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Surviving Home Floor Refinishing: Tips and Considerations

Home Floor Refinishing is a DIY project, but you can still invite experts to handle it for you. Expert refinishers can do the work faster than you do. This is because they have a project time to achieve and are focused on the project. If you are doing the job, you may get stuck in various things, hence failing to finish the project within the set timeline. 

The house will be in real upheaval during the refinishing project. In some cases, the floor installation may take longer. However, if experts handle it, it may take a shorter time than you expected.

Allow the experts to do most of the technical part. If you are not busy, you can help with simple tasks such as relocating furniture or availing tools. 

Can I Stay in My House While Floors Are Refinished: What to Consider

Home Floor Refinishing

You can opt to find accommodation in a hotel for a week to allow for the installation of floors. This is the safest way to go about it, but it is the most expensive.

If you opt to stay at the house, you will be required to make a few adjustments to your lifestyle and avoid certain areas.

Besides, you will be required to keep the pets safe and work with kids to make sure they do not get close to the project. 

The primary consideration is whether you will have to move to a nearby hotel or you will find a way to stay. Staying has more benefits than leaving. This is because you can learn how to fit the floors while they do it.

In addition, you can save money by not staying in hotels.

But the question is: How will you survive while they install the floors? First, remember the following:

The timeline

The floor installation project takes time. In most cases, and depending on the size of the project, it can take five days. This means that they will start on Monday and complete it on Friday.

They will start by laying the floors and a bit of sanding. Sealing will also need to be done in the same week. Lastly, they will finish the floors and set the rooms up as they should. Cleaning the rooms is mandatory.

But you can still live in the house while they undertake all these. The furniture and any other household item that was moved must be returned to their original position.

The rugs can be placed 3 to 4 weeks later. The wait is worth it. You will finally have a glossy and smooth finish that you will be comfortable with. 

Dealing with Stinky Sealer Coat

The sealer coat happens to be the worst part of the whole project. Remember, the sealer coat is stinky. Thus, it may be hard to put up with its frustrating smell.

Ideally, Home Floor Refinishing would have been better to get accommodation in a hotel rather than risk your health. But if you are still at the same house, you will need to set fans up and open the doors and windows to improve the aeration. 

However, the sealer does not take much time to dry. You will even be allowed to walk on the installed floors the same evening it was applied. The other coats are not as fume-y as the sealer coat.

However, the fumes from the initial coat may not fade instantly. They can take up to a couple of days to dissipate. 

Dealing With the Dust

Everyone thinks about the dust while refinishing is being done. Thus, you may need to be ready for the little or much dust that may arise during the floor installation.

You may need to tape off some rooms to protect the other parts of the house. However, it is not always necessary. 

Experts have tools for dust collection. Thus, there will not be any dust in the house while they are using the tools. You can expect most of the real to come from the movement of your house stuff.

The refinishing work will need space; thus, most of the items should be relocated temporarily to leave space for work.

However, the curtains may need to be taped to make sure they will be fine even after the messy movements and fumes.

The entire process will be disruptive.

Home Floor Refinishing will most likely be disruptive due to the fact that you should move furniture and other large household items from one position to another. Remember, there must be enough space for the refinisher to do their work.

Thus, you probably admit that moving household items is always disruptive and messy. 

However, it would be best if you were cautious to prevent damages and breakages while moving the items. Besides, you will need to find a nice spot where you can have your meals.

Honestly, you cannot use the living room, the dining room, or even the kitchen when the project is on. Also, the fumes from the sealer and the sound from nailing and sanding may cause distraction.

If you are not keen enough, you may inhale the fumes or have health complications from the huge sounds. You may experience headaches, nausea, or even risk damage to your lungs. 

Take care of the pets.

Home Floor Refinishing

If you do have multiple cute pets in your home, they should be taken care of during this project. You cannot assume that they can bear the huge sounds, the stinky fumes, or even getting hurt while you are moving household stuff.

Make sure you relocate them before the project kicks off. Also, you should provide them with food as always to ensure they do not loiter around unnecessarily. 

If you have children, let them know what will be happening in their house. Advise them to give the refinisher space to undertake their work.

Besides, do not forget to tell them to stay away from any fumes coming from the project. The tools of work should also not be touched by any kid. It will be safe for them to take their meals in the newly designated meal area.

This strategy helps in reducing damages caused by the carelessness of the kids, avoiding food poisoning, and maintaining tools.