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Costco vs Ikea Kitchen Cabinets: Making the Right Choice

Costco vs Ikea kitchen cabinets, Whether remodeling or freshly installing a new kitchen, your cabinetry will be an integral part of the overall look and functionality of the kitchen.

Buying kitchen cabinetry is a long-term commitment and you want to make sure you get it right since overhauling it from time to time is hardly the way to spend your hard-earned cash, time, and effort. 

Of the myriad of options out there, Costco and Ikea are top choices for kitchen cabinet providers.

It is likely a difficult choice to pick either but this review of both stores should make things easier.

Among the most important things to consider here are quality, appearance, and aesthetic, budget,

the warranty and, whether the cabinetry can be modified should the need arise.

Costco vs Ikea: Which Kitchen Cabinets Are Better?

Costco vs Ikea kitchen cabinets


Both Costco and Ikea boast great quality products. Costco cabinets are made largely of triple-layered thick plywood or a composite high-quality wood laminate, which produces sturdier builds compared to Ikea whose cabinets are made of MDF or particleboard. 

The hinges and drawer mechanisms on Costco kitchen cabinets are also smoother and of better quality than those of Ikea cabinets.

Costco also has better and consistent quality products than Ikea, though Ikea is not likely to disappoint here either.


Aesthetics are a major factor when buying anything to fit into the general outlook of the home and since the kitchen is largely the woman’s domain,

this makes appearance even more crucial.

Beautiful cabinets that complement and even improve the ambiance and general façade of the entire house are a must-have.

Aesthetics however are also subject to personal preference and your best bet is to shop where there is a greater selection and a wide array of choices and styles.

Whether you are going for a traditional feel, a rustic look,

a country-western façade, or a safe contemporary style,

it would be wise to take time to sift through the maze of options available.

Costco will give you many options to choose from but Ikea takes the lead on this one.

Their selection is broader and more comprehensive.


Costco and Ikea have done their homework on this one and their kitchen cabinets last year given proper handling and maintenance. 

That said, Costco cabinetry is made of heavier harder materials that will definitely outlive Ikea’s MDF makes.

Modifications and Customizability

Costco kitchen cabinets come semi-assembled or semi-custom and ready to install and do not accommodate much modification if any.

This feature helps maintain quality by preventing the cabinets from being adjusted wrong and failing to offer reliable stability.

The downside is that you will not be able to personalize or even change aspects of the cabinets that are unsatisfactory.

Ikea kitchen cabinets,

conversely allow modifications and adjustments which is hugely advantageous in the event you wish to change any features of your kitchen.

The drawback here is the temptation to make said modifications frequently which compromises the quality of your cabinets, especially at the joints, hinges, and handles. 

Storage Space

Space considerations are an essential factor in designing and selecting kitchen cabinets.

Both Costco and Ikea offer excellent workmanship and creativity that can accommodate as much stuff as you have in your kitchen. 

The frameless cabinets that Ikea makes do appear to have a greater allowance though and given their customizability,

it is safe to say that with Ikea you have more room for more things and you can expand or contract your cabinets adjusting the space.


The materials used to construct Costco kitchen cabinets are of superior quality compared to Ikea and are therefore pricier.

In most of their cabinets, Costco uses layered ¾ inch plywood and finishes off the front-facing façade with a high-quality composite laminate.

In some of their high-end cabinets, the fronts are made of actual hardwood veneers which makes the final product quite expensive.

The full custom and semi-custom builds that Costco specializes in also demand higher shipping costs.

Costco does not make kitchen cabinetry themselves and instead subcontracts construction to two manufacturers,

All Wood Cabinets, based in Florida, and Tuscan Hills,

based in New Jersey both of whom sell their products through Costco.

This arrangement demands an upward adjustment to the price which is, of course, passed on to the customer.

Ikea products on the other hand are made of MDF and particleboard.

Both these materials are fairly cheaper and that reflects in the cost of their products.

Ikea also makes their products themselves and only acquire raw materials from external suppliers.

Once you have sent them your kitchen dimensions, they begin the process of designing and putting together your kitchen cabinets according to your desired specifications.

Ikea purchases come packaged to minimize the use of space which in turn saves you a considerable amount in shipping costs. 

Minimizing the final cost is a principal aspect of Ikea’s business strategy and if you are looking for value for money,

Ikea is definitely the better choice.


Costco kitchen cabinets are easier to install because they come either full-custom or semi-custom.

This means that you have less joining and screwing in to do yourself. If this kind of work is not your forte, however, then even Costco cabinets will overwhelm you.

It may be advisable to hire a handyman to assist you.

Ikea kitchen cabinets should be even more of a challenge as every piece and component is separate.

Kitchen cabinetry is bound to come in a huge batch of parts and segments.

Making sense of all these and putting them together securely could be an arduous task.

Instruction manuals are of course provided but that may not make it easier given the sheer scope of work involved in detailing an entire kitchen.

It may be unavoidable to hire help.

Warranty and Customer Service

Costco vs Ikea kitchen cabinets

Ikea offers a 25-year warranty on their kitchen cabinets which means they stand behind their products and that is very reassuring for consumers.

They have excellent and available customer service which is simply every customer’s dream.

Costco customer service is equally great but they offer far shorter warranties on their kitchen cabinets, often less than 10 years and this also depends on the specifics of your order. 


Costco Vs Ikea kitchen cabinets is a close call.

Either product will give you value for your money so it may be a question of what you are willing or able to spend. Spoil yourself!