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Do Command Strips Take Off Paint

Over the past few years, command strips have become a staple for many homeowners. They are fast and easy to install and can be used to hang just about anything including picture frames and towels. They are also ideal for hanging those Christmas lights and other decorations; they’re incredibly versatile and can be utilized in …

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Penny Tile Shower Floor Problems

Penny tiles are a classic comeback from the 1900s in the contemporary world of tiles. They are used in the bathrooms and kitchens, creating an atmosphere with a classic and retro vibe. Penny tiles are popular, made from porcelain which can be glazed (patterned mosaic has either satin or gloss finish) or unglazed (remarkable for …

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Lindsay Windows vs Milgard

When it comes to choosing the right building materials and components, builders and homeowners alike will acknowledge the fact that the type of windows you choose can have a significant impact on how great the end results will be.  In addition to basic purposes like proper ventilation, aesthetics, and keeping elements at bay, you want …

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