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Choosing Between Kraus and Ruvati Kitchen Sinks

If you’ve been online for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably heard of the Kraus vs Ruvati debate. (It’s like Ford and Chevy but with fewer cars and more kitchen sinks.)

Delving into different kitchen sinks can be a rabbit hole that is hard to climb out of without a distinct sense of direction.

This review looks at two of the most popular kitchen sink brands and what makes each of them unique. We also look at determining the best sink and saving a buck or two in the process.

Ruvati kitchen sinks

Kraus and Ruvati Kitchen Sinks

Ruvati is an all-American brand that makes products for the bathroom and kitchen. Among the different products, sinks are the most popular.

The brand was established in 2009, targeting high-end customers. Most of the kitchen sinks from Ruvati come with stainless steel, unlike the material in cheaper products.

The sinks are also mostly made from top-grade T-304 stainless steel and 16-inch gauge thickness. As a result, they are robust and durable enough to sustain heavy loads.

Depending on the model of the sink, the installation process may vary. Ruvati offers sinks for top-mount and undermount installation.

Apart from the durable material and various installation designs, the sinks are spacious to accommodate more load in a compact design. They also come in both single and double bowl designs.

Most Ruvati sinks are also made to have reduced noise when you are working on them. This is because the company makes its products with rubber padding or undercoating.

Furthermore, Ruvati uses Italian designs for its products, making them blend in seamlessly with any kitchen decor.

This, in combination with the high-quality materials, makes Ruvati products a bit more expensive than your ordinary kitchen sink.

The company also offers additional essentials such as cutting templates, basket strainers, bottom grids, and more with kitchen sink purchases. This saves you the extra cost of buying them separately.

Kraus kitchen sinks

Kraus is also a US-based kitchen and bathroom product company. The company was started in 2007 and has grown to a force to reckon with hundreds of kitchen products, most notably, kitchen sinks.

While its main rival, Ruvati, primarily makes stainless steel kitchen sinks, Kraus makes sinks from both stainless steel and ceramics.

Kraus kitchen sinks’ best selling point is their spacious compact design. The sinks are all made to occupy as little space as possible while maximizing it.

You can use most Kraus sinks as countertops when you are not working in the sink by covering them with a board that they come with.

Just like Ruvati kitchen sinks, they also offer underacting in the sinks for noise reduction when you are working on them.

They also offer a wider finish variety with stain or stainless options. You can also get Kraus kitchen sinks in either single or double bowl designs.

One of the company’s biggest advantages is its wide variety of kitchen sink options. As a result, it serves customers from both ends of the financial spectrum; there is something for everyone.

How to Choose The Best Kitchen Sink: Kraus vs Ruvati

Before you set out to shop for a kitchen sink, you need to know a few things. First on the list is that sinks are categorized according to how you mount them on your countertop or the number of bowls they have.

How the kitchen sinks are installed

When it comes to mounting on countertops, there are top mount kitchen sinks placed in the available cavity with the edge on top of the counter and undermounts that are inserted and cling on to the undersurface.

The important thing to know here is that undermounts are more demanding to install than top mounts.

 Of course, there are many other valid reasons why people prefer one to the other. Besides the ease of installation, people also consider the price of each design, practical uses, and aesthetics.

Basically, undermounts tick most of those boxes but come at a higher price.

However, most people overlook this and go for them anyway because although they are troublesome to install, you probably only need to install once as kitchen sink replacements are not a regular affair.

Double bowls vs single bowls

Kraus and Ruvati Kitchen Sinks

In terms of the number of bowls, single and double are the most common. You are probably familiar with both of these designs and have one in your kitchen.

What most people don’t know is that there are many variations of the double bowl sink. By variation here, we mean various proportional distributions.

In addition to the typical double 50/50 bowl, there are also 60/40 and 70/30 variations.

Some people pick double bowl over single bowl kitchen sink designs for their convenience, especially when multitasking. You can have an extra bowl to use when one is full of dirty dishes or use one to rinse the plates as you wash in the other.

However, others observe that the bowls in double bowl sinks are not large enough to accommodate large pans, pots, or platters. Especially with large sheet pans, the single bowl design seems more practical.

This is the primary reason for the different variations of the double bowl kitchen sink design.

Most people find that 70/30 double bowl designs are sufficient for most kitchenware.  However, others just opt to use a single bowl design with a sink tray or basket.


As we’ve already established, kitchen sinks are made of different materials, each with pros and cons. There is no ideal material for all kitchen sinks as different kitchens have diverse needs.

However, stainless steel checks most boxes and is already the most common material used for kitchen sinks. It’s anti-corrosive and able to resist heat and stains, all important features for any kitchen product.

Final thoughts: Kraus vs Ruvati, which kitchen sink should you buy?

Kraus and Ruvati are both excellent kitchen sink companies that produce high-quality kitchen sinks.

If you are looking to buy a classy, high-end kitchen sink, Ruvati might have your answer. However, if you are looking for a good sink on a budget or want a bit more diversity, you can rest assured Kraus will have something for you.