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Transform Your Kitchen with Beautiful Cabinet Wreaths

One way to glam your kitchen is by hanging wreaths on your cabinet. It may sound simple, but are there factors you should consider? Stay on board as we take you through the fast, easy, and unique ways to hang the wreaths for a perfect décor in your kitchen.

Wreaths bring cheer and pull the finishing touch to the kitchen. They communicate a beautiful statement, regardless of their size. Therefore, there are a few things you should put into consideration, like the size, type, requirements, and various ways you can use to hang wreaths without ruining or destroying them.

 Depending on what you have and the finishing of your cabinet, below are some ways you can hang your wreath:

Requirement list:

  • Duct tape roll
  • Scissors
  • Your preferred ribbon rolls
  • Wreath pieces

Duct Tape Method

kitchen cabinet wreaths

  1. 1. Measure the length of one ribbon by threading the ribbon through a wreath; pull it up and over the back of the cabinet and give it an allowance of some inches of space to secure to the backside of the kitchen.
  2. Using the length of the first ribbon, cut all your other ribbons.
  3. For the ribbon to remain in place, secure it using two pieces of duct tape across each ribbon end and secure them by layering one on top of the other. This assists in avoiding the ribbon slipping free at some point. 
  4. Lastly, attach each wreath with a keen eye to the ribbon length hanging down from the cabinet for an even outlook of the wreaths.

Ribbon choice

In the same way, wreaths are part of the décor, and so is the ribbon. Ribbon improves the color scheme and can be used as the central theme for the entire room.

You might be wondering, doesn’t duct tape peel off paint and leave sticky residue on the surfaces? These are mere myths, but if you don’t prefer duct tape or are protecting your cabinet from getting ruined, there are other alternatives.

Velcro Command Strips

Requirement list:

  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Wreaths 
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Velcro Command Strips

How to hang wreaths using Velcro Command Strips

The method is perfect if you don’t have substantial ribbons for your cabinets, you can use half the number of stripes by securing them with hot glue. However, it is a bit expensive compared to the duct tape.

  1. Measure the ribbon length to hang the wreaths considering the wrap over the top to secure inside.
  2.  Cut the ribbons to the same length
  3. Using hot glue, stick the wreath to the end of the ribbon
  4.  Fix one Velcro command strip to the inner top edge of the ribbon and another to the inside center of cabinets.
  5. Hang your wreaths by connecting both pieces of the Velcro Strips

Command Hooks Method

If you have ribbons in plenty, skip the first two. 

  1. Loop the ribbon around the wreath and tie it in a knot
  2. Attach the Command hook upside down to the inner side of the cabinet door

Pros of Command Hooks

  • It is effortless
  • They leave the cabinets clean
  • Are versatile, which means they work in any cabinet

Tips on Kitchen Cabinet Wreaths

  • Your kitchen decoration should be in harmony with the theme in your home. If you mostly love a particular color, use the same color ribbons for your kitchen cabinet wreaths.
  • The key point here is not to use the same wreath types but the color scheme to bring a nice flow to your entire home.
  • Use mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinets to make a statement. They suit ideally those who want to have many wreaths in your kitchen.
  • It is always good to measure your cabinet doors to buy the right size of the wreath.

Making a wreath for your kitchen cabinet

Hanging wreaths from the kitchen cabinets have become a trend among many people. Wreaths bring the Christmas kinder of joy. Making a mini-wreath is easy. Is it time to get crafty? Here is how to:


  • Garland 
  • Ribbon
  • Wire ornament hooks
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Painters Tape

Make your wreath

First, cut your garland to your choice inches; for instance, a 19-inch garland will give you a 7.5 hoop.

Second, lay one section of the garland flat to see how it lays and circle your taste.

To the back of the wreath where you intend to attach your ribbon, add a line of hot glue. 

Cut the ribbon to size, or shop online as per your need. Lay the ribbon on the glue line and press gently for the burlap isn’t solid. 

Ensure there is even a placement of glue and ribbon in each wreath to avoid the dramatic result of them hanging at various heights. Consistency is paramount.

Third, once your glued ribbon is dry, make a hole on your burlap wide enough but not too big. Larger incisions may lead to vulnerability, stretch, and hanging low of the wreaths.

Finally, attach the two ends by twisting on a straightened ornament hook. If there is any extra garland, cut it off with scissors. To get the right shape, fluff your wreath a little. Use the first template to make the rest of the wreaths.

This can be a cheap way to give your kitchen a refreshing touch. I hope you’ll give it a try.

kitchen cabinet

kitchen cabinet wreaths

The use of wreaths has been there from the old. There is a wide range of wreaths for different services and occasions like weddings, Christmas, funerals, décor, etc. Wreaths are assorted flowers, leaves, fruits, and various materials constructed in a circular form.

The whole idea of giving your kitchen a lively touch even as you prepare meals for your loved ones is thrilling and fun as a mother. With the extensive research done on this article, you can now take up the challenge and give your kitchen a new look with kitchen wreaths by either purchasing the ones that are ready or making some yourself.