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Laminate flooring Lowes vs Home Depot

Your choice of flooring can make or break your entire design motif. It is one of the first things you see when you enter a room and it can either lift your mood or irritate your eyes to no end.

The fact that it is all over the place makes it a very particular kind of decision when all factors are taken into consideration so absolutely take your time with this one despite the urge to get it over with as fast as possible.

Laminate flooring is a synthetic composite that has in recent years become the norm rather than an old novelty. With millennials taking over the home-owning demographic by either buying homes, building them, or inheriting them, trends are slowly but certainly reflecting this fact. 

Traditional flooring mostly concrete types and wood flooring are utilized less and less by this age group, especially in the earlier stages of home improvement.

Laminate floors are not without their advantages, more so on price and versatility of design. While there are certainly some brands that are somewhat expensive, most companies have numerous varieties and patterns that favor the pocket and are in the mid-range of pricing. This is a major attraction for most millennials.

The design options available have got to be another major incentive for homeowners and with home improvement, you have to consider that the home is not simple shelter anymore. It is part of our identity albeit external, just like what careers are. 

The appearance, location, and even cost of your home speak invariably to your status and self-worth so the kind of flooring you choose is an important indicator of all these things.

Laminate flooring Lowes vs Home Depot: Where can I get better laminate flooring?

The simple answer is both and for the following reasons.

Both Lowes and Home Depot are popular and successful home improvement stores and even if you could buy laminate flooring elsewhere such as from the manufacturers’ stores, you will still buy something from Lowes or Home Depot in your project to install laminate flooring.

Lowes has been in this business about thirty years longer than Home Depot and the two big box stores engage fiercely in market share wars that have seen the customer emerge the clear winner so if you want any hardware or home improvement trappings and accouterments, either store will give you top-notch value.

What to consider when choosing between Lowes and Home Depot

Unique brands

Lowes and Home depot compete on every level and one of the ways that they do this is by carrying separate and distinct brands. 

Manufacturers would probably want their products in both stores to reach as many customers as possible but the two stores do not carry similar brands, particularly of hardware and home improvement items.

The idea is to steer loyal customers towards a specific brand which thereby follows that customers will tend to buy as many different items made by the same manufacturer in one place even on subsequent shopping sprees. 

This also forces manufacturers to constantly produce top-of-the-line commodities which as mentioned earlier is a boon to the customer and the industry as a whole.

Picking flooring could be as simple as researching the best brand you want and getting it from the store that carries it. The other approach which is to get there first and pick laminate flooring of the shelves will leave you too torn to make a choice.

Variety and choices

Every brand has to make flooring that offers the consumer a vast array of design and pattern choices else the stores will not carry the brand. 

In short, you are spoilt for choice whichever store you decide on but if you find that you cannot find what you desire at Lowes, you will definitely find it at Home Depot.


One of the most critical factors when buying laminate flooring is how much it will cost you. Both Lowes and Home Depot at aware that this is the main deciding factor regardless of whatever else is being weighed.

You will find very few items that are priced differently in both stores. Lowes and Home Depot engage in price wars that never cease to impress customers. 

In fact, the most powerful bargaining tool you have as a Home Depot customer is evidence of a lower price at Lowes and vice versa. 

Armed with genuine proof that an item you want is selling for less at Lowes, you are guaranteed a discount at Home Depot that will astound you! The reverse is also true!

Concerns about the price should not arise when choosing either store.

Shopping experience and customer service.

Understanding and tending carefully to customers’ needs should be a science on its own given how varied we are as human beings. 

Regardless, your shopping experience needs to be above average when making such a sensitive purchase so you need a store that can give you maximum attention as well as attendants who know what they are talking about.

While shopping attendants are not industry experts, they tend to have valuable information and can spare you immense effort and hustle in choosing what flooring to go for.

Customer reviews have placed both Lowes and Home Depot at par in this regard but Home Depot employees seem to have a slightly greater edge over Lowes in terms of expertise on home improvement matters. 

They score better on the confidence scales as far as customers can tell and seem to have a deeper grasp of these matters than you would find at Lowes.

Warranties and returns

Big box stores do offer warranties and are open to returns but they are businesses at the end of the day and do not jump at the opportunity to take back products already sold.

That said, Lowes has been accused of dishonoring warranties and while both stores have their fair share of warranty issues to straighten out at any one point, Home Depot performs slightly better though customers would still want better from them as well.