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Choosing the Perfect Granite Countertop for Honey Maple Cabinets

The honey maple color can be described as a light-medium brown with yellow and gold undertones. There is no fixed standard for honey maple and it is actually a range of hues. It could even come across as a mildly dark cream.

Since color choice is heavily influenced by personal preference, it would be inaccurate to assert that any particular color is decidedly perfect for your kitchen. Additionally, a seemingly endless spectrum of designs makes choosing a granite countertop even more challenging and exciting at the same time.

It would be beneficial to decide first what you intend for your kitchen. Some factors that should guide you include the size and lighting of your kitchen, the color of the floor, whether you want to contrast or to blend, whether you want speckled, solid, or marbled granite, and the overall sense of style you want to achieve.

There is no end to the different available colors of granite and any one color can have a multitude of shades to choose from. A catalog would help you pick out particular details you want. Some of the more common options work well with honey maple cabinets and never seem to go out of style while others are rather unusual and are to be considered carefully before committing to them.

What Color Granite Goes with Honey Maple Cabinets? Some Suggestions

Honey Maple Cabinets

Black Granite 

Black granite, speckled or marbled would be an excellent choice for your countertop. One of the most popular picks is Black Galaxy which has small silver specks and is absolutely beautiful. Black granite creates a modern and sophisticated look that is equal parts alluring and intimidating. 

Black granite is an excellent choice if you have a large spacious kitchen, plenty of natural light, and excellent bright lighting. In a smaller kitchen with less lighting, it could darken the space making it appear even smaller.

White Granite

White is universally appealing and all-white granite, though rare, fits anywhere and can go well with anything. Against honey maple, white granite countertop acts as a background and allows the cabinets to truly take over the visual space. White granite countertops create an atmosphere of opulence and majesty which is an image that is innately captivating.

If you have a large spacious kitchen with great lighting, all-white countertops can overwhelm the space. White reflects a lot of light which means it could end up being visually overpowering.

White countertops will work better in a smaller kitchen and you can take advantage of white to create the illusion of more space and brightness if you do not have a lot of natural light reaching your kitchen.

Cream and Beige Granite

These two hues are so close that in many circles they are used interchangeably. In decor, cream and beige are almost always considered as top choices for everything. This is because of their versatility, neutrality, and range. 

Honey maple has undertones of cream and beige and if you are going for a blend of colors as opposed to contrast, these are perfect choices. Cream and beige are also excellent choices for their comforting and inviting appeal.

Honey maple cabinets likely have little to no graining so try a beige shade of granite for a smooth blend with a conspicuous, bold, speckled, or marbled pattern. You cannot go wrong with cream and beige.

Brown or Tan Granite 

This range of colors includes honey maple as well which is a light-medium brown so these colors will work well as blends. Your cabinets cover a considerable amount of space in your kitchen and your countertops will do the same.

For this reason, if you pick a shade similar or too close to the color of your cabinets, you will end up with too much of a single shade covering your entire kitchen. This is not a beautiful sight.

Brown is an earthy color which makes it always welcome in the home and the kitchen. Experiment with a reddish-brown hue or the darker end of the tan spectrum. Against the lighter shade of your cabinets, this will give a truly beguiling finish and an excellent visual motif.

Grey Granite

Grey is a neutral shade and will always create a calm unassuming atmosphere. Darker shades of grey are the definition of sophisticated. Grey countertops paired with honey maple cabinets can be rather underwhelming though a darker gray could work better.

The two colors in this particular design setting do not appear to compliment in general despite grey being another universal beloved for interior designers. While this pairing may work for some, it is one of the rather rare choices and doesn’t work for your kitchen.

Red Granite

Honey Maple Cabinets

Red is, and will always be one of the riskiest colors to work with. When it works, it is the picture of perfection. Red is bodacious, stunning, and ostentatious.

Regardless of the pattern, red granite is captivating and arresting. Red sits at the extremes when it comes to using it as the color for your countertops. You love it or you hate it.

Honey maple may work against red but it is a coin toss whether this combination belongs in a kitchen. If you are bold and flamboyant, go for red granite. This is a color fit for a select few.


There are so many colors of granite to choose from and a subjective aspect to consider so choosing what color goes best with your cabinets will not be straightforward.

One way to narrow down your preference is to get samples of granite slabs that you would like and place them against your honey maple cabinets. Wait to see what slowly grows on you.

Look at pictures of finished kitchens and determine which ones appear most similar to your kitchen in terms of size, design, and lighting. You could also consult an interior designer.

A design professional will certainly have a much better grasp of what you want to achieve and could steer you towards an even better outcome than what you would have achieved on your own