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Bosch Dishwashers: Ascenta vs. 100 Series Comparison

Bosch Dishwashers Of the many modern amenities we have today, the dishwasher has to be top on the list of the most functional and helpful inventions of the twentieth century.

Kitchen chores and particularly cleaning dishes seem to never end and that sink is strangely never empty. 

Bosch Ascenta Vs 100 Series Overview


Image Product Features Price
Bosch 24 Bosch 24″ 100 Series Stainless Steel Dishwasher
  • 50 DBA Quietest Dishwasher Brand
  • Speed60
  • 24/7 Overflow Protection System
  • 24h Delay Start Timer
Check Price
Bosch Ascenta 24 Bosch Ascenta 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star
  • 14 Place Settings
  • 6 Wash Cycles featuring 2 Options
  • Sanitize Option
  • Delay Start
  • Adjustable Upper Rack
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Many man-hours would be spent cleaning pots pans and cutlery but Bosch has got you covered.

Bosch dishwashers have graced our kitchens for decades and their models get better with every new series and upgrade.

An efficient dishwasher must fulfil certain minimums and in this article, we will review the qualities of the Ascenta model versus the 100 series.

Features of the Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher

Bosch Dishwashers

Ascenta is Bosch’s entry-level dishwasher line and has been a consumer favorite since its debut in the market.

  1. Design.

Ascenta is quite large with a 24” tub and fully installed weighs approximately 71 lbs. It has a self-latching door and comes with 14 place settings accommodating a large number of dishes in one wash.

Ascenta also has an adjustable top rack and a long silverware basket for cutlery. This model is made of a stainless steel body that sits on a plastic bottom.

  1. Wash Features.

The Ascenta dishwasher has 6 wash cycles; heavy, auto, normal, rinse & hold, delicate, and express, to cater to the different types of kitchenware you need to clean.

Bosch Dishwashers washes half a load if necessary and has an NSF Certified sanitize option to get rid of pathogens from organic refuse that may cause health problems.

With a 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection feature, you can rest assured your kitchen will not flood with water should you accidentally leave the water flowing.

A Delayed Wash setting allows you to control specific wash times anywhere from 3,6 to 9 hours.

Ascenta dishwashers have a High-Temperature wash and a heavy-duty wash for tougher stains as well as a drying feature that makes it unnecessary to wipe down your cookware after washing.

  1. Energy and Water Usage.

The Ascenta dishwashers exhibit exceptional efficiency, enabling significant savings on both water and energy expenses.

Ascenta has both the universal star rating and the more stringent CEE rating. It has a Tier 1 CEE rating meaning it has the top most efficiency for water and energy consumption.

The approximate annual water usage is 688 gallons while the approximate power consumption is 269 kWh. You will need 15 Amps and a voltage of 120 to operate the Ascenta dishwasher.

  1. Noise.

A noisy dishwasher is a nuisance and the quieter your machine the better. Bosch has made a name for itself in this regard. Their dishwashers are well known for their reduced noise. 

Sound is measured in decibels (dB) which in itself is tricky. In the simplest terms, an increase of 10 decibels doubles the intensity of a sound. Because of this, 50 decibels is considered twice as loud as 40 decibels. 

Regardless, at 50 decibels, Ascenta is one of the quietest dishwashers in the market and compares to the sound of rainfall.

This is notably its most popular attribute with consumers which means that it is a significant aspect of its manufacture and an important marketing point for the Ascenta dishwasher model.

  1. Appearance and Warranty.

Ascenta dishwashers come in black, white, and stainless steel and are built-in models so they do not accommodate custom panels. Bosch offers a 1-year warranty for this model.

  1. Cost

Depending of course on where you purchase your dishwasher, the price and the cost of shipping will vary but Bosch Ascenta has a reputation for being a purchase that is pocket-friendly for its exemplary performance therefore well worth the investment.

Features of the Bosch 100 Series

The 100 Series was developed to improve upon the Ascenta line and while the two share a host of similarities, there are distinctive differences or upgrades that stand out.

Except for the following features, the 100 series is identical to the Ascenta model.

  1. Design.

The 100 Series has an extra place setting making them 15 in total. It also comes with a third rack which creates more room for dishes at the bottom of the dishwasher and enhances the washing efficiency of the machine.

An adjustable upper rack, the RackMatic can be adjusted to fit taller glasses and the removable silverware basket can be placed anywhere in the tub. The stainless steel tub sits on a polypropylene bottom and not plastic which makes the entire machine more durable.

  1. Wash Features.

This model has 5 wash cycles; heavy, auto normal, rinse & hold and speed60. It also has an extra scrub feature that takes care of crusted and dried refuse and is better for cooking pots and pans.

  1. Noise.

The 100 Series is much quieter than Ascenta and though a noise reduction of two decibels may not seem like a considerable difference, it is. At a noise level of just 48 dB, it is nearly impossible to tell that the dishwasher is on when in use. 

  1. InfoLight.

Since it is rather difficult to tell that your dishwasher is running, it is as well archaic to open it just to find out. The 100 Series comes with and lighting feature that projects on the floor in front of the dishwasher to let you know that the dishwasher is on.

  1. Cost.

Given the extra features and upgrades, the 100 Series is understandably more expensive so be prepared to shell out a few more dollars for this model.


Bosch Dishwashers

Between the Ascenta and the 100 series, the latter is the better model. The 100 Series has better features since it is an improvement on the Ascenta model.

Bosch has done their homework with regards to developing and upgrading dishwashers. The two models above are excellent purchases and will give you value for your money.

It is however important to note that the Ascenta version is being phased out in favor of the 100 Series. Bosch will no longer manufacture Ascenta models so what is in stores is the last of that line.