4.12 2013

Kassidy’s room

kassidy's room00005

I’ve had requests to see some of the rest of our house, even though most rooms are in a state of flux.  In our quest to begin tackling our to-do list, we worked on Kassidy’s room this week. I had originally painted this CL bed for her, thinking it would work well for her room, but the foot board recently broke off. Rather than finding a quality solution for repairing it, we decided to get her something less bulky. In general, the bed was out of scale for her room. Here is what it was before it was broken: READ THE REST //

3.15 2013

The Patio Table in Progress

patio table5

We have been looking for an affordable patio table for over a year now ~ something durable that didn’t cost a fortune. Until this weekend, we weren’t sure we’d ever find something that fit that criteria, but then the heavens opened and I found this massive farm style, pine plank table. We bought it for $1300 less than the owners said they paid for it. We actually bought it for less than the materials would have cost us to build. We know this after building our DIY farmhouse table. Plus, this thing weighs two tons. I could barely lift the corners up myself to lay something down prior to staining and sealing. READ THE REST //

3.12 2013

A Modern Vintage Dresser


This weekend Kevin helped me out and brought home a couple of dressers for me to work on. Had I been with him I wouldn’t have bought this one, but it’s a long story and he ended up bringing home both. This one needed a ton of prep, but in the end it came out sooooo pretty. READ THE REST //