials such as vinyl, aluminum, fiber, and steel.

Milgard Windows Overview

Established by Maurice Milgard and his son Gary in 1958, the Milgard window and door company has expanded by the consistency of providing high-quality products and services to its customers.

Milgard is known for its long-lasting windows and produces most of its products in Tacoma. Reading on the company’s site, all of their products undergo the same attention to ensure they make authentic windows to satisfy the customer`s demands.

Jeld Wen Vs Milgard: Window Features

Both companies produce windows with almost similar features. However, there are some minor alterations that could influence your final choice.

Jeld Wen Features.

Jeld wen uses aluminum, vinyl, and wood to manufacture its windows. This is the main reason why they boast of their ability to match the initial look of your home. Production of over 7 different varieties and window styles also facilitates the uniqueness of their products.

Its window line combines engineering and platform enhancement skills from Europe which help to reduce water and air infiltration and improve thermal efficiency. Their high-efficiency glass glazed windows meet the quality standards of ENERGY STAR ratings.

The availability of a wide range of colors and a variety of frame styles helps the company to attract homeowners who are interested in traditional styles. This is also facilitated by the use of the brickmould exterior options.

The wood-framed windows are made from laminated softwood or laminated engineered oak. The frame`s strength and stability come from the high pressure used to finger join the timber.

Their windows also have a variety of elements that increase thermal efficiency and offer reduced cooling costs. The use of multiple contact points to effectively block cold air is ensured by the induction of high-quality weatherstripping and fusion welding on the frame which provides the tightest window seal.

Considering that home should be a place where we go to escape hectic and noisy surroundings, the company has put an extra effort to provide sound-reducing vinyl windows. This is an improvement from the single-pane windows.

Milgard Windows Features

Recognized for their authentic and long-lasting windows, Milgard is a common industrial and household name. Their key signature is the durability and maintenance-free windows they manufacture. They provide a variety of window lines, styles, and colors to choose from.

Milgard vinyl-framed windows are made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and titan dioxide. The results of the technology make Milgard window company by allowing them to include some unique colors like silver and bronze. The vinyl technology also has less maintenance as the frames reflect the UV rays, therefore, saving on maintenance costs.

Their thermally improved windows with a quiet line technique are made to control noise pollution and create efficiency of energy in cold climates. These windows are hardy and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Which Is Better?

The best way to determine the best choice between these two companies is by considering your preferred style, and window requirements.

The two companies have been in the window industry for a while and have highly rated window varieties. Jeld wen is highly known for manufacturing high-class traditional styled windows for their customers.

On the other hand, Milgard windows are known to be energy efficient and have less maintenance cost. Milgard windows are also popular for windows that are hardy and withstand harsh environmental conditions.


In addition to services, Jeld Wen customers will receive a warranty of 15 years on Jelden Wen windows. On the other hand, a customer receiving services from Milgard window company will receive a lifetime warranty and window servicing.


Normally, prices vary depending on the materials used the manufacture the window and also the customer`s specifications. Nonetheless, you can get a closer estimate by consulting the company and then comparing them to know which brand favors your more.


The best choice between Jled wen and Milgard will largely depend on your preferred style and requirements. Both companies are recognized for great products and even though prices may vary based on customer specifications, the overall quality is pretty much comparable.