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Creative Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Old Sinks

Old sinks can be reused. Thus, you do not have to discard them. Remember, these are items that cannot decompose. In this regard, it is not a smart move to dispose of them.

Recycling or reusing old sinks helps the environment. Besides, you also save money. But that is, if you reuse it on a project, you would have bought a new item to serve the same purpose. 

Things To Do with an Old Sink

Old Sinks

Old sinks are also great for various outdoor activities. If you only want to get rid of the sinks from your homestead, you can sell them. Alternatively, you can donate it. This article teaches the various handy ways to reuse your old sinks. 

  • Make a washbasin

Old sinks can be modified to make a washbasin for cleaning hands or even garden vegetables. It does not have to be connected to a pipe. You can place a bucket beneath it to collect the wastewater from the sink. Remember to keep the drain stopper so that you can always pull it once you are done using the sink. 

The sink vanity can work well if used to store strainers, vegetable scrubbers, and bar soaps that are friendly to the environment. If it is a stainless steel sink, it can withstand the outdoor environment. Thus, you can reuse it however you wish as long as it does not look misplaced. 

  • Make a Garden sink

Making a garden sink is a simple DIY project that you can undertake without any help. Honestly, you do not need a plumber to help you with this. You can create a wooden island and place the sink on it. You can utilize this garden sink to wash fruits and vegetables harvested from the garden. 

This wink serves a great purpose since you do not need to wait until you get home to wash fruits for eating. Remember, all fruits should be washed well before consumption. Thus, if you make the garden sink, you will have nothing to worry about regarding fruit and vegetable washing. 

  • Use the sink as a planter

You can create a planter out of your old sink. To convert it, cover it with relatively bigger stones than the holes in it. The stones will serve as a drainage channel for your planter.

Alternatively, you can utilize a mesh or sink strainer. You can now add soil to the planter you have just created. You can then plant seeds or, even better, seedlings with small roots and leaves. 

The primary reason for choosing plants with small leaves and roots is their tolerance to drought. This planter can be used indoors for planting decorative plants.

If you want to use the planter indoors, you can use a bucket to catch the water that drains from it. You can reuse the drained water on the same plant or dispose of it off. 

  • Sell the old sinks

Good-quality old sinks can be sold to nearby reuse stores. You can use the money received from the sale on other home projects. However, it would help if you cleaned the sink and thoroughly disinfected it.

Some of the sink parts that are either steel or porcelain need to be detached. Indeed, the reuse stores will buy it as long as it is in good shape. Also, it should not be stained or chipped. Lastly, make sure you get in touch with the prospective store to verify whether they can buy your old sink. 

  • Use the old sink on a patio

Once you replace the old sinks with new ones, do not discard the old pieces. You can still give it a new life by fitting it perfectly on the patio. You can design your patio to have room for the sink.

The sink on your patio makes things easy, especially when you will have outdoor dining. You can wash hands, clean the used utensils, quickly rinse utensils, and much more. 

  • Creating play areas

Old Sinks

You have probably noticed that most kids’ plays involve water. Thus, you can reuse your old sinks to create play zones for them. The old sink can help make a water table for kids to play with. However, the water table you intend to make should perfectly fit on top of the old sink.

You can add a shelf where children can place their water toys and other items for playing. Do not forget to paint it with impressive paint that kids will love. Kids love fun, and you should create a fun playing area using the old sinks. 

  • Get creative

You can exercise your creativity with old sinks. There are many ways to reuse them. You can brainstorm ideas with your kids or partner to come up with an ideal solution.

Do not be afraid to alter its color if need be. You should not have any intentions to alter its shape because it may not be a witty idea. Trying to reshape may lead to its eventual breakage or death. You cannot reuse it if it is dead. 


Old sinks are still great assets that can solve various problems in your home. However, you should make sure that they are in good shape and are not stained.

As explained in this article, old sinks in proper shape and color can fetch a good sum of bucks. You can contact reuse stores near your home to check if they can buy the old sinks.

Donate the old sink to someone who may be in dire need of it.  Besides, you can sell it as stated before. Also, you can create a stunning garden sink or use the old sink on the patio.

A washbasin and a planter can be crafted using an old sink. It should be in good shape, but you must be creative to make a wonderful piece.

As mentioned earlier, you should make sure that the old sinks are cleaned well. In addition, you must disinfect it so that it will not transfer any bacteria complications to the place where it will end up.