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Behr vs. Sherwin Williams: Choosing Between Top Paint Brands

Paint is a quick fix for significant results. It can transform your home into something new, refresh, and enrich your room once drab. Therefore, choosing the right paint is the most critical step in the whole painting process.

It is even more challenging when picking a paint brand. Therefore, we look into a deeper perspective of two of the top paint brands on the market-Behr and Sherwin Williams. Both are available in a broad array of colors and finishes. However, each has some features that make them stand out. 

If you choose between Behr paint vs. Sherwin Williams, what are some of the notable differences you would want to consider? Well, this guide is for you. Read on

Behr vs. Sherwin Williams: Overview

Behr vs. Sherwin Williams

Behr Paint Sherwin Williams Paint
Coverage 250 to 400sq. ft. per gallon 300 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon
Durability Moderate High
Consistency Very thick Thick
Colors 1400+ 1700+
Adhesion Good Great 
VOC Levels Low to moderate Zero to Moderate
Number of Coats 1-2 coats 1-2 coats
Price Moderate Expensive
Best For Lower traffic areas Both interior and exterior projects
Fade Resistance Good Good
Cleaning Tricky as it doesn’t stand up well with scrubbing Easy to clean
Drying Time 4 hours for a dry to touch, 8 hours 

for a new coat with 12 -16 hours of specific wood surfaces, a complete cure  is 24-48 hours

Dry touch within 1 hour

New Coat 2-4 hours

Fully cure 24- 48 hours


About Behr Paint

Behr Company has a long history as one of the biggest paint manufacturers globally. The 1947 founded company has been painted for relatively any project and over a dozen products. 

It is famous because of its Premium Ultra paint since some of its paints are the thickest on the market, thus offering a robust coverage.


  • Full coverage in fewer coats
  • Covers stains, discoloration, or dark colors with ease
  • Lower price cost.
  • High Variety
  • Easily accessible


  • Complex to clean
  • Mat drip when applied using brush or roller
  • Moderate durability
  • Some paints are low quality

What Is Sherwin Williams?

The 1866-founded brand is considered a premium paint meaning its quality is very high. It has multiple company-run stores and a presence in home improvement stores, making it convenient to purchase.

The brand has several paint lines, each with its benefit, although the Emerald line is the preferable option to many. Sherwin Williams invests heavily in research and development, enabling this brand to bring new, exciting features and shocking regularity.

The company leads with color options. More than 1700 shades and the color match software offer unique color choices.


  • Highly durable
  • High-quality paint
  • Easy to use and access
  • Field experts in their stores
  • Cutting-edge color matching
  • Research and development focused


  • Expensive
  • Lower touchup blending
  • Longer drying time

Behr vs. Sherwin Williams: Comparison

Behr vs. Sherwin Williams


Sherwin Williams stands up well to wear and tear. It is also resistant to scratches, scuffing, and chipping, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and houses with children and pets.

Behr paint may crack when subjected to hash temperatures, it doesn’t stand up to wear and tear, and it isn’t specifically scrubbable thus may not work well in high traffic.


Both brands are thick paints, although Behr is substantially thick to the extent of dripping when applied using a brush. Instead, use a sprayer for an even look.

On the contrary, despite being thick, Sherwin William doesn’t drip, and some of its paints are self-leveling, meaning they can eliminate unevenness as they settle.


As much as Sherwin William has 1700+ and Behr 1400+ colors, it is not a real difference in the paint industry. Sherwin William does excellent color matching due to their leading software, thus giving it a plus over Behr.

Number of coats

Both brands have thicker paints with intense pigments; hence you can achieve a solid coverage in single or double coats with any of them.


With higher durability and an easy-to-clean type of paint, Sherwin William paints closely to any project. As a result, it is suitable for high-traffic areas, exteriors, and on high–touch surfaces on wood products.

Aside from a few paint lines, Behr doesn’t offer a high-longevity level or washability. Therefore, Behr is suitable for use in low-traffic areas and low-touch projects.


On average, Sherwin Williams paint is more costly than Behr, with a difference of roughly $10 to $20 per gallon. The price will be something big if you’re handling a large project. 

Typically, Behr’s price tags are between moderate- high ranges.


Because Sherwin Williams provides solid durability and stain resistance, it lowers your maintenance needs. Again its paint lines do stand up to a bit of scrubbing, more so on a satin finish.

Its longevity isn’t high with Behr, hindering a few particular paint lines. It lacks stain and dirty resistance in some products. It is, therefore, to keep in mind that Behr isn’t scrubbable like Sherwin Williams. Hence needs to be cleaned with caution to avoid ruining the finish.


It is the factor that determines the number of paint coats needed to deliver acceptable results. Take note that the fewer coats required, the better in terms of time and cost. 

Sherwin William goes much thicker than Behr paint. You may get 250 sq. ft. out of Behr can while Sherwin Williams’s products give at least 300. However, both brands offer a maximum level of 400 sq. ft. per can

Your application method is significant. If you apply paint using a sprayer, you may get closer to the maximum coverage levels with both than when you use a brush or a roller.

Drying Time

Sherwin William paints are oil-based; thus, they take longer to dry, like 24 hours before applying the second coat, which may not be necessary because of the high quality.

Behr is best if you’re looking forward to finishing a project within a specific time, and this can apply to their water-based latex paints, for the oil-based takes time to dry.

Is Behr or Sherwin Williams Better?

Overall, both brands have their benefits and shortcomings. However, Sherwin Williams comes ahead in terms of durability, consistency, in-store support, application, versatility, and cleaning. It is an ideal option if you don’t mind spending. Behr is an affordable option for those not willing to spend more on paint.