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Troubleshooting Common Country Clipper Mower Problems

Country Clipper Mower Problems, A mower can be an essential piece of kit for yard upkeep. It reduces the extra effort of manicuring your lawn by hand, and helps clear and tidy up the fields from various types of grass. Well, it might feel intricate at first, but with time, your mowing skills will improve and your landscape will definitely restore its greenery again.

That said, similar to any other tool or machine, mowers are often associated with flaws, which pop up momentarily. Not forgetting that the mowing complexities can sometimes strike on a regular basis. So, what are the various common mower problems? Of course, the cutting blade and the engine problems are the most frequent.

But, What about Country Clipper Mower Problems?

Country Clipper Mower Problems

While country clipper mowers exhibit outstanding performances, they, however, possess some seemingly unresolved issues.

For example after a long errand of scrutiny, perhaps one common clipper mower problem you’re likely to realize is the low-quality dealer base. Customer reviews usually manifest that they’re extremely happy and satisfied with the service and features of the mower itself, excepting the distribution.

The replacement, servicing or even shipping ethics aren’t promising at all. Most dealers claim to repair or send a trustworthy machine as soon as possible, but they barely honor those claims.

Thus, it’s best that you purchase your country clipper mower from a reputable and scrupulous dealer who can guarantee you the servicing or troubleshooting should any inconvenience occur.

The lack of dealers also validates the allegation of unreliable distribution. This is one of the most common issues that perplex users during operations.

For example, transmission problems, deck movement, blade rotation, machine speed, wheel’s mobility, ease of movements, maintenance for the deck or changing the blades etc are the most frequent issues of any lawnmower, leave alone the country clipper.

Now the topic comes down to how can fix these problems from scratch. Most of these issues can be fixed if the outlined tips are properly followed.

Tips to Fix Country Mower Problems

In this section, we have discussed seven easy and effective tips on how you can adequately unravel the country clipper mower problems and enhance your lawnmower’s longevity.

Detaching The Cutting Blades

In case you’re having problems while moving the blades, consider extracting the cutting blades and adjusting the mower settings on neutral. Such an incident usually occurs due to junk build-up and persistent use.

Nonetheless, you can have them all resolved. Simply check if the blades are promptly tipping over or not. If you encounter troubles while turning them over, then detach the cutting blades and adjust the settings.

Adjust the Fuse and Battery

If the blades aren’t functioning even after altering the settings and relaxing the blades, you may consider exchanging the fuse and battery. The process will help to restore caliber and energy, and thus the blades might potentially work again.

Reengage the Transmission Shift Arm

If the engine seems to bear a good condition, yet the mower remains stiff and doesn’t move, you may try connecting the transmission shift arm, refilling oil, or exchanging the oil filter.

Fix Loose Spark Wires

If you’re having difficulties when starting your mower, you can try to tighten any loose spark plug wires. You may also want to regulate the choke or adjust it properly to achieve a kick start.

Change the Drive Belts

If the transmission shift arm is well connected, but still no favorable outcomes, consider replacing the drive belt.

Fill the Fuel Tank

Inspect your fuel tank regularly and make sure you clean or top it up before filling it up with fuel. If the mower isn’t yet working as expected, you can replace the fuel filter. Note that your mower can start but stalls or remain sluggish sometimes. In such cases, you can either refill the fuel tank or change it completely.


Last but not least, inspect your mower underside. If you notice any grouts, debris, or dead leaves, then take time and remove the trash gradually. This will combat the engine stalling issues.

Country Clipper Mower Performance on Hills

Country Clipper Mower Problems

Country clipper mowers generally work just as well on hills compared to most zero-turn mowers in the same category.

Reading on the company’s website, country clipper mowers are designed from scratch to be balanced front to back and side to side. This is important for flipping the deck up, and an additional advantage of this is to enhance stability on hills and slopes. Other features such as the gas tank likewise contribute to the hill performance of country clipper mowers.

For instance, the gas tank on a country clipper is located under the seat. While most competing brands utilize two separate tanks mounted high on each side, moving the weight of a full tank down and words the center of the mower lowers the center of gr4avity. This, in turn, makes the mower harder to tip over.


So, these are the tips that you can practice and have your country clipper problems resolved. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. You should ideally read the instruction manual as well as the precautions carefully so that you can make your clipper immune to such criticalities.

For example, turning off the engine and removing the key after use, trying not to move the control and level back/forth vigorously, avoiding smoking near the engine, and overturning. Also, avoid hills and slopes areas where necessary. These are the safety measures that you can practice to reduce mower problems.