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Effective Ways to Cool Your Windowless Garage

Cool windowless garage, A garage is a great part of your home with diverse uses. You can use it to park your car, as a chilling spot, as a work-out space, or even as storage. During the summer season, garages get exposed to high temperatures, the reason why windows play a crucial role.

They allow good air circulation and give valuable access to natural light, thus creating favorable temperatures. However, it is challenging to have a garage with no windows like in row homes.

How can you cool your garage, and what are some of the factors you need to consider? Let’s dive in to unmask the solution.

What to Consider

Cool windowless garage

Time: The much time you spend in your garage is paramount to deciding on a cooling method. For instance, if your garage acts as a workshop, you spend almost your entire day there. 

Therefore it is advisable to get a long-term solution; hence a permanent cooling option will be perfect.

If you spend minimal time like chilling, home repairs, etc., you can opt for a temporal method.

Use:  Do you use it as storage for your valuables sensitive to temperatures or as a host venue for your home functions? Based on the use, you will be able to determine what method you should go for.

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Temporal Options

These methods are perfect Cool windowless garage spend minimal time in your garage and if its use won’t need much cold. Thus, you will save on your electricity and energy bills. 

Here are the available options:

  1. Garage door

The easy way of cooling the temperatures is by opening the garage door. The warm heat air flows outside, allowing the cold air to flow inside, creating favorable conditions for more productivity.

However, the method works depending on the location of your garage door. For instance, if your garage door faces direct sunlight, it should remain closed to avoid hot air penetration into the garage, leading to an increase in temperature.

  1. Portable fans

 They aid in air circulation by releasing the warm air and enabling the dense cold air in the garage. The fans improve the evaporation speed leaving your body and the garage the improved cooling element.

Positioning the fan towards the garage’s interior brings maximum cool air from the outer surrounding. Consider getting more than one fan for effective cooling for a big-sized garage.

  1. Swamp Cooler 

Are you looking for a cheap ideal option to cool your windowless garage? A swamp cooler is easy to operate and cools the air using moisture. Thus, it offers a solution to the excruciating heat during the summer season.

  1. Dehumidifiers

They provide the cooling effect by drawing moisture out of the air and storing it in a tray. It then remits the dry air back to the room.   The core function of Dehumidifiers is to decrease the levels of humidity.

When the humidity is high, much heat is trapped, which translates to the garage heating up. Therefore, Dehumidifiers ensure the maintenance of suitable humidity levels. 

You get to enjoy the fresh air and safety for your items that are sensitive to moisture, thus; putting at bay problems like rust, mold, mildew, etc.

Dehumidifiers have their disadvantages. If the water in the tray unit gets full, it automatically goes off. Ensure you drain the water down the toilet daily for effective functioning and to secure its durability.

  1. Decongesting your garage

You can get a quick fix on your garage by clearing clutter to allow smooth circulation.

Permanent Solutions

Cool windowless garage

These solutions are perfect for those who spend most of their time in the garage. Those who use the garage for commercial you can explore the following options:

  1. Installation of a Mini-split air conditioner

It is perfect for small indoor spaces like the garage and can be installed by constructing a vent on the wall. They are effective due to their high-speed rate for cooling.

  1. Sidewall Ventilation fan

They help in the circulation of stuffy air, thus bringing the cooling effect. For more efficiency, a side-wall ventilation fan is installed on the wall straight across the door and closer to the ceiling. 

Keeping your door relatively 4-inches (10cm) open will accelerate the air circulation as recommended.

 You can try other fan varieties, such as ceiling fans though it is an expensive solution, and freestanding fans.

  1. Interior insulation

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly option that lasts? Insulation is a “Kill two birds with one stone” method. It keeps the interior space warm during winter and cold during summer. Insulation doesn’t permit the outside temperatures to affect the one inside.

Insulation is cost-friendly, for there are no energy costs used, and it is a one-time installation.

It is mostly done on the walls, but one can also insulate the doors and ceiling.

  1. Garage color

Dark colors absorb and keep much heat leading to more heat in the garage. For an instant solution, re-paint your garage and your garage door with white or any light color that suits your tastes.

The method aids in temperature control and is cost-effective. 

  1. Air Condition

It is the most expensive method, and its installation cost may be equivalent to the purchase cost of the Air Conditioner. They come in diverse types and sizes to select from.

Since the garage has no window, consider the one to install through the wall by making a tear.

 You can opt for a movable AC for a small garage for ultimate benefit and efficiency.

  1. Air exchange system

They are heavy-duty systems that replace stale air with cool air from the exterior conditions. They are installed in the ceiling and vented outdoors.

You have a cooling solution for your windowless garage from the above list. The option you will choose depends on the garage size, use, and budget. Some of the solutions require a professional to install. 

Whatever method you go for, the most important factor is a favorable cool garage is at your disposal. Never bear the higher temperatures during summer because your garage has no windows.