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Creative Corner Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

Did you know there are numerous corner fireplace makeover ideas? If you are experiencing a challenging time decorating a deep corner fireplace, we will peruse some of the decoration ideas for an overall attractive fireplace mantel design within the article.

Attaining a cozy corner fireplace can be troublesome, especially finding symmetry with that deep angle at the back. 

Fireplace mantels are the delight of architects and great builders of apartments and homes.

The corner fireplaces are usually located in calm and bright places. In the modern world of interior décor, there are endless decorating ideas; thus, no fireplaces are entirely alike. 

Tips on Decorating a Deep Corner Fireplace Mantel

Corner Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Integrating creativity on the fireplace mantel promotes the creation of a perfect focal point for the room. Having a corner fireplace in your home shows a level of elegancy and subtle style. Thus, the blend decorations bring solidarity and freshness to the environment. 

Without further ado, make your corner fireplace mantel look amazing and different from the rest of the room as you incorporate some of the ideas listed below.

Decorate With Personal Items

Mantelpiece offers the perfect place to place your photographic memorabilia. It is crucial to select photo frames carefully to match the mantel color and material. Position the item nicely to stand out and deter the cluttering of the mantel.

When arranging and positioning the selected personal items, consider the number of objects, sizes, and sequences. You can opt to place chronologically, from left to right, or the oldest keepsake first in series till the last.

Keep the sizes uniform and according to the sequence. The orderly arrangement allows easy visualization and generation of the chronological facts the objects represent.

Ideally, you can hang a giant piece of art such as a painting or a relatively thin sculpture. If the mantel is set on a chimney, paint the chimney a different color from the rest of the wall. Use brighter colors when decorating.

Decorate With Plants

This can be done by the use of either artificial or natural plants. Using ornamental flowers and plants initiates a touch of freshness and life. Use small bouquets of chosen plants to limit overdoing it.

You may opt to go the extra mile and use a transparent vase to give a casual touch and customize further by blending in the use of artificial light inside the pots/vase.

Did you know you can make a more significant impact with a single vase of flowers? Position the plants away from the wall adjacent to the corner; this prevents saturating the place.

Consider the décor of the deep corner fireplace whenever choosing the plants. Ensure the plants and flowers chosen match the interior colors for overall beauty and aroma.

Use Pictures

The mantelpiece provides ample space for placing pictures. Many homeowners commonly display images ranging from family memories, travel experiences to masterpieces.

As much as putting the photos is common, it is vital to harmonize the paintings with the place where the mantel is placed.

The harmony between the decorated objects and the interior décor feature enhances the tasteful order. Do not overdo it; thus, use the necessary ones only.

Use Mirrors

Placing mirrors on the fireplace mantle generates an aura of elegance and security. When choosing a mirror, it is vital to consider the mirror’s frame and shape towards the fireplace.

Select the option that will blend perfectly and harmoniously. A mirror that fits the structure of the fireplace can be placed at the height of the mantel.

Did you know mirrors can help small spaces feel larger? Mirrors selected for fireplace mantle should be medium-term, large saturate, and very short show absence. Integrate a sturdy medium mirror on the mantle for a quintessential elegance.

Select a mirror shape that will make more impact in the home. A round mirror will soften squared-off textures and strong lines within the fireplace. A rectangular mirror is ideal for a fireplace made of stone material or other irregular shapes.

Buy Decorative Objects

The corner fireplace mantle provides its shelf as a display space of decorative objects. Displaying bought items on the mantle reminds you of places visited. Additionally, gifts received can be displayed for decoration.

Select suitable sizes of decorative objects so as not to bulge the space. Position the objects in chronological order and ensure the colors and décor match. An example of a decorative object in the family photographs.

Use Table Cloths

Incorporating a mix of fabric with the appropriate color generates a degree of joy and pride. Positioning of the table cloth is ideally placed at the center of the mantle to give room to put objects on it. The cloth fabric should overhang the mantel along the length and half the width of the mantel.

Table cloth decorations vary depending on occasions, parties, and changes in seasons. Showcase the potential of different table cloth decorations on the mantle in your events.

Use Artificial Lights

Artificial lights are used in the mantles of fireplaces for decoration, especially in the absence of light. Commonly used lights include low lights and LEDs. They are used to highlight objects and the decoration.

Go Minimalist

Corner Fireplace Mantel Decoration

A simple piece of art occupying minimal space is ideal for a centerpiece. The remaining space can be balanced out with candles or smaller pieces of art on either side.

Benefits of Decorating Corner Fireplace

  • It enhances the economic and elegance value of the house
  • Decorations allow the generation of a pleasant place for family enjoyment
  • It creates a unique touch of interior unit
  • It will enable perfect warming of your body in cold seasons


Mantel material should be brick, stone, or wood for an overall tone of comfort and delicacy. Mantel decorations make a pleasant impact on the house.

Decorating your fireplace mantel is imperative within the house as it portrays some of the valuables to the world. Dress up your mantel with what you love to enhance that unique characteristic touch.

That’s a wrap on today’s topic on how to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel. We hope the article was helpful. Apart from the mentioned ideas, which other possible mantel decorations would you propose?