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Luxurious Sofa Brands: Poly and Bark vs Article

Poly and Bark vs Article, Many people don’t like purchasing furniture online as they don’t have the opportunity to sit on it to test how comfortable you will be. Sofas are a considerable investment because they cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Choosing the best can be daunting as they come in multiple styles, types, and sizes. In this write-down, we’ll compare two furniture brands to help you narrow your search for a luxurious and comfortable sofa.

Poly And Bark vs Article

Poly and Bark vs Article

Poly and Bark               Article
  • Offers more discounts and promotions than Article
  • Has a greater brand recognition than Poly and Bark
  • Offers modification and cancellation of policies
  • It is easier to assemble than poly and bark.
  • Offer wholesale purchasing options.
  • Better furniture condition than Poly and Bark
  • Provides four financing support
  • Offer email discounts
  • Has 3 active coupon codes
  • Better fabric options
  • Give Bread financial support.
  • Fast shipping than Poly and Bark
  • Offer international shipping policies.
  • Provides PayPal support, debit, and prep


About Poly and Bark

It is a sofa brand that creates a comfortable runaway. They work to offer quality furniture at an affordable price to their customers, which is the reason why they’ve cut out on intermediaries to save you time and money.

Poly and Bark furniture are made in India, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan

Poly and Bark vs Article  are looking for trending designs at a low price, then poly and bark are your choices. 

The materials of their sofas are better, plus they have an excellent customer care team that helps handle any of your concerns.


The brand offers furniture in various categories such as Workspace, Dining, Living, Bedroom, lighting, and décor.

Poly and Bark offer 100 days of free testing of their products at home, where you can return them if they don’t meet your expectations.

Return Policy

They also give free shipping and returns. However, their return is limited to 100 days from delivery. They allow a single return per item type per household, with other subsequent returns having the return shipping cost cut from the refund.

If you fail to return the item in its package, be ready to pay $ 99 per item

Poly and Bark’s shipping fees are non-refundable


You should immediately contact them if your device arrives damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly check before you pin down your signature on the delivery. Don’t sign the delivery if you notice damage to the outer packaging.

Its standard warranty covers damages in materials and artistry for 1-year beginning from delivery.

They have a 10-year warranty on all upholstery sofas (leather and fabric) that covers structural elements like wood frames, joints, bases, legs, and hardware which are integral to the item’s use.

Poly And Bark Pros

  • Trending styles
  • Affordable price
  • Nice leather options
  • Free swatches
  • Freebase shipping 
  • Free first return on items
  • They offer four free delivery services
  • Quick and friendly customer service
  • They have various furniture ranges from the bedroom to dining designs.

Poly And Bark Cons

  • Its quality is unclear with time
  • It is the new brand
  • Their most trending sofa is Article’s look-alike, including their product page layouts.
  • To proceed through checkout, you have to confirm your phone number.

What is Article Furniture?

 The brand is also new in the industry, with its products manufactured in Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and India.

Their furniture has a unique design that is long-lasting and made from quality materials. They are also well-priced as they have direct relationships, which enable you to get 30% off than the regular retailers.


They manufacture sofas, chairs, bedrooms, storage, outdoor, and décor.

The sofas are customized with several upholstery options that vary based on the sofa line. It is important to note that their customization outside the upholstery option is unavailable.

In terms of fabrics, they have velvets and woven fabrics, and leather is the most popular. Although their color range is not comprehensive as they cover the most popular ones 

Return policy

Customers are given 30 days’ return on items from the day of delivery. Additionally, the returns incur a returning shopping fee of $19- $ 49, depending on the item’s size. If you do not have the packaging, be ready to pay the $50 repackaging fee.


Article furniture offers a warranty for material defects and artistry for one year from the delivery date.

The warranties cannot be transferred or stretched to re-sold items. Instead, they are valid when the item is used for its rightfulness and displays normal functioning.

The warranty won’t cover damages arising from negligence, misuse, abnormal use, accidents, modifications, or commercial use.

Article Pros

  • They have quality craftsmanship
  • Trendy designs
  • It is a well-established brand
  • They have tons of customers and reviews

Article Cons

  • To get swatches, you have to email support
  • Limited upholstery options
  • Prices are slightly high on some items
  • Not much information on sustainability

What Factors Should You Look at Before Purchasing a Sofa?

Poly and Bark vs Article

The internet is full of people venting about how they ordered a sofa of their dreams only to realize it would fit through a doorway. Here are a few pointers to help you make the right decision:

Sofas accurate measurement

 Check out the minimum height, depth, and width of the sofa, arm, and cushions by downloading a spec sheet, emailing your manufacturer, or from the manual book.

Delivery process

Check whether the sofas are fully assembled or detached; others require more extensive assembly.

Entry points

Ensure that your sofa fits where you intend it to be.

Consider your entryway, such as the stairs, and doors, among other obstacles that could hinder delivery.

Poly and Bark vs Article- Which Is Better

Poly and Bark furniture is designed for your pocket, while Article provides excellent prices for modern furniture. On the other hand, the Article offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with furniture designed to last, unlike Poly and Bark.

You have many options if you’re looking to furnish your house at an affordable price, with a styled design that compliments your décor without overshadowing the room. You can decide without fear whether it is from Poly and Bark or Article.