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Creative Ways to Hang Fairy Lights Without Damage

Hang Fairy Lights Without Damage, Fairy lights have become a popular decorative feature in many places including our homes, entertainment centers, malls, and during festivities such as Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. 

For centuries, we have used light in creative ways to decorate our living spaces, celebrate fortune, and create ambiance during functions such as weddings and birthdays. Fairy lights are a modern fixture in decorating using light.

Fairy lights are tiny stringed LED bulbs that shine like a stream of fairies or fireflies when suspended. They are different from string lights which are similar, the main difference being the size and type of the bulb used. 

String lights are also bound together but the bulbs are bigger and use incandescent light instead of LED. String lights are also bulkier and in recent years fairy lights have steadily replaced string lights as decoration.

Though stunningly beautiful, hanging fairy lights has the distinct disadvantage of damaging your walls since they must attach and hang onto something. That said, with some creativity and resourcefulness you do not have to damage the wall in order to hang fairy lights.

How to hang fairy lights without damaging the wall

Hang Fairy Lights Without Damage

Given the significantly lower bulk, they have compared to string lights or string bulbs, you are in luck. The following are some simple ways you can hang fairy lights without fracturing your wall.

Use Adhesive Tape

One way to hang fairy lights without interfering with your wall is to stick the ends with tape and let the rest of the light hang vertically. You can ensure the tape is not visible by covering the taped end with decorative stickers or simply using decorative tape.

Select decorative stickers or decorative tape to match the wall color or the purpose of the room. For instance, tape that has teddies or mickeys on it is best used during a kids’ event or in a room where children are such as kids hospitals and during birthdays while plain colored tape matching the color of the wall can be used during the office end year celebrations. 

This kind of tape camouflages the ends of the fairy lights while keeping the wall intact. The decorative tape also leaves paint intact when you are done with the lights and you need to remove them. Tape is best used for short-term use of fairy lights such as for events.

Use Adhesive Hooks

You may want fairy lights for a longer period of time such as for an entire week or a full season at least. Adhesive hooks are the solution here. End-year festivities tend to run about three months beginning at Halloween and extending all the way to New Year. 

In this instance what you require is a way to keep your fairy lights up for a number of months and adhesive hooks will afford you this time. Adhesive hooks can actually stay much longer with particularly good quality hooks staying up for a number of years whereby you can use them over and over without ever having to replace them. 

The light weight of fairy lights is an added advantage here with most single strand lights weighing just a few grams. Many hooks are indicated for a weight of up to two kilograms.

Place adhesive hooks strategically and every time you need to put up lights all you have to do is hang the light and you are done.

Use your Household Items

In any room, there is almost always a wooden or metal fixture on which pictures and other objects such as clocks are suspended. Placing fairy lights along this bar is one of the easiest and convenient ways to suspend your fairy lights beautifully. 

Whether you wish to hang them vertically from this bar or string them along the bar, you will not have to affix anything further and the resultant motif is often astounding.

Hang Fairy Lights Without Damage have candlestands, paintings, or a sculpture gracing the room then feel free to drape your fairy lights all over these items and light up your home. On your porch, you can hang fairy lights against the edges of the window creating a lovely boundary around the windows and along the door as well. 

With household items, the options are endless. Keeping in mind that children may be drawn to playing with them and electrocuting themselves, ensure they are not accessible to kids and pets. 

Adhesive Glue

Hang Fairy Lights Without Damage

Hang Fairy Lights Without Damage have no fixtures on which you can hang your fairy lights, adhesive glue is a viable solution. That said, this should only be considered if you want to have your fairy lights up semi-permanently such as to create a relaxing atmosphere with fairy lights being one of the lighting features of your home. 

Undoing glue may leave a slight but visible mark so it should be used in instances where the fairy lights are part and parcel of the household decor. This way, you only get to remove the lights once in years. 

The scar left behind when undoing an adhesive glue fixture is very easy to fix compared to nails and clips making it a better option than clips.

Glue is also the best option you have available if the walls you intend to hang fairy lights on are brick. Adhesive tape and hooks will not hold on bricks but the glue will take to a brick wall excellently. 

Brick walls braced with fairy lights are breathtakingly beautiful but they will chip horribly if you use masonry nails repeatedly to hang items. Since fairy lights are not always used as a permanent feature, strong glue on a brick wall would be the best option.

Thumbtacks and Push Pins

These are a good option as well but they have will leave behind a pin-sized hole that may not hold well on consecutive attempts leaving the wall littered with tiny unsightly holes every time you undo and replace your fairy lights

Though tiny, these holes will over time make your wall unattractive requiring some way to cover up the area and using a different spot to hang fairy lights.

Secondly, they are not particularly beautiful to look at. Unless you cover them so that they are out of sight, thumbtacks and push pins will not be aesthetically pleasing.