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Spartan Mower Problems and Maintenance Tips Guide

Spartan Mower Problems onto the scene in 2015, intending to bring more power, and yes, even pleasure, to the mowing experience.

In the years since they’ve quickly become objects of envy for property owners across the United States, and there are several reasons for this. However, much like any other equipment, customers report several Spartan Mower issues that you should be aware of before purchasing one.

This article will go through the Spartan Mower problems and some tips regarding their maintenance.

 Common Spartan Mower Problems

Spartan Mower Problems

If you’re considering buying a Spartan lawn mower, below are two common issues you might run across when using it.

Uneven Cut

Some Spartan mower owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a clean cut. This, however, is not the Spartan’s fault.

The Spartan mower may leave streaks if you don’t clean the deck or check the tire air pressure appropriately. This is also common when the mower’s blades are dull.

Spartan Mower Won’t Start

There are various reasons why a Spartan mower won’t start, and they aren’t all related to Spartan mowers. This is very likely to happen if you have a blocked air filter or a disconnected or dirty spark plug.

To start troubleshooting the problem, fill up your mower with fresh gasoline. You should never, ever use last season’s gas. The mower is frequently unable to start due to outdated gas.

Next, pay close attention to the spark plug. Remove any debris, then reconnect and tighten it before testing your mower.

Clean or replace the unclean air filter if cleaning the spark plug did not address the problem. Finally, ensure that the gasoline level reaches the engine. Begin by tapping the carburetor’s side to confirm that the gas is flowing freely.

Spartan Mower Maintenance Tips

The concerns listed above may appear frightening, but they are also prevalent scenarios for other lawnmowers. However, if you follow these basic maintenance guidelines, you can avoid all of those mower issues:

Checking the Air Filter of Your Spartan Mower

Your Spartan will underperform if the gas burns inefficiently. If your lawn’s air filter is blocked, the fuel will burn inefficiently.

Many people often check and replace the oil and spark plugs when it comes to mower maintenance. They frequently overlook the air filter. If you intend to acquire a Spartan mower, it is vital that you remember to check the air filter regularly to keep it from underperforming.

Cleaning Spartan Deck

The deck is the location where all of the moving action takes place. It’s natural for debris and grass clippings to accumulate here. Maintaining the cleanliness of your Spartan deck is critical.

This is because grass clippings hold moisture that contains corrosive chemicals. As a result, they may corrode the mower deck. The clippings also gradually accumulate and jam the discharge tube, restricting ventilation.

No mower can offer you a clean cut without a clean deck. Also, if you don’t clean the mower deck after each usage, the debris and grass will eventually cause more damage to the mower than you can imagine.

Keep Your Spartan Mowers Blades Sharpened

There is no substitute to maintaining your blades sharp all of the time if you want that clean mower cut that you appreciate. Aside from having a dirty Spartan deck, dull blades are another reason you may not achieve a clean cut.

The grass is torn apart by dull mower blades. As a result, you should sharpen your mower blades at least three times a year to ensure a clean cut. If you’ve never done it before, don’t try to sharpen the blades on your own. It is recommended that you bring them to a Spartan dealer or a mower repair shop.

Check Your Spartan Tire Pressure

Your Spartan’s tires should always be even. You might not get the even cut you want if one tire has more pressure than the other. In such a case, your Spartan deck will be uneven, and you will receive an uneven cut even if it’s just one tire that is deflated.

If you plan to acquire a Spartan mower, you will need to check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that you get an even cut.

Proper Mower Storage

Spartan Mower Problems

It would help if you properly stored your Spartan after the conclusion of the mowing season. You can’t just leave it outside. Water and other impurities may enter your mower, causing irreversible harm.

It will also be a secure haven for rodents and other stray animals to hide and live. All of this will cause your Spartan mower not to start when you need it the next season.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the Off-Season Spartan Engine Preparations?

Your Spartan mower’s engine is its beating heart. By properly maintaining it, you can assist in guaranteeing that your Spartan mower is ready to go when it’s needed and stays out of the repair shop. The following are some off-season engine preparations you should perform to keep your Spartan mower engine in good condition when you are not using it:

Fuel: After 30 days, fuel turns stale and might cause engine harm. As a result, it’s a good idea to drain the fuel from your Spartan engine once the mowing season is over. If you aren’t planning on draining it, make sure you apply a fuel stabilizer. To circulate the stabilizer throughout the fuel system, add the stabilizer according to the directions and run the engine for two minutes.

Oil: Make sure the oil and oil filters are changed while the engine is still warm. If the filters haven’t been changed in the last 200 hours, you can do so now.

Spark Plugs: Remove the spark plug and fill each spark plug hole with a teaspoon of clean motor oil. Replace the spark plug but leave the leads disconnected. To spread the oil throughout the engine cylinders, start the engine multiple times using the starter.

What is the Speed of a Spartan Mower?

The Spartan SRT XD can reach speeds of up to 13 mph, while the Spartan RZ Series can reach speeds of up to 9 mph.


 Don’t be discouraged by the high number of Spartan mower problems. Those issues can be found in practically any lawn mower brand. Spartan is a wonderful brand to consider if you like American-made lawn mowers. Simply learn how to deal with the issues mentioned above.