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Mastering Ninja Blender Maintenance: Dishwasher Safety

Dishwasher Safety, In a world where blenders are fast becoming a necessary kitchen appliance, you can’t fail to spot a Ninja blender in most modern homes. The multipurpose blenders come with innumerable uses, ergonomic features, and next-level performance. This includes Ninja blenders delivering in every task from making smoothies, crushing ice, pulsing vegetables, and even blending food.

But despite the excellent reputation, Ninja blenders are pretty delicate and tricky. That means any Ninja brand blender needs good handling and maintenance to deliver on its purpose. As such, a common question arises amongst most blender owners,” Is a Ninja blender dishwasher safe?”

Is Ninja blender Dishwasher Safe?

Dishwasher Safety

 Yes. A Ninja blender is one of the best dishwasher-safe blenders out there. However, this does not mean you go dipping your Ninja blender carelessly inside the dishwasher. Like any suitable kitchen appliance, there are clear conditions for cleaning a Ninja brand blender

First, there are significant dishwasher-safe parts, while other Ninja blender parts should not be inside a dishwasher. For example, the motor base should not contact water or other liquids. Since Dishwasher Safety provides the power source to chop and blend the different materials. Bear in mind that this motor base also consists of electrical components plus wiring, so it makes sense not to soak it in water.

Secondly, other parts of a Ninja blender can be soaked in water and won’t get damaged. That is primarily for the Pitcher part of your Ninja blender. The pitcher section features the lid, plastic case, jar base, blades, and gaskets. These parts are hard plastic, with the blades being made of steel which makes them easily washable alongside your dishes.

However, despite being washable, the pitcher parts are not all recommended for washing daily. Take, for instance, the blades of your Ninja blender. While they are steel, these blender blades are sensitive to high temperature and mechanical damage inside the dishwasher. This means while you can wash your blender blades, you have to be extra careful when handling them.

For starters, the blade should be separate from inside the jar and have a separate wash from the other blender components. Dishwasher Safetysaves you from possible mechanical damage on the edges of utensils and parts inside the dishwasher. You also have to check for possible rust whenever you wash your Ninja blender blades too frequently.

How to Wash Ninja Blender

We have found out that a Ninja blender is a dishwasher safe to a certain extent. So, how do we make sure we get it right during a dishwashing session?

Well, we sought among the best procedures that can get your Ninja blender dishwasher clean and without any damage. Here is what we found as the best. 

  • Step 1

Unplug the Ninja blender from the power source

  • Step 2

Get rid of any food materials inside the blending jars of the Ninja blender. You need to check for the leftovers in the jar’s interior and remove any materials. Rinse the cups and jar with clean water for final cleanup. Here, you can use the dishwasher or pick a hand wash for better results.

  • Step 3

Disable the blades from the blender jar and set them aside in the cutlery washing section. Just be sure you dislodge the blender blades carefully due to their extra sharpness.

  • Step 4

Find the motor base and brush off any food particles in the motor crevices. Get a clean wet cloth or tissue paper and give the motor a wipe-down.

  • Step 5

You may have to dry out all the blender parts if they are still wet from the dish or hand washing. This helps the blender components avoid wear and tear and prolong the life of the features.

  • Step 6

Assemble the Ninja blender back together once they completely dry out from the washing.

Can Ninja Blender Cups Go In The Dishwasher?

Dishwasher Safety

Luckily, Ninja blender cups are dishwasher friendly, and you can get them clean alongside other kitchen utensils. Here is a guide on dishwashing that Ninja blender

Step 1

Unplug the blender from the power

Step 2

Remove all the food particles and remains from inside the cups for better cleaning. Give the cups a thorough scrub-off as these food or juice leftovers can clog the dishwasher when in plenty.

Step 3

Use clean water to rinse your Ninja cups. If the food particles prove stubborn, fill the cups with water and shake forcefully to remove the remaining food particles.

Step 4

Separate the cups and their lids and put them into the dishwasher for the final cleaning.

Step 5

After your dishwasher is done, please take out your cups plus the lids and dry them off using a dry cloth.

At times, Dishwasher Safety can be a daunting task to dismantle your whole Ninja blender unit to get the cups clean. If that sounds like you, you could use this easy DIY guide to get the blender cups and jar clean without taking them apart.

Step 1

Dishwasher Safety, Get some clean water and a decent amount of dishwashing detergent inside the cup or jar you want to clean.

Step 2

Fix your blender cup onto the base motor. Please turn on your blender and let it spin to remove all the food materials inside the cup or jar. Take note you should not allow any liquid to drip out of the blender cup or jar. Get a cloth on standby to prevent any liquid mess from sipping onto the electricals.

Step 3

Turn off the blender and dislodge the cup from the base. Pour out the detergent mix and rinse your cup with water for a thorough cleanup.

Since your Ninja blender is dishwasher safe, you can be sure to get it clean before it looks messy. However, you have to consider that each Ninja blender comes with a buyer’s manual, which would best answer your question,” Is Ninja blender dishwasher safe?” Keep in mind, each Ninja blender is different, varying in specifications and, ultimately, the direction to washing.