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Troubleshooting Your Keurig Frother: Common Problems Solutions

Troubleshooting Your Keurig Frother, Keurig’s new Frother machine has revolutionized how people have coffee in the morning. The device works with Keurig 2. 0 machines to create the perfect foam for your cappuccino, espresso, or latte in just seconds.

This small handheld device uses steam pressure, and a pump to create frothy milk added to any beverage.

The Keurig Frother produces milk suitable for both hot and cold drinks by condensing steam and pumping it into milk to create foam. Even though Keurig is a perfectly well-functioning machine, many things can go wrong.

Keurig Frother Not Working: What’s Wrong With it

Troubleshooting Your Keurig Frother

How the Keurig frother works

A Keurig frother whisk froths your milk in seconds. The whisk turns magnetically beneath the frother to foam the milk. When milk fats accumulate on the whisk, it reduces its magnetism, making it impossible to froth milk. 

Additionally, the whisk’s magnetism slowly weakens with time. It is easy to lose the whisk since it is so tiny. Fortunately, there is a replacement whisk available for the Keurig frother. 

Common Problems with Keurig Milk Frother

Keurig milk frothers (whether they are stand-alone or attached to brewers) can cause some problems. These include:

  • Inability to Start

Keurig frothers are pretty intelligent machines so that they can detect any problems. Keurig Milk Frothers will show whether they are not working by beeping or by lighting up.

  • Pulsating light on the Front

You may notice that your Keurig Milk Frother is pulsing in front if it’s not working. This shows you are frothing milk and making coffee at the same time.


Let your coffee frother’s brew cycle complete. Once it has had time to finish, you will use the machine, experiencing no issues.

  • Misalignment in the Frother’s Wand

Performing the steam test can reveal whether your frother’s wand is poorly aligned. You can also run this test to eliminate the possibility that a significant problem is causing the frother to malfunction.

Use a cup of water to perform a steam test. Check the steam wand for dirt or misalignment if you suspect there might be an issue with the steam function.


You can clean the frother if it is dirty. If the clean frother fails the steam for the second time, the wand might need to be adjusted. You can find out how to correct alignment in the user manual. Follow the steps carefully to prevent a similar issue with your milk frother in the future.

  • Frother Does not Froth the Milk while it is Heated

Despite the milk frother rotating, you cannot get frothed milk from it. The milk you are using is mostly to blame for this. If you have been using it for some time, you probably know how many cups of milk it can froth and how thick the froth is. When performance degrades in any way, this will let you know pretty quickly. 


  • Check the quality of milk

The milk needs to be of the right quality for the frother. Also, Keurig milk frothers work better if milk is not too warm or too cold. Other than that, you will also need to ensure that you are getting skimmed milk when using the Keurig Milk Frother.

  • Dirt

Leaving your milk frother unattended for an extended period may cause damage to it. Dirt in a frother mainly comprises crusted milk residue. Over time, this dirt accumulates and clogs up the machine, making it unusable.


The problem will never get a foothold with regular maintenance. Keeping the milk frother clean after every use is an important part of the process. Make sure you clean the device after each use with a damp cloth.

There is an easy way to detect if your wand is dirty. If you are curious how, here’s what you need to do. Examine the wand’s outer case carefully, especially the small opening at the bottom. Depending on whether the hole is covered, a thorough cleaning may be necessary.

When the Keurig K-Cafe Frother beeps, what’s the reason?

Troubleshooting Your Keurig Frother

You may hear different beeps on your device, depending on the issue. It is impossible to solve every problem the same way. For each problem, there are instructions specific to it.

Three short beeping sounds: Three short beeping sounds within a short time mean you did not install the frother properly. Make sure you insert it correctly and see if it foams. You should hold the frothing pitching for a brief time after you hear the beep.

The buttons flicker in a circular pattern: The flickering buttons show that water has run out in the brewer. Once you have refilled the reservoir, the machine will start working again.

Now, you can squeeze the last mode for brewing your coffee. Contact Customer Service if the switches continue to flicker in a circular pattern after you have refilled the Water Reservoir.

Keurig offers a great selection of milk frothers. You can use them to froth the milk for tea, coffee, shakes, or anything else that you want.

Checking the frothing jug and the magnetic whisk for alignment, and some simple fixes can be made when troubleshooting a Keurig-Cafe frother.

Also, the Keurig Customer Center is always there for you whenever you need it if you run into an issue with your K Cafe frother.

FAQS about Keurig frother

  • How to clean a Keurig frother?

You will need to remove the lid and whisk from inside the frother. Using soap and warm water, clean the lid, frother, and whisk. Use a soft cloth to dry the parts before reassembling.

  • How to use my Keurig’s milk frother?

Pour 200 ml of milk or another alternative into the non-stick jug of your frother for perfectly frothed milk. Once the lid is in place, press the hot button. The frother will automatically shut off, leaving you with smooth milk froth.

  • Can the Keurig frother heat milk?

With the Milk Frother, you can froth hot or cold milk. When you want rich cappuccinos and lattes, press the frothers hot button. To make refreshing and creamy iced lattes and cappuccinos, use the cold button.