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Flexstone vs. Swanstone: Choosing the Ideal Bathroom Surface

Flexstone vs. Swanstone, Have you ever looked around your bathtub? Flexstone and Swanstone are commonly popular bath surface brands for your bathroom surroundings. Both serve almost the same purpose to their client, but what are their functions, differences and similarities?

In our write down, you will discover more, so let’s dive in.

Flexstone Vs. Swanstone: Overview

Flexstone vs. Swanstone

What is Flexstone?

 It is a Unique plastic composite material created to take the natural stone’s look with no cost and maintenance hassles involved with natural stone.

Flexstone is spectacular, lasts long, and is found in many stone colors. They provide a flawlessly high-resolution visual reproduction of actual stone, making it easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew, unlike grout or tiles.

Flexstone Composition

The composite paneling product formulated for use in wet-wall bathrooms refers to Flexstone. It is applied in any panel too. 

Flexstone contains several layers of engineered thermoplastic, a lightweight PVC backing and a printed image mixed through high heat, pressure and a thermostatic bonding agent. 

The materials have been UV stabilized and won’t discolor or stain. Adequate transparent thermoplastic layers protect the image and provide a non-porous outer wear surface. Therefore, Flexstone is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.


Flexstone is perfect for bathroom wet-wall paneling like tub, shower walls, skirts, splashes, trims, shampoo and soap shelves, cubbies, etc. They are a vivid choice for other projects like wall-clad.

What is Swanstone?

Flexstone vs. Swanstone the past two decades, homeowners and designers’ discrimination against solid surface tops has been evident, with Granite being popular for kitchen use. Solid surfaces like marble, stainless steel, quartz, and concrete are also considered.

Swanstone is a solid surface developed by compressing a plastic compound into molds. It comes in dozens of solid and aggregate colors thanks to its artificial production (artificial).

What makes Swanstone?

Swanstone surfaces are made from modified, reinforced acrylic filled with minerals. The materials last five times longer than the rival materials such as acrylic. Swanstone is heated, crack, stain-resistant and impervious to chemicals. Thus, it doesn’t get destroyed by bath chemicals such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, etc.

Flexstone vs. Swanstone is considered a “green” product for it is developed to last for generations and is rarely replaced compared to other countertops. The closed molding process when producing Swanstone lessens pollutants and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The oils used in the process are recycled and reused.


Swanstone is a solid surface material that produces countertops, kitchen sinks, vanity mirror tops and bowls, tabletops, shower walls and floors, bathtubs and many miscellaneous products like laundry tubs, freestanding outdoor showers, shower seats and bars, etc.

Main Differences Between FlexStone and Swanstone

Here is a detailed run-down of how Flexstone differs from each other.

Seating of the Same Brand 

 Swanstone comes with a ready-made seating of the same brand as the bath surrounding, unlike Flexstone. However, the seat may cost extra cash for the consumer.

Material Used

Flexstone is made from a unique composition of plastic materials that enables the brand to acquire its natural look.

Swanstone comprises acrylic alongside other materials, making it very durable considering the time frame used.

Wall Panel

Flexstone contains a complete wall panel; thus, installing them is more straightforward, and with proper guidelines, you can do it yourself hassle-free.

Swanstone has separate wall panels, which need strong adhesive and other joining materials due to its multiple panel layers. Installing them may need a professional because it is complicated.


Flexstone is lighter since it comes with a full panel, but this is contrary to Swanstone, which has several wall panels, so its weight tends to be more.


Flexstone has rare materials in its development process, which ensures its durability. 

Swanstone is a high-performance solid surface that lasts a lifetime, making it distinct and memorable in the industry, offering complete beauty and durable options.

 Cleaning Process

Both have an easy cleaning process, though the Flexstone is comparatively more manageable because it has a full panel, whereas the Swanstone may require more time and effort during cleaning.


The general pricing of Flexstone is relatively cheaper than Swanstone, which is expensive yet justifiable.

Quick Glance at the Differences

  • Flexstone is lightweight, unlike Swanstone 
  • Flexstone has a full panel, and Swanstone has multiple layers
  • Swanstone has acrylic components in it, whereas Flexstone doesn’t.
  • Swanstone lasts for a lifetime making it more durable than Flexstone.
  • Swanstone is resistant to heat, impact and impervious chemicals.
  • Swanstone is used to produce more products compared to Flexstone.

Major Similarities

Easy Installation- They both have an easy installing process. However, Swanstone is installed using different mechanisms because of the multiple panels, but it doesn’t make it require much effort.

User Guideline

Both products come with a detailed manual that helps the reader with information on the correct ways to install them.

Natural look

Both are made in a way to give your bathroom the elegance needed, with many perceiving them as natural stones.


Whether you choose Flexstone or Swanstone, your bath surround will achieve a brand look that suits your taste.

A quick take on the Similarities

Flexstone vs. Swanstone

  • Both are resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, making them eco-friendly.
  • Both are water and stain-resistant.
  • Both enhance the appealing look of their surroundings as they come in varieties of colors and styles.

The bathroom and kitchen are the most used sections of the house and are more subjected to water and heat. These factors may influence the appearance looking outdated and probably end up not functioning well.

As much water gets directed to the drainage, it is bound to splash all over; hence the cheapest option is to install a suitable wall kit and center drainage that protects your structure from water damage. Spruce up your bathroom and kitchen without having to remodel the entire space.

Swanstone is a complex, non-porous material that is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and doesn’t emit VOCs. With proper cleaning, the material does not encourage the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria, enhancing a healthier indoor environment.

Flexstone and Swanstone offer you the opportunity to achieve fabulous surfaces in your bath surroundings and other areas like the kitchen. So you have the idea of which brand adds more value to your space in the long run; thus, choose the one that suits your purpose between the two brands.