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Effective Methods to Clean Your Mattress Without Vacuuming

Clean Your Mattress Without Vacuuming, Most of us try to obtain the required eight hours of sleep every night. This equates to nearly a third of our lives.  While our mattresses give us the support and comfort we need while sleeping, the cleanliness of our beds has an impact on our health and ability to sleep well.

According to experts, mattresses, which are an important part of our beds, should not only be cleaned when they are dirty but once every three months.

Some people use a vacuum to eliminate dust and other particles from their mattresses, but what if you don’t have one or aren’t confident that your older model will do the job properly?

Fortunately, vacuuming your mattress isn’t the only way to clean it. There are a variety of different options. If you’re wondering how to clean your mattress without a vacuum cleaner, this article will walk you through everything you need to know.

Ways on How to Clean Mattress without a Vacuum

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It’s not always possible to have a vacuum cleaner on hand, and even if you have, you might want to clean your mattress by hand first to ensure a thorough cleaning. Here are five methods for cleaning your mattress without using a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Using Ammonia

This is the most well-known and effective method for cleaning a urine mattress or a very filthy mattress. This is because ammonia produces a colorless gas with a strong stench, making it perfect for thorough cleaning various objects, surfaces, and even clothing.

Before using this chemical, make sure your doors and windows are open and that you are dressed appropriately. Furthermore, because ammonia can cause irritation, you should wear protective glasses to protect your eyes.

Remember that combining ammonia with bleach, such as chlorine might be hazardous to your health. Below are steps on how to clean a mattress with ammonia:

  • Remove your mattress from the bed and place it somewhere open where you can manipulate it easily.
  • Combine three parts warm water and one part ammonia in a mixing bowl.
  • Dip a white cloth in the mixture you’ve already made.
  • Locate the stain you wish to remove on your mattress and wipe the cloth over the affected area numerous times and with force.
  • After that, you can use the ammonia-soaked cloth to wipe the rest of your mattress. It’s best to do it in phases; first, wipe one side and let it dry, then the other.
  • To eliminate any dirt residue remaining on the mattress, clean it with a dry towel.
  • Finally, allow six hours for your mattress to dry. Place the mattress in a well-ventilated area to expedite the process.

Before you set the mattress in position, make sure you clean your bed and wash the sheets you’ll be using on the mattress. You can wash your sheets with the same product if they contain blood, urine, or food stains or are dirty.

Cleaning Using Baking Soda

This is a much gentler approach than the last one. Do you want to know how to clean a mattress using baking soda? Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Remove your mattress’s sheets and bumpers and wash them first.
  • Combine two tablespoons of baking soda with half a glass of white vinegar.
  • Soak a dry cloth in the mixture.
  • Wipe the cloth over your mattress to clear surface dirt. If there are any stubborn stains, rub hard to dissolve the contents. If some stains are still resistant, use a little ammonia, as previously suggested.
  • Using a dry towel, wipe away the baking soda and vinegar residues from your mattress.
  • Finally, allow your mattress to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Cleaning Using Detergent

Are you wondering how to clean a urine mattress or how to get rid of sweat and other odors from a mattress? If that is the case, this is the greatest alternative for you. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to clean soiled mattresses using detergent. Keep this in mind:

  • Mix one tablespoon of liquid laundry soap with one liter of cold water to make a soapy solution. If the mattress you’re cleaning is small, half a liter of this solution will be enough.
  • Stir the solution until there is much foam.
  • After that, soak a cloth in the mixture.
  • Scrub the spots on the mattress vigorously in a circular motion with the dampened cloth. Repeat these steps till you’re happy with the outcome.
  • Wipe a clean moist towel over the mattress after cleaning with soap to eliminate any residue. You should avoid overusing water in this step since it might result in unpleasant odors.
  • Finally, dry your mattress in a well-ventilated area.

Cleaning Using Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a good mixture for mattresses soiled with blood or urine. The five steps you should take are listed below:

  • Wipe your mattress with a dry cloth before starting since this will remove the dust and most superficial debris.
  • Use caution while using hydrogen peroxide in your mattress since it may cause damage. It is suggested that you initially test this product in a small, inconspicuous area.
  • Soak a piece of fabric in hydrogen peroxide and wipe it over the stain for a few minutes until the stain vanishes.
  • Allow the component to work on the mattress for a few minutes before wiping it clean to remove any product traces.

Although this is the quickest home solution for cleaning a soiled mattress, Clean Your Mattress Without Vacuuming is not the ideal alternative for a deep clean. This is because you should never pour hydrogen peroxide on your mattress. However, if you need a powerful stain remover that you can apply in a hurry, hydrogen peroxide can be quite useful.

Cleaning Using Bleach

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The final way to clean a soiled mattress without using a vacuum is to use bleach. Bleach is a strong stain remover that might be your best ally when it comes to removing mold from your mattress or removing a specific stain.

The steps for using bleach to clean your mattress are outlined here:

  • Fill a glass halfway with bleach.
  • Soak a dry towel in it and wring it out thoroughly before moving to your mattress.
  • Determine the stain you wish to remove and then rub it vigorously in circular motions until it is no longer visible.
  • Finally, dry your mattress in a well-ventilated area.


Yes, a mattress may be cleaned without the use of a vacuum. We hope that this post has provided you with all of the information you require to clean a mattress without using a vacuum.